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Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga)  Harris, 1827
Taxonomic Serial No.: 926692

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Subgenus  
  Synonym(s): Lachnosterna Hope, 1837
    Trichesthes Erichson, 1847
    Endosa LeConte, 1856
    Eugastra LeConte, 1856
    Gynnis LeConte, 1856
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptčres, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderScarabeiformia Crowson, 1960  
                                        SuperfamilyScarabaeoidea Latreille, 1802  
                                           FamilyScarabaeidae Latreille, 1802 – scarab beetles  
                                              SubfamilyMelolonthinae Leach, 1819  
                                                 TribeMelolonthini Leach, 1819  
                                                    GenusPhyllophaga Harris, 1827  
                                                       SubgenusPhyllophaga (Phyllophaga) Harris, 1827  
    Direct Children:  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga aemula (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga aequalis (LeConte, 1854)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga affabilis (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga albina (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga anomaloides (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga antennata (Smith, 1889)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga anxia (LeConte, 1850)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga apicata Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga aragoni Morón, 2013  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga arcta (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga arkansana (Schaeffer, 1906)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga aurea Luginbill and Painter, 1941  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga balia (Say, 1825)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga barda (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga beckeri (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga bipartita (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga blanchardi (Arrow, 1933)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga brevidens (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga buapae Morón, 2013  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cahitana Morón, 2001  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga calceata (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga calculiventris Saylor, 1935  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga callosiventris (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga canipolea Saylor, 1948  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cazahuata Morón, 2013  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cazieriana Saylor, 1938  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga certanca Saylor, 1943  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga chippewa Saylor, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga clemens (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga clypeata (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga congrua (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga contaminata Fall, 1932  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga corrosa (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga crassissima (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga crenulata (Frölich, 1792)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cribrosa (LeConte, 1853)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga crinita (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cupuliformis Langston, 1924  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga curialis Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga cylindrica (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga davisi Langston, 1927  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga debilis (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga delata (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga dentex (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga diffinis (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga dispar (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga divertens (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga drakii (Kirby, 1837)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga durangoana (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga durangosa Saylor, 1943  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga elizoria Saylor, 1937  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga elongata (Linell, 1896)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga eniba Saylor, 1943  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ephilida (Say, 1825)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga epigaea (Wickham, 1903)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga errans (LeConte, 1860)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga falta (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga farcta (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga fervida (Fabricius, 1775)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga floridana Robinson, 1938  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga forbesi Glasgow, 1916  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga forsteri (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga foxii Davis, 1920  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga fraterna Harris, 1842  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga fucata (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga fulviventris (Moser, 1918)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga fusca (Frölich, 1792)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga futilis (LeConte, 1850)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga galeanae Saylor, 1943  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ghentata (Saylor, 1937)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga glaberrima (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga glabricula (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga gracilis (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga gravidula (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hamata (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hirsuta (Knoch, 1801)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hirticula (Knoch, 1801)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hirtiventris (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hornii (Smith, 1889)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga hubbelli Cartwright, 1946  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga idonea Sanderson, 1948  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ignava (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ilicis (Knoch, 1801)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga impar Davis, 1920  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga implicita (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga incuria Sanderson, 1942  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga inepta (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga infidelis (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga inflexa Barrett, 1935  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga instabilis Blackwelder, 1944  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga inversa (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga invisa Riley and Wolfe, 1997  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga juvenilis (Fall, 1932)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga karlsioei (Linell, 1898)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga kentuckiana Ritcher, 1937  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga knochii (Schönherr and Gyllenhal, 1817)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga latidens (Schaeffer, 1906)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga latifrons (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga lenis (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga lobata (Fall, 1908)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga lodingi Sanderson, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga longispina (Smith, 1889)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga longitarsa (Say, 1824)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga lota Luginbill, 1928  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga luctuosa (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga maculicollis (LeConte, 1863)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga magnicornis (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga marginalis (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga mariana Fall, 1929  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga micans (Knoch, 1801)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga microcera (Arrow, 1933)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga misteca (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga molopia (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga nebulosa Polihronakis, 2007  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga nitida (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga okeechobea Robinson, 1948  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga opaca (Moser, 1918)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ovalis (Cartwright, 1939)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga panorpa Sanderson, 1950  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga parvidens (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga paternoi Glasgow, 1925  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga pearliae Davis, 1920  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga perlonga Davis, 1920  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga pleroma Reinhard, 1940  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga postrema (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga praetermissa (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga profunda (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga prunina (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga prununculina (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga pseudofloridana Woodruff and Beck, 1989  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga psiloptera Sanderson, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga pudorosa Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga pusillidens Fall, 1937  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga querca (Knoch, 1801)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga quetzala Morón, 2001  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ravida (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga reevesi Saylor, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga regiomontana Morón, 2001  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga renodis Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga riviera Reinhard, 1950  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rolbakeri Saylor, 1940  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rolstoni Riley and Wolfe, 1997  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rossi Saylor, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rubiginosa (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rubricosa Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rugipennis (Schaufuss, 1858)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga rugosa (Melsheimer, 1845)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sacoma Reinhard, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga saylori Sanderson, 1965  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga schaefferi Saylor, 1937  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga schenklingi Moser, 1918  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga scitula (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga segregans (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sequoiana Saylor, 1936  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga setifera (Burmeister, 1855)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sinuaticeps (Moser, 1921)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga skelleyi Woodruff and Beck, 1989  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sociata (Horn, 1878)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sodalis Reinhard, 1940  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga soror Davis, 1920  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga spreta (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga squamipilosa Saylor, 1937  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga stohleri Saylor, 1938  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga submucida (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga subpruinosa (Casey, 1884)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga subtonsa (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga sylvatica Sanderson, 1942  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga taxodii Langston, 1924  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga tecta Cartwright, 1944  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga temora Saylor, 1943  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga torta (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga tristis (Fabricius, 1781)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga tusa (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga ulkei (Smith, 1889)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga uniformis (Blanchard, 1851)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga vehemens (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga verruciventris (Moser, 1918)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga vetula (Horn, 1887)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga vilifrons (LeConte, 1856)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga xanthe (Bates, 1888)  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga xerophila Saylor, 1939  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga yemasseei Cartwright, 1944  
                                                          Species Phyllophaga zavalana Reinhard, 1946  

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  Source: Checklist of the Scarabaeoidea of the Nearctic Realm, website (version 4)  
  Acquired: 2012   
  Notes: Smith, A.B.T. 2009. Checklist and Nomenclatural Authority File of the Scarabaeoidea of the Nearctic Realm. Version 4. Electronically published, Ottawa, Canada. 97 pp., available online at   
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