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Perdita  Smith, 1853
Taxonomic Serial No.: 634273

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2018   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guêpes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyAndrenidae  – andrenid bees, andrenids  
                                              SubfamilyPanurginae  – panurgine bees  
                                                       GenusPerdita Smith, 1853  
    Direct Children:  
                                                          Species Perdita abbreviata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita abdominalis Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita abducta Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita acaciae Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita acapulcona Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita accepta Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita aculeata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita adjuncta Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita adustiventris Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita aemula Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita affecta Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita affinis Cresson, 1878  
                                                          Species Perdita agasta Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita ainsliei Crawford, 1932  
                                                          Species Perdita albata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita albescens Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita albihirta Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita albipennis Cresson, 1868  
                                                          Species Perdita albipes Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita albiventris Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita albofasciata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita albomaculata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita albomarginata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita albonotata Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita albopicta Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita albovittata Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita alexi Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita algodones Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita ambigua Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita amicula Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita amoena Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita ampla Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita amplipennis Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita ancoralis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita angellata Griswold, 1993  
                                                          Species Perdita annectens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita annexa Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita apacheorum Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita aperta Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita apicalis Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita aplopappi Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita arenaria Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita argemones Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita aridella Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita arizonica Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita arnaudi Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita ashmeadi Cockerell, 1899  
                                                          Species Perdita assimilis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita associata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita asteris Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita atrata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita atriventris Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita atrovirens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita aureovittata Cockerell, 1916  
                                                          Species Perdita austini Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita baccharidis Cockerell, 1900  
                                                          Species Perdita barri Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita basinicola Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita beameri Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita beata Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita beatula Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita bebbiae Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita bellula Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita bequaerti Viereck, 1917  
                                                          Species Perdita bequaertiana Cockerell, 1951  
                                                          Species Perdita bicuspidariae Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita bidentata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita bifasciata Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita bigeloviae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita biguttata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita bilobata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita binotata Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita biornata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita biparticeps Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita bishoppi Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita bispinata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita blaisdelli Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita blanda Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita blatchleyi Timberlake, 1952  
                                                          Species Perdita boharti Portman and Griswold, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita bohartorum Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita boltoniae (Robertson, 1902)  
                                                          Species Perdita bradleyana Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita bradleyi Viereck, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita brevicornis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita brevihirta Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita bridwelli Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita bruneri Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita butleri Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita caerulescens Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita californica (Cresson, 1878)  
                                                          Species Perdita callicerata Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita calloleuca Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita calochorti Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita cambarella Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita cara Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita cazieri Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita celadona Griswold and Miller, 2010  
                                                          Species Perdita cephalotes (Cresson, 1878)  
                                                          Species Perdita chamaesarachae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita chemsaki Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita chihuahua Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita chionostoma Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita chloris Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita chrysophila Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita chrysothamni Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita ciliata Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita cinctiventris Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita cingulata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita cladothricis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita clarifacies Cockerell, 1923  
                                                          Species Perdita claripennis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita claypolei Cockerell, 1901  
                                                          Species Perdita cleomellae Cockerell, 1925  
                                                          Species Perdita clypeata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita coahuilensis Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita coalingensis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita cochiseana Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita cognata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita coldeniae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita colei Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita compacta Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita compactilis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita compta Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita concolor Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita concors Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita confinis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita confusa Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita congrua Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita consimilis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita consobrina Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita coreopsidis Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita cornishiana Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita covilleae Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita cowaniae Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita cracens Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita crandalli Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita crassula Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita craterognatha Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita croceipes Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita crotonis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita cruciferarum Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita cushmani Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita cuspidata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita dalyi Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita dammersi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita dasylirii Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita davidsoni Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita debilis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita decemnotata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita deltophora Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita dentata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita depressa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita desdemona Portman, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita dichroa Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita dicksoni Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita differens Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita difficilis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita digna Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita digressa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita dimidiata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita diminutiva Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita discors Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita discreta Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita dispar Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita dispilota Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita dissimulans Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita distans Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita distincta Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita distropica Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita divaricata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita diversa Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita dolanensis Neff, 2003  
                                                          Species Perdita dolichocephala Swenk and Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita dreisbachi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita drymariae Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita dubia Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita duplicata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita duplonotata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita durangoensis Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita eickworti Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita electa Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita elegans Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita elimata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita emarginata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita ensenadensis Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita eremica Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita eremophila Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita eriastri Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita ericameriae Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita eriogoni Cockerell, 1925  
                                                          Species Perdita erudita Cockerell, 1923  
                                                          Species Perdita erythropyga Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita esmeraldensis Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita eucnides Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita euphorbiae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita euzonata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita evansi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita ewarti Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita exclamans Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita exigua Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita exilis Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita eximia Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita exusta Portman and Griswold, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita eysenhardtiae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita falcata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita fallax Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita fallugiae Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita fasciatella Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita fedorensis Cockerell, 1916  
                                                          Species Perdita festiva Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita fidissima Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita fieldi Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita flavicauda Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita flaviceps Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita flavicornis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita flavifrons Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita flavipes Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita flaviventris Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita floridensis Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita florissantella Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita foleyi Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita fortis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita foveata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita foxi Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita fracticincta Timberlake, 1953  
                                                          Species Perdita frontalis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita fulvescens Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita fulvicauda Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita fulviventris Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita fumipennis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita fuscipes Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita gemella Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita geminata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita genalis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita gentilis Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita georgica Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita gerardiae Crawford, 1932  
                                                          Species Perdita gerhardi Viereck, 1904  
                                                          Species Perdita gertschi Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita giliae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita gillaspyi Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita glabrella Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita glabrescens Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita gracilior Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita gracilis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita graenicheri Timberlake, 1947  
                                                          Species Perdita grandiceps Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita gratiosa Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita greggiae Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita guerreroensis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita gutierreziae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita haigi Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita halictoides Smith, 1853  
                                                          Species Perdita halli Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita heliophila Cockerell, 1916  
                                                          Species Perdita heliotropii Cockerell, 1900  
                                                          Species Perdita heterothecae Cockerell, 1900  
                                                          Species Perdita hidalgoensis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita hiemalis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita hippolyta Portman and Griswold, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita hirsuta Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita hirtella Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita hirticeps Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita hirtuosa Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita holoxantha Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita hooki Portman and Neff, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita hubbelli Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita humilis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita hurdi Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita idahoensis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita idonea Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita ignota Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita imbellis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita imberbis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita impar Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita impigra Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita impressa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita impunctifrons Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita incana Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita incompta Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita indioensis Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita infelix Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita inflexa Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita infuscata Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita innotata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita inornata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita insequens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita interrupta Cresson, 1878  
                                                          Species Perdita interserta Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita inyoensis Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita irregularis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita irwini Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita islacabritosensis Ascher and Engel, 2012  
                                                          Species Perdita isocomae Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita janzeni Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita jonesi Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita jucunda Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita kanabensis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita keiferi Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita kiowi Griswold, 1988  
                                                          Species Perdita knowltoni Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita koebelei Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita krombeini Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita labergei Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita labrata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita labrosa Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita larreae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita lasiogastra Timberlake, 1929  
                                                          Species Perdita lateralis Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita laticincta Swenk and Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita layiae Cockerell, 1938  
                                                          Species Perdita leechi Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita lenis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita lepachidis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita lepidosparti Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita leucogastra Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita leucophylli Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita leucosticta Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita leucostoma Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita levigata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita levissima Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita lingualis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita linsleyi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita lipovskyi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita lompocensis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita lucens Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita luciae Cockerell, 1899  
                                                          Species Perdita lucidella Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita luculenta Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita lunulata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita lustrans Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita luteiceps Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita luteola Cockerell, 1894  
                                                          Species Perdita lycii Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita macneilli Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita macrostoma Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita macswaini Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita maculigera Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita maculipes Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita maculosa Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita maerens Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita maesta Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita malacothricis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita mandibularis Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita marcialis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita marginata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita maritima Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita martini Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita mazatlanica Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita meconis Griswold, 1993  
                                                          Species Perdita media Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita medialis Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita megapyga Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita melanderi Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita melanochlora Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita melanogastra Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita melanops Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita melanostoma Swenk and Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita melanura Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita mentzeliae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita mentzeliarum Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita mesillensis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita mexicanorum Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita micans Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita michelbacheri Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita micheneri Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita microsticta Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita mimosae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita mimula Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita minima Cockerell, 1923  
                                                          Species Perdita minuta Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita missionis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita mitchelli Timberlake, 1947  
                                                          Species Perdita mitis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita moabensis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita modestissima Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita mohavensis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita moldenkei Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita montereyensis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita morelosana Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita mormonica Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita morula Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita mucronata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita multiflorae Parker, 1988  
                                                          Species Perdita munda Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita munita Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita namatophila Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita nanula Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita nasuta Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita navarretiae Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita nayaritensis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita nebrascensis Swenk and Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita neffi Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita nevadensis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita nevadiana Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita nigricornis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita nigridia Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita nigriventris Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita nigroaenea Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita nigrocaerulea Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita nigrocincta Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita nigroclypeata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita nigronotata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita nigroviridis Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita nitens Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita nodosicornis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita novaeangliae Viereck, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita novoleona Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita nubila Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita nuda Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita numerata Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita nuttalliae Portman, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita oaxacana Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita obispoensis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita obliqua Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita obliquenotata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita obscurata Cresson, 1878  
                                                          Species Perdita obscurella Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita obscurifascies Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita obscuripennis Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita obtusa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita occidua Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita occlusa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita octomaculata (Say, 1824)  
                                                          Species Perdita omani Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita optiva Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita ordinata Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita oregonensis Timberlake, 1929  
                                                          Species Perdita oreophila Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita otiosa Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita ovaliceps Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita pachygnatha Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita pallida Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita pallidipes Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita pallidiventris Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita panocheana Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita paroselae Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita parryellae Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita paula Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita pauliana Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita pauxilla Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita pectidis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita pectoralis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita peculiaris Timberlake, 1953  
                                                          Species Perdita pedernalensis Neff, 2010  
                                                          Species Perdita pelargoides (Cockerell, 1916)  
                                                          Species Perdita percincta Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita perixantha Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita perlucens Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita pernitens Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita perpallida Cockerell, 1901  
                                                          Species Perdita perplexa Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita perpulchra Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita phymatae Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita physalidis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita picturata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita pilonotata Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita pinguis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita placens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita placida Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita planifrons Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita plucheae Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita polita Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita politissima Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita polycarpae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita polygonellae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita polytropica Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita pratensis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita pratti Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita pretiosa Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita primula Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita prionopsidis Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita prodigiosa Portman and Griswold, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita propinqua Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita propodealis Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita prosopidis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita proxima Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita pubescens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita pueblana Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita pulchella Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita pulliventris Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita pumila Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita puncticeps Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita punctifera Cockerell, 1914  
                                                          Species Perdita punctifrons Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita punctosignata Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita punctulata Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita purpurascens Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita pusilla Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita pusillissima Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita pygidialis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita pyrifera Cockerell, 1925  
                                                          Species Perdita quadraticeps Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita quadrinotata Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita quadrisignata Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita quinquebalteata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita rectangulata Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita recticincta Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita rehni Cockerell, 1907  
                                                          Species Perdita repens Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita reperta Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita replicans Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita retusa Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita rhodogastra Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita rhodura Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita rhois Cockerell, 1901  
                                                          Species Perdita rhondae Griswold, 2010  
                                                          Species Perdita richardsi Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita rivalis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita robustula Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita rossi Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita rozeni Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita rudei Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita rufescens Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita rufiventris (Friese, 1916)  
                                                          Species Perdita salicis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita salviae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita sandhouseae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita santaclarensis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita schlingeri Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita schwartzi Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita scitula Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita scopata Timberlake, 1953  
                                                          Species Perdita scotti Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita scutellaris Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita sedulosa Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita sejuncta Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita semicaerulea Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita semicrocea Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita semilutea Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita senecionis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita separata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita sexfasciata Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita sexmaculata Cockerell, 1895  
                                                          Species Perdita sexnotata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita shinnersi Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita sidae Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita similis Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita snellingi Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita snowii Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita socia Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita solidaginis Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita sonorensis Cockerell, 1899  
                                                          Species Perdita sparsa Fox, 1893  
                                                          Species Perdita speciosa Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita sphaeralceae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita stabilis Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita stagei Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita stathamae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita stenopyga Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita stephanomeriae Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita stepheni Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita sternalis Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita stigmalis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita stottleri Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita suavis Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita subfasciata Cockerell, 1897  
                                                          Species Perdita subglabra Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita submaerens Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita submedia Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita subrufiventris Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita subvestita Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita sulphuripes Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita supranitens Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita swenki Crawford, 1915  
                                                          Species Perdita swezeyi Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita sycorax Portman, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita tacita Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita taeniata Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita tarda Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita tenebrosa Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita tessellata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita thelypodii Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita thermophila Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita timberlakei Cockerell, 1925  
                                                          Species Perdita titania Portman and Griswold, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita torchioi Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita tortifoliae Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita toschiae Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita townesi Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita townsendi Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita translineata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita transversa Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita triangulifera Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita tricincta Timberlake, 1953  
                                                          Species Perdita tridentata Stevens, 1919  
                                                          Species Perdita trifasciata Timberlake, 1953  
                                                          Species Perdita trifida Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita trimaculata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita trinotata Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita trisignata Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita tristissima Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita tropicalis Cockerell, 1912  
                                                          Species Perdita truncatella Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita tularensis Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita tumida Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita turgiceps Timberlake, 1954  
                                                          Species Perdita umbrata Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita utahensis Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita ute Griswold, 1993  
                                                          Species Perdita valida Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita vanduzeei Cockerell, 1923  
                                                          Species Perdita vandykei Timberlake, 1956  
                                                          Species Perdita variegata Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita varleyi Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita ventralis Fox, 1893  
                                                          Species Perdita venustella Timberlake, 1980  
                                                          Species Perdita verbesinae Cockerell, 1896  
                                                          Species Perdita veris Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita versuta Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita vesca Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita vespertina Griswold and Miller, 2010  
                                                          Species Perdita vestita Timberlake, 1958  
                                                          Species Perdita vicina Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita vidua Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita viridicollis Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita vittata Cockerell, 1923  
                                                          Species Perdita wasbaueri Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita washingtoniae Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita werneri Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita wheeleri Timberlake, 1928  
                                                          Species Perdita willcoxiana Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita williamsi Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita wilmattae Cockerell, 1906  
                                                          Species Perdita wislizeniae Timberlake, 1964  
                                                          Species Perdita wootonae Cockerell, 1898  
                                                          Species Perdita wyomingensis Cockerell, 1922  
                                                          Species Perdita xanthisma Cockerell, 1905  
                                                          Species Perdita xanthochroa Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita xanthodes Timberlake, 1960  
                                                          Species Perdita xanthops Timberlake, 1971  
                                                          Species Perdita xanthoxyli Timberlake, 1968  
                                                          Species Perdita xerophila Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita yanegai Portman, 2016  
                                                          Species Perdita yosemitensis Timberlake, 1962  
                                                          Species Perdita zavortinki Timberlake, 1977  
                                                          Species Perdita zebrata Cresson, 1878  
                                                          Species Perdita zonalis Cresson, 1879  

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