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Bembix  Fabricius, 1775
Taxonomic Serial No.: 154334

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Bembyx Fabricius, 1775
    Bembex Fabricius, 1777
    Apobembex Pate, 1937
    Epibembex Pate, 1937
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2016   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guêpes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyCrabronidae Latreille, 1802 – crabronid wasps, cicadakillers, sand wasps, mud daubers  
                                              SubfamilyBembicinae Latreille, 1802 – sand wasps  
                                                 TribeBembicini Latreille, 1802  
                                                    SubtribeBembicina Latreille, 1802  
                                                       GenusBembix Fabricius, 1775  
    Direct Children:  
                                                          Species Bembix abercornensis Arnold, 1960  
                                                          Species Bembix abragensis Priesner, 1958  
                                                          Species Bembix admirabilis Radoszkowski, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix affinis Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                          Species Bembix afra Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix agrestis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix alacris J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix albata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix albicapilla Arnold, 1946  
                                                          Species Bembix albidula R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix albofasciata F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix alfierii Priesner, 1958  
                                                          Species Bembix allunga Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix americana Fabricius, 1793  
                                                          Species Bembix amoena Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix anomalipes Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix antoni Krombein and van der Vecht, 1987  
                                                          Species Bembix arenaria Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix arlettae de Beaumont, 1970  
                                                          Species Bembix arnoldi Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix atrifrons F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix atrospinosa R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix aureofasciata R. Turner, 1910  
                                                          Species Bembix barbara Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix baringa Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix bataviana Strand, 1910  
                                                          Species Bembix baumanni Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix bazilanensis Yasumatsu, 1933  
                                                          Species Bembix belfragei Cresson, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix bellatrix J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix bequaerti Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix berontha Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix bicolor Radoszkowski, 1877  
                                                          Species Bembix bidentata Vander Linden, 1829  
                                                          Species Bembix boaliri Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix boharti Griswold, 1983  
                                                          Species Bembix boonamin Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix borneana Cameron, 1901  
                                                          Species Bembix borrei Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix brachyptera Arnold, 1952  
                                                          Species Bembix braunsii Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix brullei Guérin-Méneville, 1831  
                                                          Species Bembix brunneri Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix bubalus Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix budha Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix buettikeri Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix bulloni Giner Marí, 1945  
                                                          Species Bembix buntor Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix burando Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix burraburra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix cameroni Rohwer, 1912  
                                                          Species Bembix cameronis Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix canescens (Gmelin, 1790)  
                                                          Species Bembix capensis Lepeletier, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix capicola Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix carinata F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix carripan Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix chlorotica Spinola, 1839  
                                                          Species Bembix chopardi Berland, 1950  
                                                          Species Bembix ciliciensis de Beaumont, 1967  
                                                          Species Bembix cinctella Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix cinerea Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix citripes Taschenberg, 1870  
                                                          Species Bembix clypealis Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix comantis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix compedita R. Turner, 1913  
                                                          Species Bembix cooba Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix coonundura Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix cultrifera Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix cursitans Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix dahlbomii Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix denticauda Arnold, 1946  
                                                          Species Bembix dentilabris Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix dilatata Radoszkowski, 1877  
                                                          Species Bembix diversidens Arnold, 1946  
                                                          Species Bembix diversipennis F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix diversipes F. Morawitz, 1889  
                                                          Species Bembix eburnea Radoszkowski, 1877  
                                                          Species Bembix egens Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix eleebana Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix eucla Evans, 1990  
                                                          Species Bembix fantiorum Arnold, 1951  
                                                          Species Bembix filipina Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix finschii Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix fischeri Spinola, 1839  
                                                          Species Bembix fischeroides Magretti, 1892  
                                                          Species Bembix flavescens F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix flavicincta Turner, 1912  
                                                          Species Bembix flavifrons F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix flavipes F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix flaviventris F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix forcipata Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix formosana Bischoff, 1913  
                                                          Species Bembix fossoria F. Smith, 1878  
                                                          Species Bembix fraudulenta Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix freygessneri Morice, 1897  
                                                          Species Bembix frommeri R. Bohart, 1970  
                                                          Species Bembix frontalis Olivier, 1789  
                                                          Species Bembix fucosa J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix fumida J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix furcata Erichson, 1842  
                                                          Species Bembix fuscipennis Lepeletier, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix galactina Dufour, 1854  
                                                          Species Bembix gazella Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix gelane Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix geneana A. Costa, 1867  
                                                          Species Bembix generosa J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix gillaspyi Evans and Matthews, 1968  
                                                          Species Bembix ginjulla Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix glauca Fabricius, 1787  
                                                          Species Bembix goyarra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix gracilens J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix grisescens Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix gunamarra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix gurindji Evans, 1982  
                                                          Species Bembix hameri Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix handlirschi Cameron, 1901  
                                                          Species Bembix harenarum Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix hauseri Schmid-Egger, 2011  
                                                          Species Bembix hedickei Giner Marí, 1945  
                                                          Species Bembix hesione Bingham, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix heteracantha Gussakovskij, 1933  
                                                          Species Bembix hexaspila J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix hinei J. Parker, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix hofufensis Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix hokarra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix holoni Bytinski-Salz, 1955  
                                                          Species Bembix hova de Saussure, 1892  
                                                          Species Bembix incognita J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix infumata Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix inscripta Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                          Species Bembix integra Panzer, 1801  
                                                          Species Bembix inyoensis L. Kimsey and R. Kimsey, 1981  
                                                          Species Bembix irritata Nurse, 1903  
                                                          Species Bembix isabellae de Beaumont, 1970  
                                                          Species Bembix joeli Bytinski-Salz, 1955  
                                                          Species Bembix johnstoni R. Turner, 1912  
                                                          Species Bembix kamulla Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix karooensis Gess, 1986  
                                                          Species Bembix kohlii Morice, 1897  
                                                          Species Bembix kora Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix kriechbaumeri Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix kununurra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix labiata Fabricius, 1798  
                                                          Species Bembix labidura Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix lactea Cameron, 1901  
                                                          Species Bembix laeta J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix lamellata Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix latebrosa Kohl, 1909  
                                                          Species Bembix latifasciata R. Turner, 1912  
                                                          Species Bembix latigenata Willink, 1947  
                                                          Species Bembix latitarsis Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix leeuwinensis R. Turner, 1915  
                                                          Species Bembix levis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix liberiensis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix lineatifrons Cameron, 1908  
                                                          Species Bembix littoralis R. Turner, 1908  
                                                          Species Bembix liturata R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix liventis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix lobatifrons R. Turner, 1913  
                                                          Species Bembix lobimana Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix longipennis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix loorea Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix loupata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix lunata Fabricius, 1793  
                                                          Species Bembix lusca Spinola, 1839  
                                                          Species Bembix lutescens Radoszkowski, 1877  
                                                          Species Bembix luzonensis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix madecassa de Saussure, 1890  
                                                          Species Bembix magarra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix magdalenae C. Fox, 1926  
                                                          Species Bembix maidli von Schulthess, 1927  
                                                          Species Bembix maldivensis Cameron, 1901  
                                                          Species Bembix maliki Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix mareeba Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix marhra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix marsupiata Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix massaica Cameron, 1908  
                                                          Species Bembix megadonta Cameron, 1904  
                                                          Species Bembix megerlei Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix melanaspis J. Parker, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix melancholica F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix melanopa Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix merceti J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix mianga Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix mildei Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix mima Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix mindanaonis Tsuneki, 1992  
                                                          Species Bembix minya Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix modesta Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix moebii Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix mokari Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix moma Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix monedula Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix moonga Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix multipicta F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix mundurra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix munta Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix musca Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix namibensis Gess, 1986  
                                                          Species Bembix nigrispina Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix nigropectinata R. Turner, 1936  
                                                          Species Bembix nilotica Priesner, 1958  
                                                          Species Bembix niponica F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix notabilis Arnold, 1952  
                                                          Species Bembix nubilipennis Cresson, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix nupera J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix obiri Evans, 1982  
                                                          Species Bembix obtusa R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix occidentalis W. Fox, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix ochracea Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix octosetosa Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix oculata Panzer, 1801  
                                                          Species Bembix odontopyga R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix olba Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix olivacea Fabricius, 1787  
                                                          Species Bembix olivata Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix omanensis Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix oomborra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix opinabilis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix orientalis Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix ornatilabiata Cameron, 1908  
                                                          Species Bembix ourapilla Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix ovans Bingham, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix palaestinensis Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix pallescens Priesner, 1958  
                                                          Species Bembix pallida Radoszkowski, 1877  
                                                          Species Bembix pallidipicta F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix palmata F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix palona Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix papua Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix parkeri Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix pectinipes Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix persa von Schulthess, 1927  
                                                          Species Bembix persimilis R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix physopoda Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix pikati Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix pillara Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix pinguis Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix piraporae J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix placida F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix planifrons F. Morawitz, 1891  
                                                          Species Bembix portchinskii Radoszkowski, 1884  
                                                          Species Bembix priesneri de Beaumont, 1966  
                                                          Species Bembix promontorii Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix pugillatrix Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix pulka Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix quadrimaculata Taschenberg, 1870  
                                                          Species Bembix quinquespinosa J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix radoszkowskyi Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix rava Arnold, 1952  
                                                          Species Bembix recurva J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix refuscata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix regia J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix regnata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix relegata R. Turner, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix residua J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix robusta Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix rochei Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix rostrata (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                                          Species Bembix rufiventris Priesner, 1958  
                                                          Species Bembix rugosa J. Parker, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix saadensis Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix salina Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix saudi Guichard, 1989  
                                                          Species Bembix sayi Cresson, 1865  
                                                          Species Bembix scaura Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix scotti R. Turner, 1912  
                                                          Species Bembix seculata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix semoni Cameron, 1905  
                                                          Species Bembix severa F. Smith, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix sibilans Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix silvestrii Maidl, 1914  
                                                          Species Bembix sinuata Panzer, 1804  
                                                          Species Bembix smithii Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix spatulata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix spiritalis J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix splendida Arnold, 1951  
                                                          Species Bembix stadelmanni Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix stenobdoma J. Parker, 1917  
                                                          Species Bembix sulphurescens Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                          Species Bembix tadzhika Kazenas, 1980  
                                                          Species Bembix taiwana Bischoff, 1913  
                                                          Species Bembix tangadee Evans, 1990  
                                                          Species Bembix tarsata Latreille, 1809  
                                                          Species Bembix taschenbergi Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix tenuifasciata J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix texana Cresson, 1873  
                                                          Species Bembix thooma Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix tibooburra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix torosa J. Parker, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix tranquebarica (Gmelin, 1790)  
                                                          Species Bembix transcaspica Radoszkowski, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix trepida Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix triangulifera Arnold, 1944  
                                                          Species Bembix tricolor Dahlbom, 1844  
                                                          Species Bembix troglodytes Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix truncata Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix tuberculiventris R. Turner, 1908  
                                                          Species Bembix turca Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                          Species Bembix ugandensis R. Turner, 1913  
                                                          Species Bembix uloola Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix ulula Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix undeneya Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix undulata Spinola, 1839  
                                                          Species Bembix usheri Arnold, 1960  
                                                          Species Bembix variabilis F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix vasta Lohrmann, 1942  
                                                          Species Bembix velox Handlirsch, 1893  
                                                          Species Bembix venusta Arnold, 1929  
                                                          Species Bembix versuta Arnold, 1946  
                                                          Species Bembix vespiformis F. Smith, 1856  
                                                          Species Bembix wadamiri Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wagleri Gistel, 1857  
                                                          Species Bembix wangoola Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wanna Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix warawara Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix weema Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix westermanni Spinola, 1839  
                                                          Species Bembix westonii Bingham, 1894  
                                                          Species Bembix wilcannia Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wiluna Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wollowra Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wolpa Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix wowine Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix yalta Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix yunkara Evans and Matthews, 1973  
                                                          Species Bembix zarudnyi Gussakovskij, 1933  
                                                          Species Bembix zinni Gess, 1986  
                                                          Species Bembix zonata Klug, 1835  

  Expert: Wojciech J. Pulawski  
  Notes: Curator of Entomology, Emeritus. California Academy of Sciences. Golden Gate Park, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, California, 94118, USA   
  Reference for: Bembix    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Catalog of Sphecidae (s.l.); Catalog of Genera and Species, 2016, website (version various)  
  Acquired: 2016   
  Notes: Pulawski, Wojciech J. 2016. Catalog of Sphecidae sensu lato: Catalog of Genera and Species.   
  Reference for: Bembix   
  Source: Catalog of Sphecidae (s.l.); Family-Group Names / Classification, website (version 2016)  
  Acquired: 2016   
  Notes: Pulawski, Wojciech J. 2016. Catalog of Sphecidae sensu lato: Family Group Names and Classification.   
  Reference for: Bembix   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Bembix   
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  Publication Place:    
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