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Taxonomic Serial No.: 136123

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: unverified  
  Global Species Completeness: unknown   
  Latest Record Review: unknown   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrˇpode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailÚs, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderBrachycera  – circular-seamed flies, muscoid flies, short-horned flies, mouches musco´des  
                                        FamilyEmpididae  – balloon flies, dance flies  
    Direct Children:  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia adversa Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia agasciles Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia albata Coquillett, 1902  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia albopilosa Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ambocnema Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia americana Wiedemann, 1830  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia amplicella Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia amplipedis Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia angustipennis Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia anthracodes Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia aperta Loew  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia arctotibia Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia arcuata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia atrata Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia barypoda Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia basalis Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia bifilata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia bigelowi Walley, 1927  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia birdi Curran, 1929  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia borealis (Fabricius, 1780)  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia brevis Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia californica Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia calvimontis Cockerell, 1916  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia candicans Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ciliata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia cilipes (Say, 1823)  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia cinefacta Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia cineracea Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia clauda Coquillett, 1901  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia clavator Coquillett, 1901  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia clavigera Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia colorata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia compta Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia conjuncta Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia cophas Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia currani Steyskal, 1964  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia curvipes Coquillett, 1904  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia dana Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia daria Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia dasypoda Steyskal, 1964  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia debilis Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia dimidiata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia disconcerta Curran, 1930  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia disparilis Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia diversa Coquillett, 1901  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia duplicis Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ecetra Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia effera Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia erinacioides Malloch, 1919  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia exigua Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia falcipedia Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia filicauda Henriksen and Lundbeck, 1917  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia fimbriata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia flavirostris Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia flexuosa Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia formosula Melander, 1965  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia frontalis Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia fumosa Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia gilvipes Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia gilvipilosa Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia glabra Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia glauca Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia herschelli Malloch, 1919  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia hirticula Collin, 1937  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia hirtipes Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia hirtula Zetterstedt, 1842  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia hoeli Frey, 1950  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia hovgaardii Holmgren, 1880  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia impedita Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia incompleta Loew, 1863  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia insecta Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia intonsa Steyskal, 1964  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia jubata Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia laevigata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia leucoptera Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia limata Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia limbata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia longicauda Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia longicornis Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia longipennis Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia loripedis Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia luctifera Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia luctuosa Loew, 1872  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia luteiventer Curran, 1929  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia luteiventris Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia macilenta Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia mallos Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia manca Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia minytus Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia mutabilis Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia nana Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia nasoni Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia nigricans Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia nigrita Zetterstedt, 1838  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia nitidivittata Macquart, 1846  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia novecarolina Beutenmuller, 1913  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia opacithorax Malloch, 1923  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia otiosa Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia pachymera Bigot, 1887  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia parva Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia pectinata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia pectoris Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia phemius Walker, 1849  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia piligeronis Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia polita Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia prava Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia priapulus Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia pulla Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia pusio Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia quinquelineata (Say, 1823)  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia rava Loew, 1962  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ravida Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia rufirostris Say, 1829  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia scaurissima Wheeler, 1896  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia scolopacea (Say, 1823)  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia scutellaris Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia sellata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia setosa Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia similata Malloch, 1919  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia soccata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia sociabilis (Williston, 1893)  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia soleata Melander, 1965  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia sordida Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia stylata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia sudigeronis Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia tersa Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia testacea Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia tristis Walker, 1857  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia umbilicata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia umbrosa Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ungulata Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia unimaculata Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia ursinella Melander, 1927  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia valga Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia vara Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia versicolor Chillcott, 1959  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia villipes Coquillett, 1900  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia virgata Coquillett, 1895  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia vittata Loew, 1862  
                                                 Species Rhamphomyia weedii Coquillett  

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  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Rhamphomyia   
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