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Apogon  Lacepčde, 1801
Taxonomic Serial No.: 168197

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Gronovichthys Whitley, 1929
    Paroncheilus Smith, 1964
  Common Name(s): cardinalfishes [English]
    common cardinalfishes [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2004   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons ŕ nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderPerciformes  – perch-like fishes  
                                  FamilyApogonidae  – cardinalfishes, apogonidés, cardenales, poissons-cardinaux  
                                        GenusApogon Lacepčde, 1801 – cardinalfishes, common cardinalfishes  
    Direct Children:  
                                           Species Apogon abrogramma Fraser and Lachner, 1985  
                                           Species Apogon affinis (Poey, 1875) – bigtooth cardinalfish, cardenal dentudo, cardenal dientón 
                                           Species Apogon albimaculosus Kailola, 1976  
                                           Species Apogon amboinensis Bleeker, 1853  
                                           Species Apogon americanus Castelnau, 1855  
                                           Species Apogon angustatus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1911) – broadstriped cardinalfish, broadstriped cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon annularis Rüppell, 1829  
                                           Species Apogon apogonoides (Bleeker, 1856)  
                                           Species Apogon argyrogaster Weber, 1909  
                                           Species Apogon aroubiensis Hombron and Jacquinot in Jacquinot and Guichenot, 1853  
                                           Species Apogon aterrimus Günther, 1867  
                                           Species Apogon atradorsatus Heller and Snodgrass, 1903  
                                           Species Apogon atricaudus Jordan and McGregor in Jordan and Evermann, 1898 – cardenal sencillo, plain cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon atripes (Ogilby, 1916) – blackfinned cardinalfish, blackfinned cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon atrogaster (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon aureus (Lacepčde, 1802) – golden cardinalfish, golden cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon aurolineatus (Mowbray in Breder, 1927) – bridle cardinalfish, cardenal frenado 
                                           Species Apogon axillaris Valenciennes, 1832  
                                           Species Apogon bandanensis Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon binotatus (Poey, 1867) – barred cardinalfish, cardenal barreado, cardenal rayado 
                                           Species Apogon brevicaudata Weber, 1909  
                                           Species Apogon brevispinis Fraser and Randall, 2003  
                                           Species Apogon bryx Fraser, 1998  
                                           Species Apogon campbelli Smith, 1949  
                                           Species Apogon cantoris Bleeker, 1851  
                                           Species Apogon capricornis Allen and Randall, 1993  
                                           Species Apogon carinatus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828  
                                           Species Apogon catalai Fourmanoir, 1973  
                                           Species Apogon caudicinctus Randall and Smith, 1988  
                                           Species Apogon cavitensis (Jordan and Seale, 1907)  
                                           Species Apogon chalcius Fraser and Randall, 1986  
                                           Species Apogon cheni Hayashi, 1990  
                                           Species Apogon chrysopomus Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon chrysotaenia Bleeker, 1851  
                                           Species Apogon coccineus Rüppell, 1838 – ruby cardinal, ruby cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon compressus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1911)  
                                           Species Apogon cookii Macleay, 1881 – blackbanded cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon crassiceps Garman, 1903  
                                           Species Apogon cyanosoma Bleeker, 1853  
                                           Species Apogon cyanotaenia Bleeker, 1853  
                                           Species Apogon dammermani Weber and de Beaufort, 1929  
                                           Species Apogon darnleyensis (Alleyne and Macleay, 1877)  
                                           Species Apogon deetsie Randall, 1998  
                                           Species Apogon dianthus Fraser and Randall, 2002  
                                           Species Apogon dispar Fraser and Randall, 1976  
                                           Species Apogon diversus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon doederleini Jordan and Snyder, 1901  
                                           Species Apogon doryssa (Jordan and Seale, 1906)  
                                           Species Apogon dovii Günther, 1861 – cardenal colimanchada, tailspot cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon endekataenia Bleeker, 1852 – elevenbanded cardinalfish, elevenbanded cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon enigmaticus (Smith, 1961) – diamond cardinalfish, diamond cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon erythrinus Snyder, 1904  
                                           Species Apogon erythrosoma Gon and Randall, 2003  
                                           Species Apogon evermanni Jordan and Snyder, 1904 – oddscaled cardinalfish, cardenal coralero, oddscale cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon exostigma (Jordan and Starks in Jordan and Seale, 1906)  
                                           Species Apogon fasciatus (White, 1790) – cardinalfish, cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon flagelliferus (Smith, 1961)  
                                           Species Apogon flavus Allen and Randall, 1993  
                                           Species Apogon fleurieu (Lacepčde, 1802) – bandtail cardinalfish, bandtail cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon fraenatus Valenciennes, 1832 – spurcheek cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon fragilis Smith, 1961  
                                           Species Apogon franssedai Allen, Kuiter and Randall, 1994  
                                           Species Apogon fukuii Hayashi, 1990  
                                           Species Apogon fuscomaculatus Allen and Morrison, 1996  
                                           Species Apogon fuscus Quoy and Gaimard, 1825  
                                           Species Apogon gardineri Regan, 1908  
                                           Species Apogon gilberti (Jordan and Seale, 1905)  
                                           Species Apogon gouldi Smith-Vaniz, 1977 – cardenal de lo alto, deepwater cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon guadalupensis (Osburn and Nichols, 1916) – cardenal mexicano, Guadalupe cardinalfish, Guadaloupe cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon guamensis Valenciennes, 1832 – pearl cardinalfish, pearl cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon gularis Fraser and Lachner, 1984  
                                           Species Apogon hartzfeldii Bleeker, 1852  
                                           Species Apogon heptastygma Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828 – ninespot cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon hoevenii Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon holotaenia Regan, 1905 – bluesopt cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon hungi Fourmanoir and Do-Thi, 1965  
                                           Species Apogon hyalosoma Bleeker, 1852 – river cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon hypselonotus Bleeker, 1855  
                                           Species Apogon imberbis (Linnaeus, 1758) – cardinalfish, king of the mullets, cardinalfish, king of the mullets 
                                           Species Apogon indicus Greenfield, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon isus Randall and Böhlke, 1981  
                                           Species Apogon jenkinsi (Evermann and Seale, 1907)  
                                           Species Apogon kallopterus Bleeker, 1856 – spinyhead cardinalfish, 'upalalu, spinyhead cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon kalosoma Bleeker, 1852  
                                           Species Apogon kiensis Jordan and Snyder, 1901 – rifle cardinalfish, rifle cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon kominatoensis Ebina, 1935  
                                           Species Apogon komodoensis Allen, 1998  
                                           Species Apogon lachneri Böhlke, 1959 – whitestar cardinalfish, cardenal estrella blanca 
                                           Species Apogon lateralis Valenciennes, 1832 – robbermask cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon lativittatus Randall, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon latus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828  
                                           Species Apogon leptacanthus Bleeker, 1856-57 – longspine cardinal, longspine cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon leptocaulus Gilbert, 1972 – slendertail cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon leptofasciatus Allen, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon limenus Randall and Hoese, 1988  
                                           Species Apogon lineatus Temminck and Schlegel, 1842 – verticalstriped cardinalfish, verticalstriped cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon luteus Randall and Kulbicki, 1998  
                                           Species Apogon maculatus (Poey, 1860) – flamefish, cardenal manchado, saddletailed cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon maculiferus Garrett, 1864  
                                           Species Apogon margaritophorus Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon marquesensis Greenfield, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon melanoproctus Fraser and Randall, 1976  
                                           Species Apogon melanopterus (Fowler and Bean, 1930)  
                                           Species Apogon melanopus Weber, 1911  
                                           Species Apogon melas Bleeker, 1848  
                                           Species Apogon menesemus Jenkins, 1903 – 'upapalu 
                                           Species Apogon moluccensis Valenciennes, 1832  
                                           Species Apogon monospilus Fraser, Randall and Allen, 2002  
                                           Species Apogon mosavi Dale, 1977  
                                           Species Apogon multilineatus (Bleeker, 1874)  
                                           Species Apogon multitaeniatus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828 – smallscale cardinalfish, smallscale cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon mydrus (Jordan and Seale, 1905)  
                                           Species Apogon nanus Allen, Kuiter and Randall, 1994  
                                           Species Apogon neotes Allen, Kuiter and Randall, 1994  
                                           Species Apogon niger Döderlein in Steindachner and Döderlein, 1883  
                                           Species Apogon nigripes Playfair in Playfair and Günther, 1867 – blackfoot cardinal, blackfoot cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon nigripinnis Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828 – bullseye cardinalfish, bullseye cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon nigrocincta (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon nigrofasciatus Lachner, 1953  
                                           Species Apogon norfolcensis Ogilby, 1888  
                                           Species Apogon notatus (Houttuyn, 1782)  
                                           Species Apogon noumeae Whitley, 1958  
                                           Species Apogon novaeguineae Valenciennes, 1832  
                                           Species Apogon novemfasciatus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828 – nineband cardinalfish, nineband cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon ocellicaudus Allen, Kuiter and Randall, 1994  
                                           Species Apogon opercularis Macleay, 1878  
                                           Species Apogon oxina Fraser, 1999  
                                           Species Apogon oxygrammus Allen, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon pacificus (Herre, 1935) – cardenal morro listado, pink cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon pallidofasciatus Allen, 1987  
                                           Species Apogon parvulus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon perlitus Fraser and Lachner, 1985  
                                           Species Apogon pharaonis Bellotti, 1874  
                                           Species Apogon phenax Böhlke and Randall, 1968 – mimic cardinalfish, cardenal mimético 
                                           Species Apogon pillionatus Böhlke and Randall, 1968 – broadsaddle cardinalfish, cardenal colirrayada 
                                           Species Apogon planifrons Longley and Hildebrand, 1940 – pale cardinalfish, cardenal pálido 
                                           Species Apogon poecilopterus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828  
                                           Species Apogon properuptus (Whitley, 1964)  
                                           Species Apogon pselion Randall, Fraser and Lachner, 1990  
                                           Species Apogon pseudomaculatus Longley, 1932 – twospot cardinalfish, cardenal de dos puntos, cardenal dos puntos 
                                           Species Apogon quadrisquamatus Longley, 1934 – sawcheek cardinalfish, cardenal espinoso 
                                           Species Apogon quartus Fraser, 2000  
                                           Species Apogon queketti Gilchrist, 1903 – spotfin cardinal, spotfin cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon quinquestriatus Regan, 1908  
                                           Species Apogon radcliffei (Fowler, 1918)  
                                           Species Apogon regani Whitley, 1951  
                                           Species Apogon regula Fraser and Randall, 2003  
                                           Species Apogon relativus Randall, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon retrosella (Gill, 1862) – Cortez cardinalfish, barspot cardinalfish, cardenal de Cortés 
                                           Species Apogon rhodopterus Bleeker, 1852  
                                           Species Apogon robbyi Gilbert and Tyler, 1997  
                                           Species Apogon robinsi Böhlke and Randall, 1968 – cardenal, roughlip cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon rubellus (Smith, 1961)  
                                           Species Apogon rubrimacula Randall and Kulbicki, 1998  
                                           Species Apogon rueppellii Günther, 1859 – gobbleguts 
                                           Species Apogon rufus Randall and Fraser, 1999  
                                           Species Apogon savayensis Günther, 1872 – ghost cardinal, ghost cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon schlegeli Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon sealei (Fowler, 1918)  
                                           Species Apogon selas Randall and Hayashi, 1990  
                                           Species Apogon semilineatus Temminck and Schlegel, 1842 – barface cardinalfish, barface cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon semiornatus Peters, 1876 – threeband cardinalfish, threeband cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon septemstriatus Günther, 1880 – sevenband cardinalfish, sevenband cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon sialis (Jordan and Thompson, 1914)  
                                           Species Apogon sinus Randall, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon smithi (Kotthaus, 1970)  
                                           Species Apogon spilurus Regan, 1905  
                                           Species Apogon striatodes Gon, 1997  
                                           Species Apogon striatus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon susanae Greenfield, 2001  
                                           Species Apogon taeniatus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828 – twobelt cardinalfish, twobelt cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon taeniophorus Regan, 1908 – ninestripe cardinal, ninestripe cardinal 
                                           Species Apogon taeniopterus Bennett, 1836  
                                           Species Apogon talboti Smith, 1961  
                                           Species Apogon tchefouensis Fang, 1942  
                                           Species Apogon thermalis Cuvier in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1829 – translucent cardinalfish, translucent cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon timorensis Bleeker, 1854  
                                           Species Apogon townsendi (Breder, 1927) – belted cardinalfish, cardenal con cinto, cardenal cincho 
                                           Species Apogon trimaculatus Cuvier In Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828  
                                           Species Apogon truncatus Bleeker, 1854 – Elliot's cardinalfish 
                                           Species Apogon unicolor Döderlein in Steindachner and Döderlein, 1883  
                                           Species Apogon uninotatus (Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912)  
                                           Species Apogon unitaeniatus Allen, 1995  
                                           Species Apogon urostigma (Bleeker, 1874)  
                                           Species Apogon victoriae Günther, 1859  
                                           Species Apogon wassinki Bleeker, 1861  
                                           Species Apogon wilsoni (Fowler, 1918)  
                                           Species Apogon zebrinus Fraser, Randall and Lachner, 1999  

  Expert: Thomas H. Fraser  
  Notes: Adjunct Scientist, Mote Marine Laboratory, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, Florida, 34236, USA   
  Reference for: Apogon    
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  Reference for: Apogon   

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