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Aedes (Ochlerotatus)  Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891
Taxonomic Serial No.: 1150689

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Subgenus  
  Synonym(s): Ochlerotatus Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891
    Ochlerotatus (Gilesia) Theobald, 1903
    Ochlerotatus (Protoculex) Felt, 1904
    Ochlerotatus (Ochlerotatus) Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891
    Ochlerotatus (Chrysoconops) Goeldi, 1905
    Ochlerotatus (Juppius) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Ochlerotatus (Pholeomyia) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2008
    Ochlerotatus (Culicada) Felt, 1904
    Ochlerotatus (Woodius) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Ochlerotatus (Buvirilia) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2008
    Ochlerotatus (Culicelsa) Felt, 1904
    Ochlerotatus (Lepidokeneon) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Ochlerotatus (Empihals) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2008
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderNematocera  – long-horned flies  
                                        FamilyCulicidae Meigen, 1818 – mosquitoes, maringouins, moustiques  
                                           SubfamilyCulicinae Meigen, 1818  
                                              TribeAedini Neveu-Lemaire, 1902  
                                                 GenusAedes Meigen, 1818 – Pointy Mosquito  
                                                    SubgenusAedes (Ochlerotatus) Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Aedes aboriginis Dyar, 1917 – northwest coast mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes abserratus (Felt and Young, 1904)  
                                                       Species Aedes aculeatus (Theobald, 1903)  
                                                       Species Aedes aenigmaticus Cerqueira and Costa, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes akkeshiensis Tanaka, 1998  
                                                       Species Aedes albifasciatus (Macquart, 1838)  
                                                       Species Aedes albineus Séguy, 1923  
                                                       Species Aedes aloponotum Dyar, 1917  
                                                       Species Aedes amateuri Ortega and Zavortink in Ortega-Morales et al., 2019  
                                                       Species Aedes ambreensis Rodhain and Boutonnier, 1983  
                                                       Species Aedes andersoni Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes angustivittatus Dyar and Knab, 1907  
                                                       Species Aedes annulipes (Meigen, 1830)  
                                                       Species Aedes antipodeus (Edwards, 1920)  
                                                       Species Aedes arundinariae Kasper, 2020  
                                                       Species Aedes atactavittatus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes atlanticus Dyar and Knab, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes auratus Grabham, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes aurifer (Coquillett, 1903)  
                                                       Species Aedes behningi Martini, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes bejaranoi Martínez, Carcavallo and Prosen, 1960  
                                                       Species Aedes berlandi Séguy, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes bimaculatus (Coquillett, 1902)  
                                                       Species Aedes biskraensis Brunhes, 1999  
                                                       Species Aedes bogotanus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes breedensis Muspratt, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes burjaticus (Kuchartshuk, 1973)  
                                                       Species Aedes burpengaryensis (Theobald, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes caballus (Theobald, 1912)  
                                                       Species Aedes cacozelus Marks, 1963  
                                                       Species Aedes calcariae Marks, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes calumnior Belkin, Heinemann and Page, 1970  
                                                       Species Aedes campestris Dyar and Knab, 1907  
                                                       Species Aedes camptorhynchus (Thomson, 1869)  
                                                       Species Aedes canadensis (Theobald, 1901) – woodland pool mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes cantans (Meigen, 1818)  
                                                       Species Aedes cantator (Coquillett, 1903) – brown saltmarsh mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes caspius (Pallas, 1771)  
                                                       Species Aedes cataphylla Dyar, 1916  
                                                       Species Aedes chelli (Edwards, 1915)  
                                                       Species Aedes churchillensis Ellis and Burst, 1973  
                                                       Species Aedes clelandi (Taylor, 1914)  
                                                       Species Aedes clivis Lanzaro and Eldridge, 1992  
                                                       Species Aedes coluzzii Rioux, Guilvard and Pasteur, 1998  
                                                       Species Aedes comitatus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes communis (de Geer, 1776)  
                                                       Species Aedes condolescens Dyar and Knab, 1907  
                                                       Species Aedes continentalis Dobrotworsky, 1960  
                                                       Species Aedes crinifer (Theobald, 1903)  
                                                       Species Aedes cunabulanus Edwards, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes cyprioides Danilov and Stupin, 1982  
                                                       Species Aedes cyprius Ludlow, 1920  
                                                       Species Aedes dahlae (Nielsen, 2009)  
                                                       Species Aedes decticus Howard, Dyar and Knab, 1917  
                                                       Species Aedes deficiens Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes detritus Haliday, 1833  
                                                       Species Aedes diantaeus Howard, Dyar and Knab, 1913  
                                                       Species Aedes dorsalis (Meigen, 1830)  
                                                       Species Aedes dufouri Hamon, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes duplex Martini, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes dupreei (Coquillett, 1904)  
                                                       Species Aedes dzeta Séguy, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes edgari Stone and Rosen, 1952  
                                                       Species Aedes eidsvoldensis Mackerras, 1927  
                                                       Species Aedes eucephalaeus Dyar, 1918  
                                                       Species Aedes euedes Howard, Dyar and Knab, 1913  
                                                       Species Aedes euiris Dyar, 1922  
                                                       Species Aedes euplocamus Dyar and Knab, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes excrucians (Walker, 1856)  
                                                       Species Aedes explorator Marks, 1964  
                                                       Species Aedes fitchii (Felt and Young, 1904)  
                                                       Species Aedes flavescens (Müller, 1764)  
                                                       Species Aedes flavifrons (Skuse, 1889)  
                                                       Species Aedes fulvus (Wiedemann, 1828)  
                                                       Species Aedes grossbecki Dyar and Knab, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes gutzevichi Dubitzky and Deshevykh, 1978  
                                                       Species Aedes hakusanensis Yamaguti and Tamaboko, 1954  
                                                       Species Aedes harrisoni Muspratt, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes hastatus Dyar, 1922  
                                                       Species Aedes hesperonotius Marks, 1959  
                                                       Species Aedes hexodontus Dyar, 1916  
                                                       Species Aedes hodgkini Marks, 1959  
                                                       Species Aedes hokkaidensis Tanaka, Mizusawa and Saugstad, 1979  
                                                       Species Aedes hungaricus Mihályi, 1955  
                                                       Species Aedes imperfectus Dobrotworsky, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes impiger (Walker, 1848)  
                                                       Species Aedes implicatus Vockeroth, 1954  
                                                       Species Aedes incomptus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes increpitus Dyar, 1916  
                                                       Species Aedes inexpectatus Bonne-Wepster, 1948  
                                                       Species Aedes infirmatus Dyar and Knab, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes intermedius Danilov and Gornostaeva, 1987  
                                                       Species Aedes intrudens Dyar, 1919  
                                                       Species Aedes jacobinae Serafim and Davis, 1933  
                                                       Species Aedes jorgi Carpintero and Leguizamón, 2000  
                                                       Species Aedes juppi McIntosh, 1973  
                                                       Species Aedes kasachstanicus Gutsevich, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes lasaensis Meng, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes lepidus Cerqueira and Paraense, 1945  
                                                       Species Aedes leucomelas (Meigen, 1804)  
                                                       Species Aedes linesi Marks, 1964  
                                                       Species Aedes longifilamentus Su and Zhang, 1988  
                                                       Species Aedes luteifemur Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes macintoshi Marks, 1959  
                                                       Species Aedes martineti Sevenet, 1937  
                                                       Species Aedes mcdonaldi Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes melanimon Dyar, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes meprai Martínez and Prosen, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes mercurator Dyar, 1920  
                                                       Species Aedes milleri Dyar, 1922  
                                                       Species Aedes mitchellae (Dyar, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes montchadskyi Dubitzky, 1968  
                                                       Species Aedes nevadensis Chapman and Barr, 1964  
                                                       Species Aedes nigrinus (Eckstein, 1918)  
                                                       Species Aedes nigripes (Zetterstedt, 1838)  
                                                       Species Aedes nigrithorax (Macquart, 1847)  
                                                       Species Aedes nigrocanus Martini, 1927  
                                                       Species Aedes nigromaculis (Ludlow, 1906)  
                                                       Species Aedes niphadopsis Dyar and Knab, 1918  
                                                       Species Aedes nivalis Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes normanensis (Taylor, 1915)  
                                                       Species Aedes nubilus (Theobald, 1903)  
                                                       Species Aedes obturbator Dyar and Knab, 1907  
                                                       Species Aedes oligopistus Dyar, 1918  
                                                       Species Aedes patersoni Shannon and Del Ponte, 1928  
                                                       Species Aedes pectinatus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes pennai Antunes and Lane, 1938  
                                                       Species Aedes perkinsi Marks, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes pertinax Grabham, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes phaecasiatus Marks, 1964  
                                                       Species Aedes phaeonotus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes pionips Dyar, 1919  
                                                       Species Aedes procax (Skuse, 1889)  
                                                       Species Aedes pseudonormanensis Marks, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes pulcritarsis (Rondani, 1872)  
                                                       Species Aedes pullatus (Coquillett, 1904)  
                                                       Species Aedes punctodes Dyar, 1922  
                                                       Species Aedes punctor (Kirby, 1837)  
                                                       Species Aedes purpuraceus Brug, 1932  
                                                       Species Aedes purpureifemur Marks, 1959  
                                                       Species Aedes purpuriventris Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes ratcliffei Marks, 1959  
                                                       Species Aedes raymondi Del Ponte, Castro and García, 1951  
                                                       Species Aedes rempeli Vockeroth, 1954  
                                                       Species Aedes rhyacophilus da Costa Lima, 1933  
                                                       Species Aedes riparioides Su and Zhang, 1987  
                                                       Species Aedes riparius Dyar and Knab, 1907  
                                                       Species Aedes sagax (Skuse, 1889)  
                                                       Species Aedes sallumae González and Reyes in González et al., 2017  
                                                       Species Aedes sapiens Marks, 1964  
                                                       Species Aedes scapularis (Rondani, 1848)  
                                                       Species Aedes schizopinax Dyar, 1929  
                                                       Species Aedes schtakelbergi Shingarev, 1928  
                                                       Species Aedes scutellatum Boshell-Manrique, 1939  
                                                       Species Aedes sedaensis Lei, 1989  
                                                       Species Aedes sergievi Danilov, Markovich and Proskuryakova, 1978  
                                                       Species Aedes serratus (Theobald, 1901)  
                                                       Species Aedes shannoni Vargas and Downs, 1950  
                                                       Species Aedes silvestris (Dobrotworsky, 1961)  
                                                       Species Aedes simanini Gutsevich, 1966  
                                                       Species Aedes sinkiangensis Hsiao, 1977  
                                                       Species Aedes sollicitans (Walker, 1856) – saltmarsh mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes spencerii (Theobald, 1901)  
                                                       Species Aedes spilotus Marks, 1963  
                                                       Species Aedes squamiger (Coquillett, 1902) – California saltmarsh mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes sticticus (Meigen, 1838) – floodwater mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes stigmaticus Edwards, 1922  
                                                       Species Aedes stimulans (Walker, 1848) – woodland mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes stramineus Dubitzky, 1970  
                                                       Species Aedes stricklandi (Edwards, 1912)  
                                                       Species Aedes subalbirostris Klein and Marks, 1960  
                                                       Species Aedes surcoufi (Theobald, 1912)  
                                                       Species Aedes synchytus Arnell, 1976  
                                                       Species Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann, 1821) – black salt marsh mosquitto 
                                                       Species Aedes tahoensis Dyar, 1916  
                                                       Species Aedes thelcter Dyar, 1918  
                                                       Species Aedes theobaldi (Taylor, 1914)  
                                                       Species Aedes thibaulti Dyar and Knab, 1910  
                                                       Species Aedes tormentor Dyar and Knab, 1906  
                                                       Species Aedes tortilis (Theobald, 1903)  
                                                       Species Aedes trivittatus (Coquillett, 1902)  
                                                       Species Aedes turneri Marks, 1963  
                                                       Species Aedes upatensis Anduze and Hecht, 1943  
                                                       Species Aedes ventrovittis Dyar, 1916  
                                                       Species Aedes vigilax (Skuse, 1889)  
                                                       Species Aedes vittiger (Skuse, 1889)  
                                                       Species Aedes washinoi Lanzaro and Eldridge, 1992  

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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Wilkerson, Richard C., Yvonne-Marie Linton and Daniel Strickman  
  Publication Date: 2021   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Mosquitoes of the World, vol. 1 and 2   
  Page(s): ix + 1308   
  Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press   
  Publication Place: Baltimore, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 9781421438146   
  Reference for: Aedes (Ochlerotatus)   

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