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Neopanorpa  Weele, 1909
Taxonomic Serial No.: 810397

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2009   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderMecoptera  – scorpion flies, hangingflies, scorpionflies, snowflies  
                                  FamilyPanorpidae  – common scorpionflies  
                                     GenusNeopanorpa Weele, 1909  
    Direct Children:  
                                        Species Neopanorpa abdita Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa anchoroides Zhou, 2003  
                                        Species Neopanorpa angustiapicula Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa angustipennis (Westwood, 1842)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa annamensis Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa apicata Navás, 1922  
                                        Species Neopanorpa appendiculata (Westwood, 1846)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa babai Miyamoto, 1994  
                                        Species Neopanorpa banksi Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Neopanorpa baviensis Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Neopanorpa benaci Navás, 1935  
                                        Species Neopanorpa borneensis Byers, 1966  
                                        Species Neopanorpa breviramus Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa brevivalvae Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa brisi (Navás, 1930)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa burmana Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa byersi Webb and Penny, 1979  
                                        Species Neopanorpa cantonensis Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa carpenteri Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa cavaleriei (Navás, 1908)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa caveata Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa chaoi Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa chaoi Zhou, 2003  
                                        Species Neopanorpa chelata Charpentier, 1938  
                                        Species Neopanorpa chillcotti Byers, 1971  
                                        Species Neopanorpa choui Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa clara Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa claripennis Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Neopanorpa clavata Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa contracta Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Neopanorpa cornuta Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Neopanorpa crinita Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa cuspidata Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa denticulata Rust and Byers, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa diloba Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa dimidiata Navás, 1930  
                                        Species Neopanorpa dispar Issiki and Cheng, 1947  
                                        Species Neopanorpa dorsalis Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa dubis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa echinata Rust and Byers, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa echinodes Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa effusa (Navás, 1913)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa fenestrata (Needham, 1909)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa fimbriata Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa flava Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Neopanorpa flavicauda Banks, 1930  
                                        Species Neopanorpa flavoferruginea Byers, 2008  
                                        Species Neopanorpa formosana (Navás, 1911)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa formosensis Navás, 1930  
                                        Species Neopanorpa fractura Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa furcata (Hardwicke, 1825)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa fuscicauda Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa gestroi Navás, 1929  
                                        Species Neopanorpa gibbosa Rust and Byers, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa globulifera Byers, 1983  
                                        Species Neopanorpa gradana Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hainanica Hua and Chou, 1998  
                                        Species Neopanorpa harmandi (Navás, 1908)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa heii Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hirsuta (Crampton, 1931)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hualizhongi Hua and Chou, 1998  
                                        Species Neopanorpa huangshana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hunanensis Hua, 2002  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hushengchangi Hua and Chou, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa hyalinata Esben-Petersen, 1913  
                                        Species Neopanorpa indica Rust and Byers, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa infuscata Banks, 1931  
                                        Species Neopanorpa k-maculata Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Neopanorpa kwangtsehi Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lacunaris Navás, 1930  
                                        Species Neopanorpa latipennis Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa latiseparata Bicha, 2010  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lichuanensis Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lieftincki Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lifashengi Hua and Chou, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lipingensis Cai and Hua, 2009  
                                        Species Neopanorpa liquifascia Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa longiprocessa Hua and Chou, 1997  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lui Chou and Ran in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Neopanorpa lungtausana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa maai Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa magna Issiki, 1927  
                                        Species Neopanorpa makii Issiki, 1927  
                                        Species Neopanorpa malaisei Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa mangshanensis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa minuta Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa mokansana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa mulleri (Weele, 1909)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa mutabilis Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa nielseni Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa nigritis Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Neopanorpa nipalica (Navás, 1910)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa obscura Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa ocellaris (Navás, 1908)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa ochrura Rust and Byers, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa ornata Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa ovata Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa pallivalva Zhou, 2003  
                                        Species Neopanorpa panda Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa parva Carpenter, 1945  
                                        Species Neopanorpa parvula Willmann, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa pendulifera Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa pennyi Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa pielina Navás, 1936  
                                        Species Neopanorpa pulchra Carpenter, 1945  
                                        Species Neopanorpa puripennis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa ramulata Byers, 1975  
                                        Species Neopanorpa retina Chou and Li in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa salai Navás, 1928  
                                        Species Neopanorpa sauteri (Esben-Petersen, 1912)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa sheni Hua and Chou, 1997  
                                        Species Neopanorpa siamensis Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa similis Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa simulans Byers, 2008  
                                        Species Neopanorpa sordida (Needham, 1909)  
                                        Species Neopanorpa spatulata Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa spicata Byers, 1966  
                                        Species Neopanorpa subreticulata Miyamoto and Makihara, 1979  
                                        Species Neopanorpa sumatrana Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa taoi Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa terminata Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa thai Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa tibetensis Hua and Chou, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa tienmushana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa tienpingshana Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Lin and Tong, 1988  
                                        Species Neopanorpa tiomanensis Byers, 1966  
                                        Species Neopanorpa translucida Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Neopanorpa tuberosa Byers, 1965  
                                        Species Neopanorpa umbonata Chau and Byers, 1978  
                                        Species Neopanorpa validipennis Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa varia Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Neopanorpa vietnamensis Willmann, 1976  
                                        Species Neopanorpa vittata Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Neopanorpa wittmeri Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Neopanorpa youngi Byers, 1994  
                                        Species Neopanorpa zebrata Esben-Petersen, 1915  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Reference for:    
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Penny, Norman D., and George W. Byers  
  Publication Date: 1979   
  Article/Chapter Title: A Check-List of the Mecoptera of the World   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Acta Amazonica, vol. 9, no. 2   
  Page(s): 365-388   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 0044-5967   
  Reference for: Neopanorpa   

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