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Publication: Olson, Storrs L., and James L. Reveal. 2009. Nomenclatural History and a New Name for the Blue-winged Warbler (Aves: Parulidae). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, vol. 121, no. 3. 618-620.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Certhia pinus Linnaeus, 1766 -- invalid
  Dendroica pinus (Linnaeus, 1766) -- invalid -- Chipe pinero, paruline des pins, Pine Warbler
  Dendroica pinus pinus (Linnaeus, 1766) -- invalid
  Setophaga pinus (Linnaeus, 1766) -- valid -- Chipe pinero, Paruline des pins, Pine Warbler
  Setophaga pinus pinus (Linnaeus, 1766) -- valid
  Vermivora cyanoptera Olson & Reveal, 2009 -- valid -- Blue-winged Warbler, Paruline ailes bleues
  Vermivora pinus (Linnaeus, 1766) -- invalid -- Blue-winged Warbler, Chipe ala azul, paruline ailes bleues

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