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Ochthebius (Ochthebius)  Leach, 1815
Taxonomic Serial No.: 815511

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Subgenus  
  Synonym(s): Hymenodes Mulsant, 1844
    Prionochthebius Kuwert, 1887
    Cobalius Rey, 1886
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptères, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderStaphyliniformia Lameere, 1900  
                                        SuperfamilyStaphylinoidea Latreille, 1802  
                                           FamilyHydraenidae Mulsant, 1844 – minute moss beetles  
                                              SubfamilyOchthebiinae C. G. Thomson, 1860  
                                                 TribeOchthebiini C. G. Thomson, 1860  
                                                    SubtribeOchthebiina C. G. Thomson, 1860  
                                                       GenusOchthebius Leach, 1815  
                                                          SubgenusOchthebius (Ochthebius) Leach, 1815  
    Direct Children:  
                                                             Species Ochthebius adriaticus Reitter, 1886  
                                                             Species Ochthebius afghanicus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ahni Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius albacetinus Ferro, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius algicola Wollaston, 1871  
                                                             Species Ochthebius almorenis Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius alpheius Janssens, 1959  
                                                             Species Ochthebius alpinopetrus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius amrishi Makhan, 2004  
                                                             Species Ochthebius anaxagoras Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius anchorus Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius andalusicus Jäch and Castro, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius andraei Breit, 1920  
                                                             Species Ochthebius andreasi Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius andreasoides Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius angusi Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius anxifer Balfour-Browne, 1978  
                                                             Species Ochthebius arabicus Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius arefniae Jäch and Delgado, 2008  
                                                             Species Ochthebius arenicolus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius argentatus Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius aristoteles Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius arizonicus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius asanoae Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius asiobatoides Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius asperatus Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius atratulus Régimbart, 1905  
                                                             Species Ochthebius atriceps Fairmaire, 1879  
                                                             Species Ochthebius attritus LeConte, 1878  
                                                             Species Ochthebius auropallens Fairmaire, 1879  
                                                             Species Ochthebius aztecus Sharp, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bactrianus Janssens, 1962  
                                                             Species Ochthebius balcanicus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius balfourbrownei Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius basilicatus Fiori, 1915  
                                                             Species Ochthebius batesoni Blair, 1933  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bellstedti Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius belucistanicus Ferro, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bernhardi Jäch and Delgado, 2008  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bicomicus Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bifoveolatus Waltl, 1835  
                                                             Species Ochthebius biincisus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius bisinuatus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius boeotianus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius borealis Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius caesaraugustae Jäch, Ribera and Aguilera, 1998  
                                                             Species Ochthebius californicus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius caligatus Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius cameroni Balfour-Browne, 1951  
                                                             Species Ochthebius capicola (Péringuey, 1892)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius caspius Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius castellanus Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius caucasicus Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius caudatus Frivaldszky, 1883  
                                                             Species Ochthebius celatus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius chappuisi Orchymont, 1948  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ciffidilis Ferro, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ciliciae Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius colchicus Janssens, 1963  
                                                             Species Ochthebius confusus Ferro, 1990  
                                                             Species Ochthebius corrugatus Rosenhauer, 1856  
                                                             Species Ochthebius costatellus Reitter, 1897  
                                                             Species Ochthebius costipennis Fall, 1901  
                                                             Species Ochthebius crassalus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius crenatus Hatch, 1965  
                                                             Species Ochthebius cuprescens Guillebeau, 1893  
                                                             Species Ochthebius cupricollis Sahlberg, 1903  
                                                             Species Ochthebius dalmatinus Ganglbauer, 1904  
                                                             Species Ochthebius danjo Nakane, 1990  
                                                             Species Ochthebius darius Balfour-Browne, 1979  
                                                             Species Ochthebius decianus Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius delgadoi Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius delhiensis Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius dentifer Rey, 1885  
                                                             Species Ochthebius depressionis Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius diazi Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius difficilis Mulsant, 1844  
                                                             Species Ochthebius eburneus Sahlberg, 1900  
                                                             Species Ochthebius elburzi Ferro, 1987  
                                                             Species Ochthebius elisae Sahlberg, 1900  
                                                             Species Ochthebius emilianus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius empedocles Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius endroedyi Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius enicoceroides Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius erzerumi Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius evanescens Sahlberg, 1875  
                                                             Species Ochthebius extremus (Péringuey, 1892)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius eyrei Jäch, 1990  
                                                             Species Ochthebius falcatus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius fallacioviridis Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius fausti Sharp, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius faustinus Orchymont, 1940  
                                                             Species Ochthebius fissicollis Janssens, 1969  
                                                             Species Ochthebius flexus Pu, 1958  
                                                             Species Ochthebius flumineus Orchymont, 1937  
                                                             Species Ochthebius fossulatus Mulsant, 1844  
                                                             Species Ochthebius foveolatus Germar, 1824  
                                                             Species Ochthebius freyi Orchymont, 1940  
                                                             Species Ochthebius fujianensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius gauthieri Peyerimhoff, 1924  
                                                             Species Ochthebius gereckei Jäch, 1993  
                                                             Species Ochthebius glaber Montes and Soler, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius gonggashanensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius grandipennis Fairmaire, 1879  
                                                             Species Ochthebius granulinus Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius granulosus Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius gruwelli Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius guangdongensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hainanensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hajeki Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius halophilus Ertorun and Jäch, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hanshebaueri Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hatayensis Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hauseri Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hayashii Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hellenicus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hesperides Balfour-Browne, 1976  
                                                             Species Ochthebius himalayae Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hivae Jäch, Irani and Delgado, 2013  
                                                             Species Ochthebius hofratvukovitsi Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius huberti Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius imbensimbi Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius inconspicuus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius indicus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius inelegans Jäch, 2002  
                                                             Species Ochthebius inermis Sharp, 1884  
                                                             Species Ochthebius innexus Balfour-Browne, 1951  
                                                             Species Ochthebius insidiosus Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius interruptus LeConte, 1852  
                                                             Species Ochthebius involatus Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius iranicus Balfour-Browne, 1979  
                                                             Species Ochthebius izmiranus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius janssensi Ferro, 1983  
                                                             Species Ochthebius javieri Jäch, 2000  
                                                             Species Ochthebius jengi Jäch, 1998  
                                                             Species Ochthebius jermakovi Orchymont, 1933  
                                                             Species Ochthebius jilanzhui Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius joosti Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius judemaesi Delgado and Jäch, 2007  
                                                             Species Ochthebius karasui Ferro, 1986  
                                                             Species Ochthebius khuzestanicus Ferro, 1982  
                                                             Species Ochthebius kieneri Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius kirschenhoferi Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius klapperichi Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius kosiensis Champion, 1920  
                                                             Species Ochthebius kurdistanicus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius kuwerti Reitter, 1897  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lacustatta Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lanarotis Ferro, 1985  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lanuginosus Reiche and Saulcy, 1856  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lapidicola Wollaston, 1864  
                                                             Species Ochthebius latinorum (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lecontei Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lejolisii Mulsant and Rey, 1861  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lenensis Poppius, 1907  
                                                             Species Ochthebius levantinus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius libanus Jäch and Díaz, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lineatus LeConte, 1852  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lividipennis Peyron, 1858  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lobatus Pu, 1958  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lobicollis Rey, 1885  
                                                             Species Ochthebius lucanus Ferro, 1990  
                                                             Species Ochthebius madli Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius madrensis Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius magnannulatus Delgado and Jäch, 2009  
                                                             Species Ochthebius malaganus Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius marginalis Rey, 1886  
                                                             Species Ochthebius marijanmatoki Jäch and Delgado, 2015  
                                                             Species Ochthebius marinus (Paykull, 1798)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius maroccanus Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius masatakasatoi Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius matsudae Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mauretanicus Jäch, 1990  
                                                             Species Ochthebius maxfischeri Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mediterraneus (Ienistea, 1988)  
                                                             Species Ochthebius meridionalis Rey, 1885  
                                                             Species Ochthebius merinidicus Ferro, 1985  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mesoamericanus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius metallescens Rosenhauer, 1847  
                                                             Species Ochthebius metallicus Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius metarius Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius metellus Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mexcavatus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius micans Balfour-Browne, 1951  
                                                             Species Ochthebius minabensis Ferro, 1983  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mongolensis Janssens, 1967  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mongolicus Janssens, 1967  
                                                             Species Ochthebius montesi Ferro, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius morettii Pirisinu, 1974  
                                                             Species Ochthebius mutatus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius namibiensis Perkins and Balfour-Browne, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius nanus Stephens, 1829  
                                                             Species Ochthebius nepalensis Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius nilssoni Hebauer, 1986  
                                                             Species Ochthebius nipponicus Jäch, 1998  
                                                             Species Ochthebius nobilis Villa and Villa, 1835  
                                                             Species Ochthebius normandi Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius notabilis Rosenhauer, 1856  
                                                             Species Ochthebius obscurometallescens Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius octofoveatus Pu, 1958  
                                                             Species Ochthebius opacipennis Champion, 1920  
                                                             Species Ochthebius orientalis Janssens, 1962  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ovatus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pacificus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pagotrichus Perkins and Balfour-Browne, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pakistanicus Delgado and Jäch, 2009  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pallidulus Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius parki Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius parvannulatus Delgado and Jäch, 2009  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pauli Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pedalis Balfour-Browne, 1954  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pedicularius Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pedroi Jäch, 2000  
                                                             Species Ochthebius peisonis Ganglbauer, 1901  
                                                             Species Ochthebius perpusillus Ferro, 1985  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pierottii Ferro, 1979  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pilosus Waltl, 1835  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ponticus Ienistea, 1956  
                                                             Species Ochthebius poweri Rye, 1869  
                                                             Species Ochthebius praetermissus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pretneri Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pseudoviridis Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius puberulus Reitter, 1885  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pudilaceris Ferro, 1982  
                                                             Species Ochthebius punctatoides Jäch, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius punctatus Stephens, 1829  
                                                             Species Ochthebius pusillus Stephens, 1835  
                                                             Species Ochthebius quadrifossulatus Waltl, 1835  
                                                             Species Ochthebius quadrifoveolatus Wollaston, 1854  
                                                             Species Ochthebius queenslandicus Hansen, 1998  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ragusae Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius recticulus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius rectilobus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius rectus LeConte, 1878  
                                                             Species Ochthebius rectusalsus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius recurvatus Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius richmondi Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius rivalis Champion, 1920  
                                                             Species Ochthebius romanicus Ienistea, 1968  
                                                             Species Ochthebius rubripes Boheman, 1860  
                                                             Species Ochthebius salebrosus Pu, 1958  
                                                             Species Ochthebius salinarius Balfour-Browne, 1954  
                                                             Species Ochthebius salinator Peyerimhoff, 1924  
                                                             Species Ochthebius satoi Nakane, 1965  
                                                             Species Ochthebius schneideri Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius schoedli Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius schuberti Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius scitulus Ferro, 1982  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sculptoides Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sculpturatus Sahlberg, 1900  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sculptus LeConte, 1878  
                                                             Species Ochthebius semisericeus Sainte-Claire Deville, 1914  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sempronius Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius serpentinus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius serratus Rosenhauer, 1856  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sexfoveatus Champion, 1920  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sharpi Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sichuanensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius siculus Kuwert, 1887  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sidanus Orchymont, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sierrensis Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius silfverbergi Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sitiensis Perkins, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius smyrnensis Sahlberg, 1908  
                                                             Species Ochthebius spanglerorum Wood and Perkins, 1978  
                                                             Species Ochthebius spatulus Balfour-Browne, 1954  
                                                             Species Ochthebius speculator Jäch, 1991  
                                                             Species Ochthebius spinasus Perkins and Balfour-Browne, 1994  
                                                             Species Ochthebius stastnyi Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius strigoides Jäch, 1998  
                                                             Species Ochthebius subaeneus Janssens, 1967  
                                                             Species Ochthebius subinteger Mulsant and Rey, 1861  
                                                             Species Ochthebius subpictus Wollaston, 1857  
                                                             Species Ochthebius subviridis Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sulpuris Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius sumatrensis Jäch, 2001  
                                                             Species Ochthebius tacapasensis Ferro, 1983  
                                                             Species Ochthebius thermalis Janssens, 1965  
                                                             Species Ochthebius tivelunus Ferro, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius trapezuntinus Jäch, 1999  
                                                             Species Ochthebius tubus Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius tudmirensis Jäch, 1997  
                                                             Species Ochthebius tunisicus Jäch, 1997  
                                                             Species Ochthebius turcicus Jäch, 1989  
                                                             Species Ochthebius turkestanus Kuwert, 1892  
                                                             Species Ochthebius uniformis Perkins, 1980  
                                                             Species Ochthebius uskubensis Hebauer, 1986  
                                                             Species Ochthebius ustaoglui Topkara, Jäch and Kasapoglu, 2011  
                                                             Species Ochthebius vedovai Ferro, 1987  
                                                             Species Ochthebius velutinus Fairmaire, 1883  
                                                             Species Ochthebius verrucosus Pu, 1942  
                                                             Species Ochthebius viganoi Pirisinu, 1974  
                                                             Species Ochthebius virens Jäch, 1992  
                                                             Species Ochthebius virgula Ferro, 1986  
                                                             Species Ochthebius viridescens Ienistea, 1988  
                                                             Species Ochthebius viridis Peyron, 1858  
                                                             Species Ochthebius wangmiaoi Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius wewalkai Jäch, 1984  
                                                             Species Ochthebius wuzhishanensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius yaanensis Jäch, 2003  
                                                             Species Ochthebius yoshitomii Jäch and Delgado, 2014  
                                                             Species Ochthebius yumiae Matsui and Delgado, 1997  
                                                             Species Ochthebius zugmayeri Kniz, 1909  
                                                             Species Ochthebius zulu Perkins, 2011  
                                                           SubgenusOchthebius (Ochthebius) Leach, 1815 incertae sedis  
    Children with Uncertain Position:  
                                                             Species Ochthebius alluaudi Régimbart, 1903  

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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Hansen, Michael  
  Publication Date: 1998   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: World Catalogue of Insects, volume 1: Hydraenidae (Coleoptera)   
  Page(s): 168   
  Publisher: Apollo Books   
  Publication Place: Stenstrup, Denmark   
  ISBN/ISSN: 87-88757-27-7   
  Reference for: Ochthebius (Ochthebius)   

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