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Eupithecia  Curtis, 1825
Taxonomic Serial No.: 117571

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2014   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderLepidoptera  – butterflies, moths, papillons, papillons de nuit, Borboleta, Mariposa  
                                     FamilyGeometridae  – cankerworms, geometers, measuringworms, arpenteuses, chenilles arpenteuses, chenilles géométrales, géomètres  
                                        SubfamilyLarentiinae Duponchel, 1845  
                                           TribeEupitheciini Tutt, 1896  
                                              GenusEupithecia Curtis, 1825  
    Direct Children:  
                                                 Species Eupithecia absinthiata (Clerck, 1759)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia acutipennis (Hulst, 1898)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia adequata Pearsall, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia affinata Pearsall, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia agnesata Taylor, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia albicapitata Packard, 1876  
                                                 Species Eupithecia albigrisata Pearsall, 1909  
                                                 Species Eupithecia albimontanata McDunnough, 1940  
                                                 Species Eupithecia alpinata Cassino, 1927  
                                                 Species Eupithecia ammonata McDunnough, 1929  
                                                 Species Eupithecia annulata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia anticaria Walker, 1862  
                                                 Species Eupithecia appendiculata McDunnough, 1945  
                                                 Species Eupithecia assimilata Doubleday, 1856  
                                                 Species Eupithecia behrensata Packard, 1876  
                                                 Species Eupithecia biedermanata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia bivittata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia bolterii (Hulst, 1900)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia borealis (Hulst, 1898)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia bowmani Cassino and Swett, 1923  
                                                 Species Eupithecia broui Rindge, 1985  
                                                 Species Eupithecia bryanti Taylor, 1906  
                                                 Species Eupithecia carneata McDunnough, 1945  
                                                 Species Eupithecia casloata (Dyar, 1904)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia castellata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia catalinata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cazieri Kirkwood, 1961  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cestata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cestatoides McDunnough, 1949  
                                                 Species Eupithecia chiricahuata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia chlorofasciata Dietze, 1872  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cimicifugata Pearsall, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia classicata Pearsall, 1909  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cocoata Pearsall, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cognizata Pearsall, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia coloradensis (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia columbiata (Dyar, 1904)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia craterias (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cretaceata (Packard, 1874)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cretata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia cupressata Pearsall, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia dichroma McDunnough, 1946  
                                                 Species Eupithecia dryinombra (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia edna (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia exudata Pearsall, 1909  
                                                 Species Eupithecia flavigutta (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia fletcherata Taylor, 1907  
                                                 Species Eupithecia fredericki A. Blanchard and Knudson, 1985  
                                                 Species Eupithecia gelidata Möschler, 1860  
                                                 Species Eupithecia gilata Cassino, 1925  
                                                 Species Eupithecia gilvipennata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia graefii (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia harrisonata MacKay, 1951  
                                                 Species Eupithecia helena Taylor, 1906  
                                                 Species Eupithecia herefordaria Cassino and Swett, 1923  
                                                 Species Eupithecia hohokamae Rindge, 1963  
                                                 Species Eupithecia huachuca Grossbeck, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia implorata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia indistincta Taylor, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia insolabilis (Hulst, 1900)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia interruptofasciata Packard, 1873 – Juniper Pug, Juniper Looper Moth 
                                                 Species Eupithecia intricata (Zetterstedt, 1839)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia jamesi Ferris and Mironov, 2006  
                                                 Species Eupithecia jejunata McDunnough, 1949  
                                                 Species Eupithecia joanata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia johnstoni McDunnough, 1945  
                                                 Species Eupithecia karenae Leuschner, 1966  
                                                 Species Eupithecia lachrymosa (Hulst, 1900)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia lafontaineata Bolte, 1990  
                                                 Species Eupithecia lariciata (Freyer, 1841) – Larch Pug Moth 
                                                 Species Eupithecia litoris McDunnough, 1945  
                                                 Species Eupithecia longidens (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia longipalpata Packard, 1876  
                                                 Species Eupithecia macdunnoughi Rindge, 1952  
                                                 Species Eupithecia macfarlandi Ferris, 2007  
                                                 Species Eupithecia macrocarpata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia maestosa (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia matheri Rindge, 1985  
                                                 Species Eupithecia miserulata Grote, 1863 – Common Eupithecia 
                                                 Species Eupithecia misturata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia monacheata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia monticolens Butler, 1881  
                                                 Species Eupithecia multiscripta (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia multistrigata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia mutata Pearsall, 1908 – cloaked pug, arpenteuse (petite) des cônes, spruce cone looper 
                                                 Species Eupithecia mystiata Cassino, 1925  
                                                 Species Eupithecia nabokovi McDunnough, 1946  
                                                 Species Eupithecia neomexicana McDunnough, 1945  
                                                 Species Eupithecia nevadata Packard, 1871  
                                                 Species Eupithecia nimbicolor (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia nimbosa (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia niphadophilata (Dyar, 1904)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia niphoreas (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia niveifascia (Hulst, 1898)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia nonanticaria Ferris, 2007  
                                                 Species Eupithecia olivacea Taylor, 1906  
                                                 Species Eupithecia orichloris (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia ornata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia owenata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia palmata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia palpata Packard, 1873 – arpenteuse (petite) du pin, small pine looper 
                                                 Species Eupithecia peckorum Heitzman and Enns, 1977  
                                                 Species Eupithecia penablanca Ferris, 2007  
                                                 Species Eupithecia perfusca (Hulst, 1898)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia persimulata McDunnough, 1938  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pertusata McDunnough, 1938  
                                                 Species Eupithecia phaeocausta (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia phyllisae Rindge, 1963  
                                                 Species Eupithecia piccata Pearsall, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pinata Cassino, 1925  
                                                 Species Eupithecia placidata Taylor, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia plumasata McDunnough, 1946  
                                                 Species Eupithecia prasinombra (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pretansata Grossbeck, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia prostrata McDunnough, 1938  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pseudotsugata MacKay, 1951  
                                                 Species Eupithecia purpurissata Grossbeck, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pusillata ([Denis and Schiffermüller], 1775)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia pygmaeata (Hübner, 1799)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia quakerata Pearsall, 1909  
                                                 Species Eupithecia ravocostaliata Packard, 1876 – Tawny Eupithecia, Great Varigated Pug 
                                                 Species Eupithecia redingtonia McDunnough, 1949  
                                                 Species Eupithecia regina Taylor, 1906  
                                                 Species Eupithecia rhodopyra (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia rindgei McDunnough, 1949  
                                                 Species Eupithecia rotundopuncta Packard, 1871  
                                                 Species Eupithecia russeliata Swett, 1908  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sabulosata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia satyrata (Hübner, 1813)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia scabrogata Pearsall, 1912  
                                                 Species Eupithecia scoriodes (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia segregata Pearsall, 1910  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sewardata Bolte, 1977  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sharronata Bolte, 1990  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sheppardata McDunnough, 1938  
                                                 Species Eupithecia shirleyata Cassino and Swett, 1922  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sierrae (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sinuata McDunnough, 1946  
                                                 Species Eupithecia slossonata McDunnough, 1949  
                                                 Species Eupithecia sonora Ferris and Opler, 2008  
                                                 Species Eupithecia spermaphaga (Dyar, 1917) – fir cone looper 
                                                 Species Eupithecia sperryi McDunnough, 1939  
                                                 Species Eupithecia staurophragma (Meyrick, 1899)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia stellata (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia strattonata Packard, 1873  
                                                 Species Eupithecia stypheliae (Swezey, 1948)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia subapicata Guenée in Boisduval and Guenée, 1858  
                                                 Species Eupithecia subcolorata (Hulst, 1898)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia subfuscata (Haworth, 1809) – gray pug 
                                                 Species Eupithecia subvirens Dietze, 1875  
                                                 Species Eupithecia swettii Grossbeck, 1907  
                                                 Species Eupithecia tenuata Hulst, 1880  
                                                 Species Eupithecia terrestrata McDunnough, 1944  
                                                 Species Eupithecia transcanadata MacKay, 1951 – arpenteuse (petite) des conifères, small conifer looper 
                                                 Species Eupithecia tricolorata Cassino, 1927  
                                                 Species Eupithecia tripunctaria Herrich-Schäffer, 1852 – whitespotted pug 
                                                 Species Eupithecia uinta Rindge, 1956  
                                                 Species Eupithecia undata Freyer, 1840  
                                                 Species Eupithecia unicolor (Hulst, 1896)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia vicksburgi Rindge, 1985  
                                                 Species Eupithecia vitreotata Cassino, 1927  
                                                 Species Eupithecia woodgatata (Cassino and Swett, 1923)  
                                                 Species Eupithecia zelmira Swett and Cassino, 1920  
                                                 Species Eupithecia zygadeniata Packard, 1876  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Eupithecia   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Nishida, Gordon M., ed.  
  Publication Date: 2002   
  Article/Chapter Title: Hawaiian Terrestrial Arthropod Checklist, 4th ed.   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Bishop Museum Technical Report no. 22   
  Page(s): iv + 313   
  Publisher: Hawaii Biological Survey, Bishop Museum   
  Publication Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 1085-455X   
  Notes: Contribution No. 2002-005 to the Hawaii Biological Survey   
  Reference for: Eupithecia   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Scoble, Malcolm J., ed.  
  Publication Date: 1999   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Geometrid moths of the world: a catalogue (Lepidoptera, Geometridae)   
  Page(s): 1016   
  Publisher: CSIRO Publishing   
  Publication Place: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0643063048   
  Notes: 2 volumes   
  Reference for: Eupithecia   

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