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Miscophus  Jurine, 1807
Taxonomic Serial No.: 768429

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Nitelopterus Ashmead, 1897
    Hypomiscophus Cockerell, 1898
    Miscophinus Ashmead, 1898
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2016   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guępes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyCrabronidae Latreille, 1802 – crabronid wasps, cicadakillers, sand wasps, mud daubers  
                                              SubfamilyCrabroninae Latreille, 1802  
                                                 TribeMiscophini W. Fox, 1894  
                                                    GenusMiscophus Jurine, 1807  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Miscophus absconditus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus aegyptius Morice, 1897  
                                                       Species Miscophus aenescens (Bridwell, 1920)  
                                                       Species Miscophus aeneus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus aenigma Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus affinis Pulawski, 1964  
                                                       Species Miscophus agadiriensis de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus akrofisianus Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus albomaculatus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus albufeirae de Andrade, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus alfierii Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus americanus W. Fox, 1890  
                                                       Species Miscophus andradei P. Verhoeff, 1955  
                                                       Species Miscophus angolensis Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus antares de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus arenarum Cockerell, 1898  
                                                       Species Miscophus ater Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845  
                                                       Species Miscophus atlanteus de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus atrescens Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus aurulentus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus bellulus Arnold, 1924  
                                                       Species Miscophus belveriensis de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus benidormicus P. Verhoeff, 1955  
                                                       Species Miscophus berlandi de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus betpakdalensis Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus bicolor Jurine, 1807  
                                                       Species Miscophus bonifaciensis Ferton, 1896  
                                                       Species Miscophus botswanaensis Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus bridwelli Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus bytinskii P. Verhoeff, 1955  
                                                       Species Miscophus californicus (Ashmead, 1898)  
                                                       Species Miscophus canariensis de Beaumont, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus caninus de Andrade, 1953  
                                                       Species Miscophus carolinae Schmid-Egger, 2002  
                                                       Species Miscophus ceballosi de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus chrysis Kohl, 1894  
                                                       Species Miscophus clypearis Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus coerulescens Arnold, 1923  
                                                       Species Miscophus collaris Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus concolor Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                       Species Miscophus corsicus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus crassipes Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus ctenopus Kohl, 1884  
                                                       Species Miscophus cyanescens R. Turner, 1917  
                                                       Species Miscophus cyanurus (Rohwer, 1909)  
                                                       Species Miscophus deserticolus R. Turner, 1929  
                                                       Species Miscophus desertorum Kazenas, 1978  
                                                       Species Miscophus difficilis Nurse, 1903  
                                                       Species Miscophus dispersus de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus eatoni E. Saunders, 1903  
                                                       Species Miscophus eburneus Simon Thomas, 1995  
                                                       Species Miscophus elegans de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus evansi (Krombein, 1963)  
                                                       Species Miscophus eximius Gussakovskij, 1934  
                                                       Species Miscophus exoticus Taschenberg, 1870  
                                                       Species Miscophus fasciatus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus flavopictus Pulawski, 1964  
                                                       Species Miscophus fluviatilis Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus funebris Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus galei (Rohwer, 1909)  
                                                       Species Miscophus garianensis de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus gegensumus Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                       Species Miscophus gibbicollis Giner Marí, 1945  
                                                       Species Miscophus gineri P. Verhoeff, 1955  
                                                       Species Miscophus gobiensis Tsuneki, 1972  
                                                       Species Miscophus grangeri de Beaumont, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus gratiosus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus gratuitus de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus guichardi de Beaumont, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus gussakovskiji de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus handlirschi Kohl, 1892  
                                                       Species Miscophus hebraeus de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus heliophilus Pulawski, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus helveticus Kohl, 1883  
                                                       Species Miscophus hissaricus Gussakovskij, 1935  
                                                       Species Miscophus histrionicus Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus ichneumonoides Arnold, 1929  
                                                       Species Miscophus iliensis Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus imitans Giner Marí, 1945  
                                                       Species Miscophus impressifrons Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus impudens de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus inconspicuus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus infernalis Arnold, 1929  
                                                       Species Miscophus insolitus de Andrade, 1953  
                                                       Species Miscophus insulicola Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus italicus A. Costa, 1867  
                                                       Species Miscophus johni Mokrousov, 2004  
                                                       Species Miscophus kansensis (Slansky, 1969)  
                                                       Species Miscophus karrooensis Arnold, 1923  
                                                       Species Miscophus kohlii Brauns, 1899  
                                                       Species Miscophus kriechbaumeri Brauns, 1899  
                                                       Species Miscophus krunki Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus laticeps (Ashmead, 1898)  
                                                       Species Miscophus levantinus Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus lissonotus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus littoreus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus luctuosus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus lugubris Arnold, 1929  
                                                       Species Miscophus lusitanicus de Andrade, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus maculipes Arnold, 1945  
                                                       Species Miscophus magnus Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus maurus (Rohwer, 1909)  
                                                       Species Miscophus mavromoustakisi de Andrade, 1953  
                                                       Species Miscophus merceti de Andrade, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus mimeticus Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus minutus de Andrade, 1953  
                                                       Species Miscophus mochii Arnold, 1940  
                                                       Species Miscophus modestus Arnold, 1929  
                                                       Species Miscophus mongolicus Tsuneki, 1972  
                                                       Species Miscophus montanus Gussakovskij, 1935  
                                                       Species Miscophus nevesi de Andrade, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus nicolai Ferton, 1896  
                                                       Species Miscophus niger Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                       Species Miscophus nigrescens (Rohwer, 1909)  
                                                       Species Miscophus nigricans Cameron, 1907  
                                                       Species Miscophus nigriceps (Rohwer, 1911)  
                                                       Species Miscophus nigripes Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus nigriventris Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus niloticus Honoré, 1944  
                                                       Species Miscophus nitidior de Beaumont, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus nobilis de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus numidus de Beaumont, 1968  
                                                       Species Miscophus obscuritarsis Pulawski, 1964  
                                                       Species Miscophus occidentalis de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus oraniensis Brauns, 1906  
                                                       Species Miscophus othello Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus paolorosai Schmid-Egger, 2011  
                                                       Species Miscophus papyrus de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus pardoi de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus percitus Mokrousov, 2004  
                                                       Species Miscophus pharaonis Arnold, 1940  
                                                       Species Miscophus portoi de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus postumus Bischoff, 1921  
                                                       Species Miscophus pretiosus Kohl, 1884  
                                                       Species Miscophus primogeniti de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus pseudochrysis (Simon Thomas, 1995)  
                                                       Species Miscophus pseudomimeticus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus pseudonotogonia Brauns, 1899  
                                                       Species Miscophus pulcher de Andrade, 1953  
                                                       Species Miscophus pulcherrimus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus punctatissimus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus punicus de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus quettaensis Nurse, 1903  
                                                       Species Miscophus rasilis Kazenas, 1993  
                                                       Species Miscophus repetekus Kazenas, 1993  
                                                       Species Miscophus reticulatus Schmid-Egger, 2014  
                                                       Species Miscophus rothneyi Bingham, 1897  
                                                       Species Miscophus rufigaster Simon Thomas, 1995  
                                                       Species Miscophus rufiventris Tsuneki, 1972  
                                                       Species Miscophus sabulosus Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus sallitus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus scintillans de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus sericeus Radoszkowski, 1876  
                                                       Species Miscophus seyrigi Arnold, 1945  
                                                       Species Miscophus similis F. Morawitz, 1897  
                                                       Species Miscophus sirius de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus slossonae (Ashmead in Kohl, 1897)  
                                                       Species Miscophus soikai de Beaumont, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus sordidatus Arnold, 1945  
                                                       Species Miscophus specularis de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus spinifer Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus spurius (Dahlbom, 1832)  
                                                       Species Miscophus stevensoni Arnold, 1923  
                                                       Species Miscophus susterai Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus syriacus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus tagiurae de Andrade, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus temperatus Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus texanus (Ashmead, 1898)  
                                                       Species Miscophus timberlakei (Bridwell, 1920)  
                                                       Species Miscophus tinctus de Andrade, 1956  
                                                       Species Miscophus transcaspicus de Andrade, 1960  
                                                       Species Miscophus tricolor Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus tshardarensis Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus turanicus Kazenas, 1992  
                                                       Species Miscophus turkmenicus Kazenas, 1993  
                                                       Species Miscophus turneri Lomholdt, 1985  
                                                       Species Miscophus unigena Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus venustus de Beaumont, 1969  
                                                       Species Miscophus verecundus Arnold, 1924  
                                                       Species Miscophus verhoeffi de Andrade, 1952  
                                                       Species Miscophus wieringi Simon Thomas, 1995  
                                                       Species Miscophus yermasoyensis Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus zakakiensis Balthasar, 1954  
                                                       Species Miscophus zergericus Kazenas, 1993  

  Expert: Wojciech J. Pulawski  
  Notes: Curator of Entomology, Emeritus. California Academy of Sciences. Golden Gate Park, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, California, 94118, USA   
  Reference for: Miscophus    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Catalog of Sphecidae (s.l.); Catalog of Genera and Species, 2016, website (version various)  
  Acquired: 2016   
  Notes: Pulawski, Wojciech J. 2016. Catalog of Sphecidae sensu lato: Catalog of Genera and Species.   
  Reference for: Miscophus   
  Source: Catalog of Sphecidae (s.l.); Family-Group Names / Classification, website (version 2016)  
  Acquired: 2016   
  Notes: Pulawski, Wojciech J. 2016. Catalog of Sphecidae sensu lato: Family Group Names and Classification.   
  Reference for: Miscophus   
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