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Panorpa  Linnaeus, 1758
Taxonomic Serial No.: 660881

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2009   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderMecoptera  – scorpion flies, hangingflies, scorpionflies, snowflies  
                                  FamilyPanorpidae  – common scorpionflies  
                                     GenusPanorpa Linnaeus, 1758  
    Direct Children:  
                                        Species Panorpa acicularis Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa aculeata Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa acuminata Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa acuta Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa acutipennis Hua, 1998  
                                        Species Panorpa akasakai Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa alpina Rambur, 1842  
                                        Species Panorpa amamiensis Miyamoto and Makihara, 1984  
                                        Species Panorpa americana Swederus, 1787  
                                        Species Panorpa amurensis MacLachlan, 1872  
                                        Species Panorpa angustistriata Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa annexa MacLachlan, 1869  
                                        Species Panorpa anomala Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa anrenensis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa antiporum Nagler, 1968  
                                        Species Panorpa apiconebulosa Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa apiculata Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa appalachia Byers, 2002  
                                        Species Panorpa approximata Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Panorpa arakavae Miyake, 1913  
                                        Species Panorpa arcuata (Navás, 1912)  
                                        Species Panorpa aspoecki Willmann, 1973  
                                        Species Panorpa attenuata Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa aurea Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa azteca Byers, 1958  
                                        Species Panorpa banksi Hine, 1901  
                                        Species Panorpa banksiana Penny and Byers, 1979  
                                        Species Panorpa baohwashana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa bichai Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa bicornifera Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa bicornuta MacLachlan, 1887  
                                        Species Panorpa bifasciata Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa bifida Carpenter, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa bimacula Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa bistriata Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa bonis Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa braueri Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa brevicornis Hua and Li in Li, Hua, Cai and Huang, 2007  
                                        Species Panorpa brevititilana Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa bunun Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa byersi Hua and Huang in Li, Hua, Cai and Huang, 2007  
                                        Species Panorpa capillata Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa carolinensis Banks, 1905  
                                        Species Panorpa carpenteri Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa caucasica MacLachlan, 1869  
                                        Species Panorpa centralis Tjeder, 1936  
                                        Species Panorpa chengi Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa cheni Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa chiensis Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Panorpa choctaw Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa choui Hua, 1998  
                                        Species Panorpa cladocerca Navás, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa claripennis Hine, 1901  
                                        Species Panorpa clavigera Klapálek, 1902  
                                        Species Panorpa cognata Rambur, 1842  
                                        Species Panorpa communis Linnaeus, 1758  
                                        Species Panorpa concolor Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Panorpa confinis Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa connexa MacLachlan, 1869  
                                        Species Panorpa consuetudinis Snodgrass, 1927  
                                        Species Panorpa contorta Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa conversa Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa coomani Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa coreana Okamoto, 1925  
                                        Species Panorpa cornigera MacLachlan, 1887  
                                        Species Panorpa curva Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Panorpa davidi Navás, 1908  
                                        Species Panorpa debilis Westwood, 1846  
                                        Species Panorpa deceptor Esben-Petersen, 1913  
                                        Species Panorpa decolorata Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa diceras MacLachlan, 1894  
                                        Species Panorpa dichotoma Miyamoto, 1977  
                                        Species Panorpa difficilis Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Panorpa dissimilis Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa dividilacinia Bicha, 2006  
                                        Species Panorpa dubia Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa dubitans Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa emarginata Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa ensigera Bicha, 1983  
                                        Species Panorpa esakii Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa etrusca Willmann, 1976  
                                        Species Panorpa falsa Issiki and Cheng, 1947  
                                        Species Panorpa ferruginea Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa filina Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa flavicorporis Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa flavipennis Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Panorpa flexa Carpenter, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa floridana Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa fructa Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa fukiensis Tjeder, 1951  
                                        Species Panorpa fulvastra Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa fulvicaudaria Miyake, 1913  
                                        Species Panorpa funiushana Hua and Chou, 1997  
                                        Species Panorpa fusca Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa galerita Byers, 1962  
                                        Species Panorpa galloisi Miyake, 1911  
                                        Species Panorpa germanica Linnaeus, 1758  
                                        Species Panorpa gladiata Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa globulifera Miyamoto, 1994  
                                        Species Panorpa gokaensis Miyake, 1910  
                                        Species Panorpa gracilis Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa grahamana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa gressitti Byers, 1970  
                                        Species Panorpa guidongensis Chou and Li in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa guttata Navás, 1908  
                                        Species Panorpa hageniana (Willmann, 1975)  
                                        Species Panorpa hakusanensis Miyake, 1913  
                                        Species Panorpa hamata Issiki and Cheng, 1947  
                                        Species Panorpa helena Byers, 1962  
                                        Species Panorpa hispida Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa hiurai Miyamoto, 1985  
                                        Species Panorpa horiensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa horni Navás, 1928  
                                        Species Panorpa hungerfordi Byers, 1973  
                                        Species Panorpa hybrida MacLachlan, 1882  
                                        Species Panorpa immaculata Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Panorpa implicata Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa indivisa Martynova, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa insigna Bicha, 2006  
                                        Species Panorpa insolens Carpenter, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa insularis Hua and Chou, 1998  
                                        Species Panorpa involuta Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa ishiharai Miyamoto, 1994  
                                        Species Panorpa isolata Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa issikiana Byers, 1970  
                                        Species Panorpa issikii Penny and Byers, 1979  
                                        Species Panorpa japonica (Thunberg, 1784)  
                                        Species Panorpa kagamontana Miyamoto, 1979  
                                        Species Panorpa kamikotiensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa kellogi Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa kimmingensis Fu and Hua, 2009  
                                        Species Panorpa kimminsi Carpenter, 1948  
                                        Species Panorpa kirismaensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa kiusiuensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa klapperichi Tjeder, 1951  
                                        Species Panorpa klugi (MacLachlan, 1867)  
                                        Species Panorpa komaensis Okamoto, 1925  
                                        Species Panorpa kongosana Okamoto, 1925  
                                        Species Panorpa lacedaemonia Lauterbach, 1972  
                                        Species Panorpa lachlani Navás, 1930  
                                        Species Panorpa latipennis Hine, 1901  
                                        Species Panorpa leei Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa leucoptera (Uhler, 1858)  
                                        Species Panorpa lewisi (MacLachlan, 1887)  
                                        Species Panorpa lintienshana Cheng, 1953  
                                        Species Panorpa liui Hua, 1997  
                                        Species Panorpa longicornis Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa longihypovalva Hua and Cai, 2009  
                                        Species Panorpa longiramina Issiki and Cheng, 1947  
                                        Species Panorpa longititilana Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa lugubris (Swederus, 1787)  
                                        Species Panorpa lutea Carpenter, 1945  
                                        Species Panorpa luteola Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa macrostyla Hua, 1998  
                                        Species Panorpa maculosa Hagen, 1861  
                                        Species Panorpa magna Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa malaisei Byers, 1999  
                                        Species Panorpa mangshanensis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa meridionalis Rambur, 1842  
                                        Species Panorpa mexicana Banks, 1913  
                                        Species Panorpa mirabilis Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa mixteca Bicha, 2006  
                                        Species Panorpa miyakeiella Miyamoto, 1985  
                                        Species Panorpa mokansana Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa mucronata Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa multifasciaria Miyake, 1910  
                                        Species Panorpa nanwutaina Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa navasi Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa nebulosa Westwood, 1846  
                                        Species Panorpa neglecta Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa neospinosa Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa nigrirostris (MacLachlan, 1882)  
                                        Species Panorpa nipponensis (Navás, 1908)  
                                        Species Panorpa nokoensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa nudiramus Byers, 2002  
                                        Species Panorpa nuptialis Gerstaecker, 1863  
                                        Species Panorpa obliqua Carpenter, 1945  
                                        Species Panorpa obliquifascia Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa obscura Miyake, 1910  
                                        Species Panorpa obtusa Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa ochraceocauda Issiki, 1927  
                                        Species Panorpa ochraceopennis Miyake, 1910  
                                        Species Panorpa oconee Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa okamotona Issiki, 1927  
                                        Species Panorpa okinawaensis Nakamura, 2009  
                                        Species Panorpa ophtalmica (Navás, 1911)  
                                        Species Panorpa orientalis MacLachlan, 1887  
                                        Species Panorpa pachymera Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa pallidimaculata Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa palustris Byers, 1958  
                                        Species Panorpa pectinata Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa penicillata Byers, 1962  
                                        Species Panorpa peterseana Issiki, 1927  
                                        Species Panorpa picta Hagen, 1863  
                                        Species Panorpa pieli Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa pieperi Willmann, 1975  
                                        Species Panorpa pingjiangensis Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa planicola Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa plitvicensis Lauterbach, 1972  
                                        Species Panorpa pryeri (MacLachlan, 1875)  
                                        Species Panorpa pseduoalpina Nagler, 1970  
                                        Species Panorpa punctata Klug, 1838  
                                        Species Panorpa pura Klapálek, 1906  
                                        Species Panorpa pusilla Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa qinlingensis Chou and Ran in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa quadrifasciata Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa ramosa Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa rantaisanensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa reclusa Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa reni Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa robusta Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa rufa Gray, 1832  
                                        Species Panorpa rufescens Rambur, 1842  
                                        Species Panorpa rufostigma Westwood, 1846  
                                        Species Panorpa rupeculana Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa schweigeri Willmann, 1975  
                                        Species Panorpa scopulifera Byers, 1993  
                                        Species Panorpa semifasciata Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa sentosa Byers, 1997  
                                        Species Panorpa serta Byers, 1996  
                                        Species Panorpa setifera Webb, 1974  
                                        Species Panorpa sexspinosa Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa shanyangensis Chou and Wang in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa shibatai Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa sibirica Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Panorpa sigmoides Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa similis Esben-Petersen, 1915  
                                        Species Panorpa sonani Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa speciosa Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa stigmalis (Navás, 1908)  
                                        Species Panorpa stotzneri Esben-Petersen, 1934  
                                        Species Panorpa striata (Miyake, 1908)  
                                        Species Panorpa subambra Chou and Tong in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa subaurea Chou and Li in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa subfurcata Westwood, 1846  
                                        Species Panorpa submaculosa Carpenter, 1931  
                                        Species Panorpa subulifera Byers, 1962  
                                        Species Panorpa susteri Nagler, 1970  
                                        Species Panorpa taiheisanensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa taiwanensis Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa takenouchii (Miyake, 1908)  
                                        Species Panorpa tatvana Willmann, 1974  
                                        Species Panorpa tecta Byers, 2002  
                                        Species Panorpa terminata Klug, 1838  
                                        Species Panorpa tetrazonia Navás, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa thompsoni Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa thrakica Willmann, 1976  
                                        Species Panorpa titschacki Esben-Petersen, 1934  
                                        Species Panorpa tjederi Carpenter, 1938  
                                        Species Panorpa tokunoshimaensis Nakamura, 2009  
                                        Species Panorpa tribulosa Byers, 2001  
                                        Species Panorpa trifasciata Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa tritaenia Chou and Wang in Chou, Wang, Li and Tong, 1987  
                                        Species Panorpa trizonata (Miyake, 1908)  
                                        Species Panorpa truncata Byers, 1997  
                                        Species Panorpa tsunekatanus Issiki, 1929  
                                        Species Panorpa tsushimaensis Miyamoto, 1979  
                                        Species Panorpa turcica Willmann, 1975  
                                        Species Panorpa typicoides Cheng, 1950  
                                        Species Panorpa umbricola Bicha, 2006  
                                        Species Panorpa venosa Westwood, 1846  
                                        Species Panorpa vernalis Byers, 1973  
                                        Species Panorpa virginica Banks, 1906  
                                        Species Panorpa wangwushana Huang, Hua and Shen, 2004  
                                        Species Panorpa waongkehzengi Navás, 1935  
                                        Species Panorpa wormaldi (MacLachlan, 1875)  
                                        Species Panorpa wrighti Cheng, 1957  
                                        Species Panorpa yangi Chou in Chou, Ran and Wang, 1981  
                                        Species Panorpa yiei Issiki and Cheng, 1947  

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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Penny, Norman D., and George W. Byers  
  Publication Date: 1979   
  Article/Chapter Title: A Check-List of the Mecoptera of the World   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Acta Amazonica, vol. 9, no. 2   
  Page(s): 365-388   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 0044-5967   
  Reference for: Panorpa   

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