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Phelister  Marseul, 1853
Taxonomic Serial No.: 728591

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2015   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptères, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderStaphyliniformia Lameere, 1900  
                                        SuperfamilyHisteroidea Gyllenhal, 1808  
                                           FamilyHisteridae Gyllenhal, 1808 – clown beetles, hister beetles  
                                              SubfamilyHisterinae Gyllenhal, 1808  
                                                 TribeExosternini Bickhardt, 1914  
                                                    GenusPhelister Marseul, 1853  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Phelister acoposternus Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister aduncus Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister affinis J. E. LeConte, 1860  
                                                       Species Phelister alticola Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister amplistrius Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister balzanii Schmidt, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister bipulvinatus Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister bistriatus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister blairi Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister bolivianus Bickhardt, 1920  
                                                       Species Phelister bovinus Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister brevis Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister brevistriatus Casey, 1916  
                                                       Species Phelister brevistrius Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister bruchi Bickhardt, 1920  
                                                       Species Phelister canalis Lewis, 1888  
                                                       Species Phelister carinifrons Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister carinullus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister chapadae Lewis, 1900  
                                                       Species Phelister chilicola Marseul, 1870  
                                                       Species Phelister colombiae Lewis, 1908  
                                                       Species Phelister completus Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister condor Mazur, 1988  
                                                       Species Phelister daugar Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister degallieri Kanaar, 1997  
                                                       Species Phelister desbordesi Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister egincola Marseul, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister erraticus Marseul, 1887  
                                                       Species Phelister finitimus Bickhardt, 1918  
                                                       Species Phelister flectohumerale Wenzel and Dybas, 1941  
                                                       Species Phelister foveicollis Lewis, 1902  
                                                       Species Phelister fractistrius Lewis, 1908  
                                                       Species Phelister fulvulus Marseul, 1870  
                                                       Species Phelister gebieni Bickhardt, 1920  
                                                       Species Phelister geijskesi Kanaar, 1997  
                                                       Species Phelister globiformis Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister gracilis Schmidt, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister haemorrhous Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister hamistrius Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister interpunctatus Kirsch, 1866  
                                                       Species Phelister interrogans Marseul, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister interruptus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister latus Wenzel and Dybas, 1941  
                                                       Species Phelister luculentus Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister miramon Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister mobilensis Casey, 1916  
                                                       Species Phelister muscicapa Marseul, 1870  
                                                       Species Phelister nanus Schmidt, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister nidicola Bickhardt, 1920  
                                                       Species Phelister notandus Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister panamensis J. E. LeConte, 1860  
                                                       Species Phelister parallelisternus Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister petro Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister praecox (Erichson, 1847)  
                                                       Species Phelister praedatorius Reichensperger, 1939  
                                                       Species Phelister pulvis Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister pumilus (Erichson, 1834)  
                                                       Species Phelister puncticollis Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister purgamenticolus Wenzel and Dybas, 1941  
                                                       Species Phelister pusillus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister pusio (Erichson, 1847)  
                                                       Species Phelister pusioides Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister pygmaeus Bickhardt, 1918  
                                                       Species Phelister rectisternus Lewis, 1908  
                                                       Species Phelister rouzeti (Fairmaire, 1849)  
                                                       Species Phelister rubens Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister rubicundus Marseul, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister rufinotus Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister ruptistrius Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister salobrus Marseul, 1887  
                                                       Species Phelister sanguinipennis Marseul, 1853  
                                                       Species Phelister sculpturatus Schmidt, 1893  
                                                       Species Phelister severus Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister simus Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister stercoricola Bickhardt, 1909  
                                                       Species Phelister striatinotus Wenzel and Dybas, 1941  
                                                       Species Phelister subgibbosus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister subrotundus (Say, 1825)  
                                                       Species Phelister testudo Lewis, 1908  
                                                       Species Phelister thiemei Schmidt, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister tremolerasi Bickhardt, 1920  
                                                       Species Phelister trigonisternus Marseul, 1889  
                                                       Species Phelister tristriatus Hinton, 1935  
                                                       Species Phelister uncistrius Lewis, 1888  
                                                       Species Phelister vernus (Say, 1825)  
                                                       Species Phelister vibius Marseul, 1861  
                                                       Species Phelister weberi Bickhardt, 1917  
                                                       Species Phelister wickhami Casey, 1916  
                                                       Species Phelister williamsi Wenzel and Dybas, 1941  

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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Caterino, Michael S., and Alexey K. Tishechkin  
  Publication Date: 2013   
  Article/Chapter Title: Case 3610 Phelister Marseul, 1853 (Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae): proposed conservation of usage   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, vol. 70, no. 1   
  Page(s): 12-14   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 0007-5167   
  Reference for: Phelister   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Mazur, Slawomir  
  Publication Date: 1997   
  Article/Chapter Title: A world catalogue of the Histeridae (Coleoptera: Histeroidea)   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Genus, International Journal of Invertebrate Taxonomy (Supplement)   
  Page(s): 373   
  Publisher: Polish Taxonomical Society   
  Publication Place: Wroclaw, Poland   
  ISBN/ISSN: 83-902025-8-1   
  Reference for: Phelister   

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