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Colletes  Latreille, 1802
Taxonomic Serial No.: 634074

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2004   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guępes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyColletidae  – colletid bees, plasterer bees, yellow-faced bees  
                                                 GenusColletes Latreille, 1802  
    Direct Children:  
                                                    Species Colletes abeillei Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes aberrans Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes abessinicus Friese, 1915  
                                                    Species Colletes abnormis Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes acutiformis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes acutus Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes aestivalis Patton, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes aethiops Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes albescens Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes albicinctus (Moure, 1943)  
                                                    Species Colletes albohirtus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes albomaculatus (Lucas, 1849)  
                                                    Species Colletes alfkeni Noskiewicz, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes alfredjohni Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes algarobiae Cockerell, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes alicularis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes alini Kuhlmann, 2000  
                                                    Species Colletes alocochila Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes americanus Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes anceps Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes anchusae Noskiewicz, 1924  
                                                    Species Colletes andrewsi Cockerell, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes angelicus Cockerell, 1905  
                                                    Species Colletes ankarae Warncke, 1978  
                                                    Species Colletes annae Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes annapurnensis Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes annejohnae Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes annulicornis Morawitz, 1876  
                                                    Species Colletes antecessus Cockerell, 1932  
                                                    Species Colletes antiguensis Cockerell, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes arabicus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes araucariae Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes arenarius Morawitz, 1876  
                                                    Species Colletes aridus Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes arizonensis Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes armeniacus (Friese, 1921)  
                                                    Species Colletes arsenjevi Kuhlmann, 2006  
                                                    Species Colletes arztbergi Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes asiaticus Kuhlmann, 1999  
                                                    Species Colletes askhabadensis Radoszkowski, 1886  
                                                    Species Colletes atacamensis Janvier, 1955  
                                                    Species Colletes atlassus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes atripes Smith, 1854  
                                                    Species Colletes aureocinctus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes azteka Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes azureus Friese, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes babai Hirashima & Tadauchi, 1979  
                                                    Species Colletes banksi Swenk, 1908  
                                                    Species Colletes beamerorum Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes bernadettae Kuhlmann, 2000  
                                                    Species Colletes bhutanicus Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes bicolor Smith, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes bidentulus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes birkmanni Swenk, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes bischoffi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes biskrensis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes bokkeveldi Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes bombiformis Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes bradleyi Mitchell, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes brethesi Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes brevicornis Robertson, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes brevigena Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes brevinodis Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes brimleyi Mitchell, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes brumalis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes bruneri Swenk, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes brunneitarsis Noskiewicz, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes bryanti Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes bulbotibialis Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes bumeliae Neff, 2004  
                                                    Species Colletes bytinskii Noskiewicz, 1955  
                                                    Species Colletes californicus Provancher, 1895  
                                                    Species Colletes canescens Smith, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes capensis Cameron, 1905  
                                                    Species Colletes capitatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes cardiurus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes carinatus Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes cariniger Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes caskanus (Strand, 1919)  
                                                    Species Colletes caspicus Morawitz, 1874  
                                                    Species Colletes cercidii Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes chalybaeus Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes chamaesarachae Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes chengtehensis Yasumatsu, 1935  
                                                    Species Colletes ciliatoides Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes ciliatus Patton, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes cinctellus Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes cinerascens Morawitz, 1894  
                                                    Species Colletes claripes Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes clarus Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes clematidis Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes clypearis Morawitz, 1876  
                                                    Species Colletes clypeatus Mocsáry, 1901  
                                                    Species Colletes clypeonitens Swenk, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes cognatus Spinola, 1851  
                                                    Species Colletes collaris Dours, 1872  
                                                    Species Colletes comatus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes comberi Cockerell, 1911  
                                                    Species Colletes compactus Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes conradti Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes consors Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes constrictus Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes coriandri Pérez, 1895  
                                                    Species Colletes costaricensis Friese, 1916  
                                                    Species Colletes covilleae Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes cretaceus Morawitz, 1876  
                                                    Species Colletes creticus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes cunicularius (Linnaeus, 1761)  
                                                    Species Colletes cyanescens (Haliday, 1836)  
                                                    Species Colletes cyaneus Holmberg, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes cyanonitidus Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes cyprius Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes daleae Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes daourus Warncke, 1978  
                                                    Species Colletes daviesanus Smith, 1846  
                                                    Species Colletes delicatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes delodontus Viereck, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes dentiventris Dours, 1872  
                                                    Species Colletes denudatus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes deserticola Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes desertorum Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes dilatatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes dimidiatus Brullé, 1840  
                                                    Species Colletes dinizi Kuhlmann, Ortiz & Ornosa, 2001  
                                                    Species Colletes diodontus Benoist, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes distinctus Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes dorni Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes dorsalis Morawitz, 1888  
                                                    Species Colletes dubitatus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes dudgeonii Bingham, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes durbanensis Cockerell, 1919  
                                                    Species Colletes dusmeti Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes eardleyi Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes eatoni Morice, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes ebmeri Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes edentulus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes elegans Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes emaceatus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes eous Morice, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes esakii Hirashima, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes escalerai Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes eulophi Robertson, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes eupogonites Moure, 1949  
                                                    Species Colletes everaertae Michener, 1993  
                                                    Species Colletes extensicornis Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes fasciatus Smith, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes fascicularis Cockerell, 1932  
                                                    Species Colletes faurei Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes flaminii Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes flavicornis Morawitz, 1876  
                                                    Species Colletes floralis Eversmann, 1852  
                                                    Species Colletes fodiens (Fourcroy, 1785)  
                                                    Species Colletes formosus Pérez, 1895  
                                                    Species Colletes foveolaris Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes fraterculus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes friesei Cockerell, 1918  
                                                    Species Colletes frontalis Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes fulgidus Swenk, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes fulvicornis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes fulvipes Spinola, 1851  
                                                    Species Colletes furfuraceus Holmberg, 1886  
                                                    Species Colletes fuscicornis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes fusconotus Cockerell, 1919  
                                                    Species Colletes gallicus Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes gandhi Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes genalis Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes gessi Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes gigas Cockerell, 1918  
                                                    Species Colletes gilensis Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes gilvus Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes glaber Warncke, 1978  
                                                    Species Colletes glycyrrhizae Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes gorillarum Cockerell, 1932  
                                                    Species Colletes graeffei Alfken, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes granpiedrensis Genaro, 2001  
                                                    Species Colletes grisellus Michener, 1989  
                                                    Species Colletes griseus (Westwood, 1875)  
                                                    Species Colletes guadalajarensis Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes guichardi Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes gussakowskii Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes gypsicolens Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes hakkari Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes halophilus Verhoeff, 1944  
                                                    Species Colletes harreri Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes haubrugei Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes hederae Schmidt & Westrich, 1993  
                                                    Species Colletes hedini Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes hethiticus Warncke, 1978  
                                                    Species Colletes hicaco Genaro, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes hiekejuniori Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes hiekeseniori Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes himalayensis Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes hirtibasis Cockerell, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes howardi Swenk, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes hyalinus Provancher, 1888  
                                                    Species Colletes hylaeiformis Eversmann, 1852  
                                                    Species Colletes idoneus Cockerell, 1922  
                                                    Species Colletes impunctatus Nylander, 1852  
                                                    Species Colletes inaequalis Say, 1837  
                                                    Species Colletes inconspicuus Kirby, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes indicus Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes inexpectatus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes infracognitus Cockerell, 1937  
                                                    Species Colletes inornatus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes integer Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes intermixtus Swenk, 1905  
                                                    Species Colletes intricatus Smith, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes inuncantipedis Neff, 2004  
                                                    Species Colletes iranicus Noskiewicz, 1962  
                                                    Species Colletes issykkuli Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes isthmicus Swenk, 1930  
                                                    Species Colletes jankowskyi Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes jejunus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes joergenseni Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes judaicus Noskiewicz, 1955  
                                                    Species Colletes kansensis Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes karooensis Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes kaszabi Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes katharinae Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes kerri Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes kincaidii Cockerell, 1898  
                                                    Species Colletes knersvlaktei Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes kozlovi Friese, 1913  
                                                    Species Colletes kudonis Cockerell, 1927  
                                                    Species Colletes lacunatus Dours, 1872  
                                                    Species Colletes laevifrons Morawitz, 1894  
                                                    Species Colletes laevigena Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes langeanus Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes larreae Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes latefasciatus Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes laticaudus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes laticeps Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes laticinctus Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes latipes Friese, 1915  
                                                    Species Colletes latitarsis Robertson, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes lebedewi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes ligatus Erichson, 1855  
                                                    Species Colletes lineatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes linsleyi Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes longiceps Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes longifacies Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes louisae Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes lucasi Pérez, 1895  
                                                    Species Colletes lucens Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes lutzi Timberlake, 1943  
                                                    Species Colletes luzhouensis Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes lycii Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes macconnelli Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes mackieae Cockerell, 1932  
                                                    Species Colletes maidli Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes malleatus Cockerell, 1933  
                                                    Species Colletes malmus (Cameron, 1905)  
                                                    Species Colletes mandibularis Smith, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes marginatus Smith, 1846  
                                                    Species Colletes marleyi Cockerell, 1919  
                                                    Species Colletes maroccanus Warncke, 1978  
                                                    Species Colletes mastochila Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes merceti Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes meridionalis Schrottky, 1902  
                                                    Species Colletes metzi Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes mexicanus Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes meyeri Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes michaelis Cockerell, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes micheneri Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes michenerianus Moure, 1956  
                                                    Species Colletes microdontoides Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes microdontus Cockerell, 1937  
                                                    Species Colletes mimincus Cockerell, 1914  
                                                    Species Colletes minutissimus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes minutus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes missionum Cockerell, 1932  
                                                    Species Colletes mitchelli Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes mixtus Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes mlokossewiczi Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes moctezumensis Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes montacuti Cockerell, 1947  
                                                    Species Colletes montefragus Raw, 1984  
                                                    Species Colletes morawitzi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes moricei Saunders, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes motaguensis Cockerell, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes mourei Kuhlmann, 1999  
                                                    Species Colletes murinus Friese, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes musculus Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes nanaeformis Noskiewicz, 1959  
                                                    Species Colletes nanellus Cockerell, 1944  
                                                    Species Colletes nanus Friese, 1898  
                                                    Species Colletes nasutus Smith, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes nautlanus Cockerell, 1899  
                                                    Species Colletes neoqueenensis Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes nieuwoudtvillei Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes niger Swenk, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes nigricans Gistel, 1857  
                                                    Species Colletes nigrifrons Titus, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes nigritulus Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes nitescens Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes nitidicollis Friese, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes niveatus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes noskiewiczi Cockerell, 1942  
                                                    Species Colletes nudus Robertson, 1898  
                                                    Species Colletes obscurus Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes ochraceus Swenk, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes omanus Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes opacicollis Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes opacus Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes ornatus Schrottky, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes ottomanus Noskiewicz, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes pallescens Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes pallipes Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes panamensis Michener, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes paniscus Viereck, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes parafodiens Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes paratibeticus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes patagonicus Schrottky, 1907  
                                                    Species Colletes patellatus Pérez, 1905  
                                                    Species Colletes pauljohni Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes penulatus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes perezi Morice, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes perforator Smith, 1869  
                                                    Species Colletes perileucus Cockerell, 1924  
                                                    Species Colletes perplexus Smith, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes persicus Warncke, 1979  
                                                    Species Colletes peruvicus Cockerell, 1913  
                                                    Species Colletes petalostemonis Swenk, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes petropolitanus Dalla Torre, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes phaceliae Cockerell, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes phenax Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes pinnatus Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes platycnema Snelling, 1975  
                                                    Species Colletes plebeius Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes plumulosus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes pollinarius Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes popovi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes productus Robertson, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes prosopidis Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes pseudocinerascens Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes pseudojejunus Noskiewicz, 1959  
                                                    Species Colletes pseudolaevigena Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes pulchellus Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes pumilus Morice, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes punctatus Mocsáry, 1877  
                                                    Species Colletes punctipennis Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes quadrigenis Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes radoszkowskii Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes ravulus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes recurvatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes reginae Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes reinigi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes restingensis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes reticulatus (Cameron, 1897)  
                                                    Species Colletes rhodaspis Cockerell, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes robertsonii Dalla Torre, 1896  
                                                    Species Colletes roborovskyi Friese, 1913  
                                                    Species Colletes rohweri Cockerell, 1919  
                                                    Species Colletes rothschildi Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes rozeni Kuhlmann, 2005  
                                                    Species Colletes rubellus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes rubicola Benoist, 1942  
                                                    Species Colletes rubripes Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes rubrovittatus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes rudis Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes ruficollis Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes rufipes Smith, 1879  
                                                    Species Colletes rufitarsis Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes rufocinctus Cockerell, 1929  
                                                    Species Colletes rufosignatus Cockerell, 1918  
                                                    Species Colletes rufotibialis Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes rugicollis Friese, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes rutilans Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes salicicola Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes salsolae Cockerell, 1934  
                                                    Species Colletes sanctus Cockerell, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes saritensis Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes schmidi Noskiewicz, 1962  
                                                    Species Colletes schrottkyi Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes schultzei Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes schwarzi Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes scopiventer Swenk, 1908  
                                                    Species Colletes seitzi Alfken, 1900  
                                                    Species Colletes sellatus Morawitz, 1894  
                                                    Species Colletes seminitens Cockerell, 1919  
                                                    Species Colletes seminitidus Spinola, 1851  
                                                    Species Colletes senilis (Eversmann, 1852)  
                                                    Species Colletes sichuanensis Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes sidemii Radoszkowski, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes sierrensis Frey-Gessner, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes similis Schenck, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes simulans Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes simus Pérez, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes skinneri Viereck, 1903  
                                                    Species Colletes skorikowi Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes slevini Cockerell, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes sodalis (Cameron, 1897)  
                                                    Species Colletes solidaginis Swenk, 1906  
                                                    Species Colletes solitarius Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes somereni Cockerell, 1947  
                                                    Species Colletes sordescens Cockerell, 1933  
                                                    Species Colletes sororcula Cockerell, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes speculiferus Cockerell, 1927  
                                                    Species Colletes sphaeralceae Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes spilopterus Cockerell, 1917  
                                                    Species Colletes squamosus Morawitz, 1878  
                                                    Species Colletes squamulosus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes stachi Noskiewicz, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes standfussi Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes steinbachi Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes stellatus Cockerell, 1946  
                                                    Species Colletes stepheni Timberlake, 1958  
                                                    Species Colletes striginasis Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes subdilatatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes submarginatus Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Colletes subnitens Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes succinctus (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                                    Species Colletes sulcatus Vachal, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes susannae Swenk, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes swenki Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes tadschikus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes taiwanensis Dubitzki & Kuhlmann, 2004  
                                                    Species Colletes tardus Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes tectiventris Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes testaceipes Friese, 1909  
                                                    Species Colletes texanus Cresson, 1872  
                                                    Species Colletes thoracicus Smith, 1853  
                                                    Species Colletes thysanellae Mitchell, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes tibeticus Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes timberlakei Stephen, 1954  
                                                    Species Colletes tinctulus Cockerell, 1937  
                                                    Species Colletes tingoensis Cockerell, 1926  
                                                    Species Colletes titusensis Mitchell, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes tomentosus Friese, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes transitorius Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes trigonatus Cockerell, 1933  
                                                    Species Colletes tuberculatus Morawitz, 1894  
                                                    Species Colletes tuberculiger Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes tulbaghensis Kuhlmann, 1998  
                                                    Species Colletes turgiventris Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes ulrikae Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes uralensis Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes utilis Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes vachali Jörgensen, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes validus Cresson, 1868  
                                                    Species Colletes vandykei Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes virgatus Vachal, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes volsellatus Metz, 1910  
                                                    Species Colletes wacki Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes wahisi Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes wahrmani Noskiewicz, 1959  
                                                    Species Colletes warnckei Kuhlmann, 2002  
                                                    Species Colletes watmoughi Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes weiski Friese, 1912  
                                                    Species Colletes westghats Kuhlmann, 2003  
                                                    Species Colletes wickhami Timberlake, 1943  
                                                    Species Colletes willistoni Robertson, 1891  
                                                    Species Colletes wilmattae Cockerell, 1904  
                                                    Species Colletes wolfi Kuhlmann, 1999  
                                                    Species Colletes wollmanni Noskiewicz, 1936  
                                                    Species Colletes wootoni Cockerell, 1897  
                                                    Species Colletes xerophilus Timberlake, 1951  
                                                    Species Colletes xuechengensis Kuhlmann, 2007  
                                                    Species Colletes yemensis Noskiewicz, 1929  
                                                    Species Colletes zuluensis Friese, 1925  
                                                    Species Colletes zygophyllum Kuhlmann, 2007  

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