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Cymatodera  Grey, 1832
Taxonomic Serial No.: 113865

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2016   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptères, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderCucujiformia Lameere, 1938  
                                        SuperfamilyCleroidea Latreille, 1802  
                                           FamilyCleridae Latreille, 1802 – checkered beetles  
                                              SubfamilyTillinae Fischer von Waldheim, 1813  
                                                 GenusCymatodera Grey, 1832  
    Direct Children:  
                                                    Species Cymatodera aegra Wolcott, 1921  
                                                    Species Cymatodera aethiops Wolcott, 1910  
                                                    Species Cymatodera angustata Spinola, 1844  
                                                    Species Cymatodera antennata Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera arizonica Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera balteata LeConte, 1854  
                                                    Species Cymatodera belfragei Horn, 1876  
                                                    Species Cymatodera bicolor (Say, 1825)  
                                                    Species Cymatodera brevicollis Schaeffer, 1917  
                                                    Species Cymatodera californica Horn, 1868  
                                                    Species Cymatodera cazierorum Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera cephalica Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera chisosensis Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera corporaali Barr, 1948  
                                                    Species Cymatodera cylindricollis Chevrolat, 1833  
                                                    Species Cymatodera decipiens Fall, 1906  
                                                    Species Cymatodera delicatula Fall, 1906  
                                                    Species Cymatodera dietrichi Barr, 1952  
                                                    Species Cymatodera fascifera LeConte, 1866  
                                                    Species Cymatodera flavosignata Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera floridana Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera fuchsii Schaeffer, 1904  
                                                    Species Cymatodera fuscula LeConte, 1852  
                                                    Species Cymatodera hopei Gray in Griffith, 1832  
                                                    Species Cymatodera horni Wolcott, 1910  
                                                    Species Cymatodera hurdi Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera ignava Rifkind, Toledo and Corona, 2010  
                                                    Species Cymatodera inornata (Say, 1835)  
                                                    Species Cymatodera knausi Wolcott, 1921  
                                                    Species Cymatodera laevicollis Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera latefascia Schaeffer, 1904  
                                                    Species Cymatodera lauta Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera linsleyi Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera longicornis LeConte, 1849  
                                                    Species Cymatodera maculifera Barr, 1948  
                                                    Species Cymatodera mitchelli Chapin, 1927  
                                                    Species Cymatodera morosa LeConte, 1858  
                                                    Species Cymatodera neomexicana Knull, 1934  
                                                    Species Cymatodera obliquefasciata Schaeffer, 1904  
                                                    Species Cymatodera oblita Horn, 1876  
                                                    Species Cymatodera ovipennis LeConte, 1859  
                                                    Species Cymatodera pallida Schaeffer, 1908  
                                                    Species Cymatodera parkeri Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera pseudotsugae Barr, 1947  
                                                    Species Cymatodera pubescens Wolcott, 1909  
                                                    Species Cymatodera punctata LeConte, 1852  
                                                    Species Cymatodera puncticollis Bland, 1863  
                                                    Species Cymatodera purpuricollis Horn, 1894  
                                                    Species Cymatodera santarosae Schaeffer, 1905  
                                                    Species Cymatodera schwarzi Wolcott, 1921  
                                                    Species Cymatodera scitula Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera serena Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera sirpata Horn, 1885  
                                                    Species Cymatodera snowi Wolcott, 1910  
                                                    Species Cymatodera sobara Barr, 1960  
                                                    Species Cymatodera sodalis Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera tlahuica Rifkind, Toledo and Corona, 2010  
                                                    Species Cymatodera tricolor Skinner, 1905  
                                                    Species Cymatodera tuta Wolcott, 1910  
                                                    Species Cymatodera tutoides Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera undulata (Say, 1825)  
                                                    Species Cymatodera uniformis Schaeffer, 1905  
                                                    Species Cymatodera usta LeConte, 1858  
                                                    Species Cymatodera vandykei Schaeffer, 1904  
                                                    Species Cymatodera vulgivaga Barr, 1972  
                                                    Species Cymatodera werneri Barr, 1952  
                                                    Species Cymatodera wolcotti Barr, 1950  
                                                    Species Cymatodera xanti Horn, 1876  
                                                    Species Cymatodera xavierae Knull, 1940  
                                                    Species Cymatodera zosterops Barr, 1972  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Cymatodera   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Burke, Alan F., John M. Leavengood, Jr., and Gregory Zolnerowich  
  Publication Date: 2015   
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  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 1175-5326   
  Notes: doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4059.1.1   
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  Publication Date: 2002   
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  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Fieldiana: Zoology, vol. 32, no. 2   
  Page(s): 61-105   
  Publication Place:    
  Reference for: Cymatodera   

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