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Rhyacophila  Pictet, 1834
Taxonomic Serial No.: 115097

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2001   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderTrichoptera  – caddisflies, tricóptero, phryganes, porte-bois  
                                  SuperfamilyRhyacophiloidea Stephens, 1836  
                                     FamilyRhyacophilidae Stephens, 1836 – primitive caddisflies  
                                        GenusRhyacophila Pictet, 1834  
    Direct Children:  
                                           Species Rhyacophila abchasica Martynov, 1934  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aberrans Martynov, 1913  
                                           Species Rhyacophila accola Flint, 1972  
                                           Species Rhyacophila acraliodonta Sun in Yang, Sun & Tian, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila acutiloba Morse & Ross, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila adjuncta McLachlan, 1884  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ainola Malicky, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aithra Malicky, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila alabama Harris, 1991  
                                           Species Rhyacophila albardana McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila alberta Banks, 1918  
                                           Species Rhyacophila alexanderi Denning, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila alpina Vaillant, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila alticola Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila altoincisiva Hwang, 1957  
                                           Species Rhyacophila amabilis Denning, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila amasarica Mey, 1994  
                                           Species Rhyacophila amblyodonta Sun & Yang, 1999  
                                           Species Rhyacophila amicis Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anakbatukau Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anakbuah Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anakdjeram Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anaksungai Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anaktiongkok Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila anatina Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ancestralis Martynov, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila angden Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila angelieri Decamps, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila angelita Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila angulata Martynov, 1910  
                                           Species Rhyacophila annulicornis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila antiope Malicky, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aphrodite Malicky, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila apicalis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila appalachia Morse & Ross, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila appennina McLachlan, 1898  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aquitanica McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arcangelina Navás, 1932  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arcella Denning, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ardala Denning, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arefini Lukyanchenko, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila argentipunctella Kimmins, 1955  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arhaviensis Sipahiler, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila armeniaca Guerin-Meneville, 1843  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arnaudi Denning, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila articulata Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila arties Sipahiler, 2000  
                                           Species Rhyacophila asahiensis Kobayashi, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila assimilis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila atomaria Navás, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila atrata Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aurata Brauer, 1857  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aureomaculata Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila aureostigma Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila autumnalis Nimmo, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila avicularis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila azumaensis Kobayashi, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bacurianica Lepneva, 1961  
                                           Species Rhyacophila baibarana Matsumura, 1931  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bakurianica Lepneva, 1961  
                                           Species Rhyacophila balangshana Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila balcanica Radovanovic, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila balosa Denning, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila banksi Ross, 1944  
                                           Species Rhyacophila banra Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila basalis Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila belona Ross, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila betteni Ling, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bhotia Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bhuchanadhara Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bicolor Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bicostata Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bidens Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila biegelmeieri Malicky, 1984  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bifida Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bifila Banks, 1914  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bilobata Ulmer, 1907  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bivitta Sun, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila blarina Ross, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila blenda Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bonaparti Schmid, 1947  
                                           Species Rhyacophila borcka Sipahiler, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila bosnica Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila braaschi Malicky & Kumanski in Kumanski & Malicky, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila brechlini Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila brevicephala Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila brevifurcata Kumanski, 1985  
                                           Species Rhyacophila brunnea Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila burmana Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cameroni Banks, 1931  
                                           Species Rhyacophila carolae Harris, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila carolina Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila carpenteri Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila castanea Hagen, 1858  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cataractae Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila caussica Vaillant, 1967  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cedrensis Schmid in Schmid, Arefina & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila celata Sun & Yang, 1999  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cerita Denning, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chakungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chamolungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chandleri Denning, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chandragoupta Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chandzo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila changpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chayulpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chematangpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chembo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chenmo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chilsia Denning, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chimdro Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chirka Schmid in Schmid, Arefina & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chomoyuma Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila choprai Martynov, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chordata Denning, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chugalungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chulukpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chumikpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila chungse Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila churongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cibinensis Botosaneanu & Marinkovic-Gospodnetic, 1967  
                                           Species Rhyacophila clavalis Martynov, 1913  
                                           Species Rhyacophila claviforma Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila clemens Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila coclearis Hsu & Chen, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila colonus Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila coloradensis Banks, 1904  
                                           Species Rhyacophila complanata Tian & Li, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila confinium Botosaneanu, 1957  
                                           Species Rhyacophila confissa Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila contorta Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila coreana Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cornuta Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila crassa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila crispa Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cruciata Forsslund, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cuneata Sun & Yang, 1999  
                                           Species Rhyacophila cupressorum Martynov, 1913  
                                           Species Rhyacophila curtior Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila curvata Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dactyloidis Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dafla Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dakshi Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila darbyi Fields, 1981  
                                           Species Rhyacophila davao Ross, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila delphinensis Vaillant, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila denticulifera Kumanski, 1985  
                                           Species Rhyacophila depressa Martynov, 1910  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dgaldanpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila diakoftensis Malicky in Cakin & Malicky, 1983  
                                           Species Rhyacophila diffidens Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dikkaravasini Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dilatata Martynov, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dirangpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila discoidalis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila divaricata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila doehleri Botosaneanu, 1957  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dolingpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dolokana Malicky, 1978  
                                           Species Rhyacophila donaldi Nimmo, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dongkyapa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dongre Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila donoana Malicky, 1978  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dorje Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dorsalis (Curtis, 1834)  
                                           Species Rhyacophila drokpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila drosampa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila drotangpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila dumogana Neboiss & Botosaneanu, 1988  
                                           Species Rhyacophila eatoni McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ebria Denning, 1949  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ecosa Ross, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila egijnica Schmid, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila elongata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila esorima Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila euryphylla Sun & Yang, 1999  
                                           Species Rhyacophila evoluta McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila excavata Martynov, 1909  
                                           Species Rhyacophila exilis Sun & Yang, 1999  
                                           Species Rhyacophila extensa Martynov, 1928  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fagarashiensis Botosaneanu, 1964  
                                           Species Rhyacophila falcifera Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila falita Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fansipana Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fasciata Hagen, 1859  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fenderi Ross, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fenestra Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fischeri Botosaneanu, 1957  
                                           Species Rhyacophila flava Klapalek, 1898  
                                           Species Rhyacophila flaviventris Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fletcheri (Kimmins, 1952)  
                                           Species Rhyacophila flinti Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila foliacea Moretti, 1981  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fonticola Giudicelli & Dakki, 1984  
                                           Species Rhyacophila forcipulata Martynov, 1926  
                                           Species Rhyacophila formosa Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila formosae Iwata, 1928  
                                           Species Rhyacophila formosana Ulmer, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fragariae Malicky, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila furca Hwang & Tian, 1982  
                                           Species Rhyacophila furcifera Klapalek, 1904  
                                           Species Rhyacophila fuscula (Walker, 1852)  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gelukpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gemona Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila germana Navas, 1923  
                                           Species Rhyacophila glaberrima Ulmer, 1907  
                                           Species Rhyacophila glaciera Denning, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila glareosa McLachlan, 1867  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gorgitensis Sipahiler, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila grahami Banks, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila grandis Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gudrunae Malicky, 1972  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gyaldzen Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gyamo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gyaspa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila gyelbu Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila haddocki Denning, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hamifera Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hamosa Sun in Yang, Sun & Tian, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hangnia Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila haplostephana Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila harmstoni Ross, 1944  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hayachiensis Kobayashi, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hayakawai Kobayashi, 1969  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hingstoni Martynov, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hippocrepica Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hirticornis McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hoabinha Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hoangliensis Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hobsoni Martynov, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hokkaidensis Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hyalinata Banks, 1905  
                                           Species Rhyacophila hydaspica Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila imitabilis Arefina in Schmid, Arefina, & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila immaculata Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila impar Martynov, 1914  
                                           Species Rhyacophila implicata Arefina in Schmid, Arefina, & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila inaequalis Denning & Schmid, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila inconspicua Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila incudis Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila inculta Ross & Spencer, 1952  
                                           Species Rhyacophila insularis Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila intermedia McLachlan, 1868  
                                           Species Rhyacophila invaria (Walker, 1852)  
                                           Species Rhyacophila iranda Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ishihanaensis Kobayashi, 1984  
                                           Species Rhyacophila isolata Banks, 1934  
                                           Species Rhyacophila isparta Sipahiler, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila italica Moretti, 1981  
                                           Species Rhyacophila itoi Tsuda & Kawai, 1967  
                                           Species Rhyacophila janosi Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila javana Ulmer, 1951  
                                           Species Rhyacophila jayadurga Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila jenniferae Peck in Peck & Smith, 1978  
                                           Species Rhyacophila jewetti Denning, 1954  
                                           Species Rhyacophila jigme Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila jirisana Kobayashi, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila joani Sipahiler, 2000  
                                           Species Rhyacophila joosti Mey, 1979  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kadampa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kadaphes Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kadphises Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kagyupa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kaltatica Levanidova & Schmid, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kando Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kangjongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kanichka Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kardakoffi Navás, 1926  
                                           Species Rhyacophila karila Denning, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila karpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kashongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kawachenpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kawamurae Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kawaraboensis Kobayashi, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kedara Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kelnerae Schmid, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kernada Ross, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila khamakhya Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila khasiorum Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila khimbarpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila khiympa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kiamichi Ross, 1944  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kimminsi Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kimminsiana Botosaneanu, 1958  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kincaidi Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kisoensis Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kiyosumiensis Kuranishi, 1990  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kiyrongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kohnoae Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kolymensis Arefina in Schmid, Arefina, & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kondratieffi Parker, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kownackiana Szczesny, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila krauskasseggae Malicky, 1978  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kubra Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kumanskii Spuris, 1988  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kumgangsanica Kumanski, 1990  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kunma Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kuramana Tsuda, 1942  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kusang Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kuwayamai Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kyadongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kyimdongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila kyungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila labeculata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila laevis Pictet, 1834  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lambakanta Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila langdarma Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila laptsapa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lata Martynov, 1918  
                                           Species Rhyacophila latitergum Davis, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila laufferi Navas, 1918  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ledra Ross, 1939  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lenae Martynov, 1910  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lepcha Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lepnevae Levanidova, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lezeyi Navas, 1933  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lhabu Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lhadzongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lhakpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lhopa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lieftincki Ulmer, 1951  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ligifera Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila liliputana Banks, 1939  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lineata Denning, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lobifera Betten, 1934  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lobsang Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila longicuspis Sun in Yang, Sun & Tian, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila longistyla Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lonpo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila loxias Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lurella Denning, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila lusitanica McLachlan, 1884  
                                           Species Rhyacophila macrorrhiza Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila madalensis Hsu & Chen, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila magnahamata Hsu & Chen, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mahunkai Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mainensis Banks, 1911  
                                           Species Rhyacophila maitripa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila makiensis Kobayashi, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila malayana Banks, 1931  
                                           Species Rhyacophila malkini Ross, 1947  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manicata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manipuri Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manistee Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manlungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manna Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila manuleata Martynov, 1934  
                                           Species Rhyacophila marcida Banks, 1947  
                                           Species Rhyacophila maritima Levanidova, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila marpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila martynovi Mosely, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mayaensis Kobayashi, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mayestril Malicky, 1992  
                                           Species Rhyacophila melli Ulmer, 1926  
                                           Species Rhyacophila melpomene Malicky, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila merangirana Malicky, 1978  
                                           Species Rhyacophila meridionalis Pictet, 1865  
                                           Species Rhyacophila meyeri McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila milarepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila milnei Ross, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mimiclaviforma Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila minor Banks, 1924  
                                           Species Rhyacophila minoyamaensis Kobayashi, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila minuta Banks, 1939  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mirabilis Levanidova & Schmid, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mishmica Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mjohjangsanica Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mocsaryi Klapalek, 1898  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mongolica Levanidova in Schmid, Arefina & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila monstrosa Levanidova & Schmid, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila montana Carpenter, 1933  
                                           Species Rhyacophila monyulpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila morettina Botosaneanu, 1980  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mortoni Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mosana Denning, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila motakanta Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila motasi Botosaneanu, 1957  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mroczkowskii Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila muktepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila multispinomera Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila munda McLachlan, 1862  
                                           Species Rhyacophila murhu Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila mycta Ross, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nabochepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila naga Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nagaokaensis Kobayashi, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nagongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nakagawai Kobayashi, 1969  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nakpo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila namgyal Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nana Levanidova in Schmid, Arefina & Levanidova, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nanpingensis Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila narayani Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila narvae Navás, 1926  
                                           Species Rhyacophila naviculata Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila negrosana Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila neograndis Denning, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nephroida Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila netongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nevada Schmid, 1952  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nevadensis Banks, 1924  
                                           Species Rhyacophila newelli Denning, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ngawang Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ngorpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ngulpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nigra Martynov, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nigrita Banks, 1907  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nigrocephala Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nigrorosea Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila niizakiensis Kobayashi, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nipponica Navas, 1933  
                                           Species Rhyacophila niwae Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila noeibia Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila norbu Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila norcuta Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nubila Zetterstedt, 1840  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nyamangpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nyelungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nyerongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nyerpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila nyukmadongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila obelix Malicky, 1979  
                                           Species Rhyacophila obliterata McLachlan, 1863  
                                           Species Rhyacophila obscura Martynov, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila obtusa Klapalek, 1894  
                                           Species Rhyacophila occidentalis McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila okuihana Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ophrys Ross, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila oreia Ross, 1947  
                                           Species Rhyacophila oreta Ross, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila orghidani Botosaneanu, 1952  
                                           Species Rhyacophila orientalis Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila orobica Moretti, 1991  
                                           Species Rhyacophila orthacantha Emoto, 1979  
                                           Species Rhyacophila osellai Malicky, 1981  
                                           Species Rhyacophila otica Etnier & Way, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pacata Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pacifica Banks, 1895  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pallida Mosely, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila palmeni McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila parantra Ross, 1948  
                                           Species Rhyacophila paratecta Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila parilis Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila parva Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pascoei McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila paurava Schmid, 1959  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pellisa Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pemba Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pendayica Malicky, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pepingensis Ulmer, 1932  
                                           Species Rhyacophila perda Ross, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila perdita Banks, 1938  
                                           Species Rhyacophila peripenis Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila perplana Ross & Spencer, 1952  
                                           Species Rhyacophila petersorum Schmid & Denning, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila philopotamoides McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pichaca Denning, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pieli Navas, 1933  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pirinica Kumanski, 1980  
                                           Species Rhyacophila poba Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila polha Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila polonica McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pongensis Sipahiler, 2000  
                                           Species Rhyacophila porntipae Malicky, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila potteri Denning & Schmid, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila praemorsa McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila procliva Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila producta McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pseudotristis Kumanski, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pubescens Pictet, 1834  
                                           Species Rhyacophila pulchra Schmid, 1952  
                                           Species Rhyacophila putata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila quadrifida Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila quana Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ramingwongi Malicky, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ranga Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ravizzai Moretti, 1991  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rayneri Ross, 1951  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rectispina McLachlan, 1884  
                                           Species Rhyacophila relegata Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila relicta McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila retracta Martynov, 1914  
                                           Species Rhyacophila reyesi Denning, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rhombica Martynov, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rickeri Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila riedeliana Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rima Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila robusta Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rotunda Banks, 1924  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rougemonti McLachlan, 1880  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ructicna Malicky, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila rupta McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sakyapa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sanglungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila satoi Kuranishi, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sauwana Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila schismatica Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila schmidi Ross, 1969-70  
                                           Species Rhyacophila schmidinarica Urbanic, Krusnik, & Malicky, 2000  
                                           Species Rhyacophila scissa Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila scissoides Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila scotina Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila senggepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sequoia Denning, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shakangpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shekigawana Kobayashi, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shenandoahensis Flint, 1958  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sherchokpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sherpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shikotsuensis Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shingripa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila shiraishiensis Kobayashi, 1971  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sibirica McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sicorensis Navas, 1917  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sierra Denning, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sikungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila silinka Arefina, 1994  
                                           Species Rhyacophila similis Martynov, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila simplex Nimmo, 1977  
                                           Species Rhyacophila simulatrix McLachlan, 1879  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sinensis Martynov, 1931  
                                           Species Rhyacophila singularis Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sinuata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila soldani Mey, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila soror Provancher, 1878  
                                           Species Rhyacophila spinalis Martynov, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila spinata Denning, 1965  
                                           Species Rhyacophila spinosellata Mey, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila spinulata Martynov, 1913  
                                           Species Rhyacophila stankovici Radovanovic, 1932  
                                           Species Rhyacophila starki Smith & Weaver, III, 1984  
                                           Species Rhyacophila stenostyla Martynov, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila stigmatica (Kolenati, 1859)  
                                           Species Rhyacophila styligera Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila subovata Martynov, 1913  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sumatrana Ulmer, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sumdopa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila sutchanica Schmid & Levanidova, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila suthepensis Malicky, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila szeptyckii Malicky, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tachikawana Kobayashi, 1973  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tamalpaisi Denning, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tamdaoensis Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tamdaona Olah, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tantichodoki Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tarda Giudicelli, 1968  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tarkiya Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tashepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tashidingpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tecta Morton, 1900  
                                           Species Rhyacophila teddyi Ross, 1939  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tehama Denning, 1975  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tenebrosa Mey, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tengyelingpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ternifolia Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila terpsichore Malicky, 1976  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tetracantha Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tetraphylla Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila thyridata Navás, 1935  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tolungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tonneri Mey, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila torva Hagen, 1861  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tosagan Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tralala Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila transquilla Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila trashipa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila trescaviscensis Botosaneanu, 1960  
                                           Species Rhyacophila triangularis Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tricornuta Sykora & McCabe, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tridentata Tian & Li, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila trifasciata Mosely, 1930  
                                           Species Rhyacophila triloba Hwang, 1958  
                                           Species Rhyacophila trinacriformis Tian & Li, 1986  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tristis Pictet, 1834  
                                           Species Rhyacophila trulungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila truncata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsering Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tshiringpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tshogpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsiudmarpo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsona Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsongkhapa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsudai Ross, 1956  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsurakiana Malicky, 1984  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tsusimaensis Kobayashi, 1985  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tucula Ross, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tungkorpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila tupikana Mey, 1994  
                                           Species Rhyacophila uchidai Kobayashi, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ugyenpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ulmeri Navas, 1907  
                                           Species Rhyacophila uncata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila ungulata Kimmins, 1953  
                                           Species Rhyacophila unimaculata Denning, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila unipunctata Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila urgl Malicky & Lounaci, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vaccua Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vaefes Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vagrita Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vallei Moretti, 1997  
                                           Species Rhyacophila valuma Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vandeli Despax, 1933  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vao Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vedra Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila velora Denning, 1954  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vemna Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila verecunda Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vernestril Mey, 1996  
                                           Species Rhyacophila verrula Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila verugia Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vetina Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vibox Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vicina Botosaneanu, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila viduata Navas, 1918  
                                           Species Rhyacophila viquaea Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila visor Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vobara Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vocala Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila voccia Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vofixa Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vranitzensis Botosaneanu & Marinkovic-Gospodnetic, 1967  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vulgaris Pictet, 1834  
                                           Species Rhyacophila vuzana Milne, 1936  
                                           Species Rhyacophila wangpo Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila wanichacheewai Malicky, 1987  
                                           Species Rhyacophila willametta Ross, 1950  
                                           Species Rhyacophila wolongensis Malicky, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila wuyanensis Sun & Yang, 1998  
                                           Species Rhyacophila wuyiensis Sun & Yang, 1995  
                                           Species Rhyacophila xayide Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yamanakensis Iwata, 1927  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yamazakii Tsuda, 1941  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yarlungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yigrongpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yipung Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yishepa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yonggyapa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yora Malicky, 1989  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yoshinensis Tsuda & Kawai, 1967  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yosiiana Tsuda, 1940  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yukii Tsuda, 1942  
                                           Species Rhyacophila yullha Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila zhiltsovae Ivanov, 1991  
                                           Species Rhyacophila zhungpa Schmid, 1970  
                                           Species Rhyacophila zwickorum Malicky, 1972  

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  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Rhyacophila   
  Source: Trichoptera World Checklist, 08-Jan-2001, website (version 1)  
  Acquired: 2001   
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  Comment: Type species: Rhyacophila vulgaris FJ Pictet (selected by HH Ross, 1944, Bull Illinois Nat Hist Surv 23: 32)  



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