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ITIS Organization

After ITIS organizations signed the Memorandum of Understanding they formed a Steering Committee to direct the work of two technical groups. The two groups were formed with representatives from ITIS organizations to meet the mutual needs for scientifically credible taxonomic information.

The two working groups were the Database Work Group (DWG) and the Taxonomy Work Group (TWG).

The DWG was given the responsibility for documenting requirements and overseeing development of the software applications. Members of the DWG designed the database model to meet the requirements of the ITIS partners.

The TWG was given the responsibility for overseeing the quality and integrity of the taxonomic data. Members of the TWG established the initial priorities and objectives for growing the taxonomic scope of ITIS, established processes for reviewing all data prior to incorporation into the ITIS database, and made periodic peer review of ITIS content.

If you are a Memorandum of Understanding partner, and would like to be involved in the Steering Committee, please contact us

ITIS Partners

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Link to NOAA
Link to USGS
Link to the Simthsonian
Link to the EPA
Link to Fish and Wildlife Service
Link to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Link to the NatureServe Database
Link to the National Park Service

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