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Laccophilus  Leach, 1815
Taxonomic Serial No.: 112278

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2021   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptčres, besouro  
                                  SuborderAdephaga Schellenberg, 1806  
                                     FamilyDytiscidae Leach, 1815 – diving beetles, predaceous diving beetles, ditiques  
                                        SubfamilyLaccophilinae Gistel, 1856  
                                           TribeLaccophilini Gistel, 1856  
                                              GenusLaccophilus Leach, 1815  
    Direct Children:  
                                                 Species Laccophilus addendus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus adjutor Guignot, 1950  
                                                 Species Laccophilus adspersus Boheman, 1848  
                                                 Species Laccophilus aemulus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus aequatorius Peschet, 1923  
                                                 Species Laccophilus agilis Sharp, 1887  
                                                 Species Laccophilus alariei Megna, Deler-Hernández and Challet, 2011  
                                                 Species Laccophilus alluaudi Régimbart, 1900  
                                                 Species Laccophilus amicus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus amoenus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus angustus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus anticatus Sharp, 1890  
                                                 Species Laccophilus aurofasciatus Vazirani, 1972  
                                                 Species Laccophilus auropictus Régimbart, 1899  
                                                 Species Laccophilus australis Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bacchusi Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus badeni Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus balzani Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bapak Balke, Larson and Hendrich, 1997  
                                                 Species Laccophilus baturitiensis Hendrich and Balke, 1995  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bellus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus benoiti Guignot, 1953  
                                                 Species Laccophilus beroni Rocchi, 1986  
                                                 Species Laccophilus biai Bilardo and Rocchi, 1990  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bicolor Laporte, 1835  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bifasciatus Chevrolat, 1863  
                                                 Species Laccophilus biguttatus Kirby, 1837  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bilardoi Pederzani and Rocchi, 1982  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bilix Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus bizonatus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus boukali Hájek and Stastný, 2005  
                                                 Species Laccophilus brancuccii Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus brasiliensis Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus brownei Guignot, 1947  
                                                 Species Laccophilus burgeoni Gschwendtner, 1930  
                                                 Species Laccophilus caiaricus Guignot, 1956  
                                                 Species Laccophilus calvus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus canthydroides Omer-Cooper, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus carbonelli Guignot, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus cayennensis Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ceylonicus Zimmermann, 1919  
                                                 Species Laccophilus chelinus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus chilensis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus chinensis Boheman, 1858  
                                                 Species Laccophilus chini Balke, Mazzoldi and Hendrich, 1998  
                                                 Species Laccophilus cianferonii Bilardo and Rocchi, 2019  
                                                 Species Laccophilus cingulatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus clarki Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus comes Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus complicatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus concettae Pederzani, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus conjunctus Guignot, 1950  
                                                 Species Laccophilus continentalis Gschwendtner, 1935  
                                                 Species Laccophilus contiro Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus cryptos Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus curvifasciatus Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus cyclopis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus deceptor Guignot, 1953  
                                                 Species Laccophilus decoratus Boheman, 1858  
                                                 Species Laccophilus decorosus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus demoflysi Normand, 1938  
                                                 Species Laccophilus desintegratus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus difficilis Sharp, 1873  
                                                 Species Laccophilus dikinohaseus Kamite, Hikida and Satô, 2005  
                                                 Species Laccophilus dreheri Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus duplex Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus eboris Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ekari Balke, Larson and Hendrich, 1997  
                                                 Species Laccophilus elegans Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ellipticus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus empheres Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus enigmaticus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus epibletus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus epinephes Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus epipleuricus Zimmermann, 1921  
                                                 Species Laccophilus fasciatus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ferrugo Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus filicornis Sharp, 1887  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flaveolus Régimbart, 1906  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flaviventris Régimbart, 1904  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flavopictus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flavoscriptus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flexuosus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus flores Hendrich and Balke, 1998  
                                                 Species Laccophilus fractus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus fragilis Sharp, 1887  
                                                 Species Laccophilus freudei Guignot, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus fumatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus furthi Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus fuscipennis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus garambanus Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus gentilis LeConte, 1863  
                                                 Species Laccophilus girardi Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus gounellei Régimbart, 1903  
                                                 Species Laccophilus grammicus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus grammopterus Zimmermann, 1925  
                                                 Species Laccophilus grossus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus guentheri Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus guignoti Legros, 1954  
                                                 Species Laccophilus guineensis Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus guttalis Régimbart, 1893  
                                                 Species Laccophilus hebusuensis Watanabe and Kamite, 2020  
                                                 Species Laccophilus heidiae Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus hendrichi Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus horni Branden, 1885  
                                                 Species Laccophilus huastecus Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus hyalinus (De Geer, 1774)  
                                                 Species Laccophilus immitis Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus immundus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus inagua Young, 1963  
                                                 Species Laccophilus incomptus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus inconstans Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus incrassatus Gschwendtner, 1933  
                                                 Species Laccophilus indicus Gschwendtner, 1936  
                                                 Species Laccophilus inefficiens (Walker, 1859)  
                                                 Species Laccophilus inobservatus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus inornatus Zimmermann, 1926  
                                                 Species Laccophilus insularum Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus intermedius Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus irroratus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus isamberti Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus jaechi Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus javanicus Régimbart, 1899  
                                                 Species Laccophilus kaensis Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus kalimantanensis Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus kaszabi Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus kempi Gschwendtner, 1936  
                                                 Species Laccophilus kobensis Sharp, 1873  
                                                 Species Laccophilus komareki Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus laeticulus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus laetus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus lateralis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus latifrons Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus latipennis Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus latipes Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus leechi Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus leguyaderi Manuel and Ramahandrison, 2020  
                                                 Species Laccophilus leonensis Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus lewisioides Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus lewisius Sharp, 1873  
                                                 Species Laccophilus lineatus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus livingstoni Omer-Cooper, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus luctuosus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus luteosignatus Gschwendtner, 1943  
                                                 Species Laccophilus macronychus Guignot, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus maculosus (Germar, 1823)  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mahakamensis Balke, Mazzoldi and Hendrich, 1998  
                                                 Species Laccophilus maindroni Régimbart, 1897  
                                                 Species Laccophilus makay Manuel and Ramahandrison, 2020  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mateui Omer-Cooper, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mathani Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mazzoldii Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus medialis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mediocris Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus melas Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus menieri Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mexicanus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus minimus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus minutus (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mirabilis Guignot, 1956  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mistecus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus modestus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus morondavensis Guignot, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus mutatus Omer-Cooper, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nakajimai Kamite, Hikida and Satô, 2005  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nastus Spangler, 1966  
                                                 Species Laccophilus necopinus Guignot, 1942  
                                                 Species Laccophilus newtoni Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nigricans Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nigrocinctus Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nodieri Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus normifer Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus notatus Boheman, 1858  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nubilus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus nusatenggaraensis Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus oberthueri Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus obesus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus obliquatus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus occidentalis Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus octolineatus Zimmermann, 1921  
                                                 Species Laccophilus olsoufieffi Guignot, 1937  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ornatus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus oscillator Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ovatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pallescens Régimbart, 1903  
                                                 Species Laccophilus papuanus Balke, Larson and Hendrich, 1997  
                                                 Species Laccophilus paraguensis Régimbart, 1903  
                                                 Species Laccophilus paranus Guignot, 1957  
                                                 Species Laccophilus parvulus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pellucidus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus penes Guignot, 1954  
                                                 Species Laccophilus peregrinus Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus persimilis Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pictipennis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pictus Laporte, 1835  
                                                 Species Laccophilus plagiatus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus planodes Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ploterus Spangler, 1966  
                                                 Species Laccophilus poecilus Klug, 1834  
                                                 Species Laccophilus posticus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus productus Régimbart, 1906  
                                                 Species Laccophilus propinquus Omer-Cooper, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus proximus Say, 1823  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pseudanticatus Toledo, Hendrich and Stastný, 2002  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pseudomexicanus Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pseustes Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pulcher Bilardo and Rocchi, 2004  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pulicarius Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pullatus Omer-Cooper, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus punctatissimus Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus pyrraces Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus quadrilineatus Horn, 1871  
                                                 Species Laccophilus quadrimaculatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus quadrisignatus Laporte, 1835  
                                                 Species Laccophilus quadrivittatus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus quindecimvittatus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus raitti Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus rakouthae Manuel and Ramahandrison, 2020  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ramuensis Balke, Larson and Hendrich, 1997  
                                                 Species Laccophilus religatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus remator Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus remex Guignot, 1952  
                                                 Species Laccophilus restrictus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ritsemae Régimbart, 1880  
                                                 Species Laccophilus rivulosus Klug, 1833  
                                                 Species Laccophilus rocchii Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus rotundatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus ruficollis Zimmermann, 1919  
                                                 Species Laccophilus saegeri Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus salobrinus Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus salvini Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus samuelsoni Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus schereri Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus schillhammeri Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus schwarzi Fall, 1917  
                                                 Species Laccophilus secundus Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus seminiger Fauvel, 1883  
                                                 Species Laccophilus septicola Guignot, 1956  
                                                 Species Laccophilus seseanus Toledo, Hendrich and Stastný, 2002  
                                                 Species Laccophilus seyrigi Guignot, 1937  
                                                 Species Laccophilus sharpi Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus shinobi Yanagi and Akita, 2021  
                                                 Species Laccophilus siamensis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus simplex Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus simplicistriatus Gschwendtner, 1932  
                                                 Species Laccophilus sinuosipenis Bilardo and Rocchi, 2019  
                                                 Species Laccophilus smithi Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus sonorensis Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus sordidus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus spangleri Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus spergatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus stastnyi Hájek and Brancucci, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus sublineatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus subsignatus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus succineus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus suffusus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus taeniolatus Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tarsalis Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tavetensis Guignot, 1941  
                                                 Species Laccophilus testudo Régimbart, 1903  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tigrinus Guignot, 1959  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tiphius Guignot, 1955  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tobaensis Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tonkinensis Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus traili Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus transversalis Régimbart, 1877  
                                                 Species Laccophilus transversovittatus Biström, Nilsson and Bergsten, 2015  
                                                 Species Laccophilus trilineola Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tschoffeni Régimbart, 1895  
                                                 Species Laccophilus turbatus Guignot, 1958  
                                                 Species Laccophilus uncletan Hájek and Stastný, 2005  
                                                 Species Laccophilus undatus Aubé, 1838  
                                                 Species Laccophilus uniformis Motschulsky, 1859  
                                                 Species Laccophilus univittatus Régimbart, 1892  
                                                 Species Laccophilus vacaensis Young, 1953  
                                                 Species Laccophilus vagelineatus Zimmermann, 1922  
                                                 Species Laccophilus vagepictus Sharp, 1882  
                                                 Species Laccophilus venezuelensis Régimbart, 1889  
                                                 Species Laccophilus venustus Chevrolat, 1863  
                                                 Species Laccophilus vermiculosus Gerstaecker, 1867  
                                                 Species Laccophilus vietnamensis Balke and Hendrich, 1997  
                                                 Species Laccophilus villiersi Bertrand and Legros, 1975  
                                                 Species Laccophilus walkeri J. Balfour-Browne, 1939  
                                                 Species Laccophilus wittmeri Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus wolfei Brancucci, 1983  
                                                 Species Laccophilus yoshitomii Watanabe and Kamite, 2018  
                                                 Species Laccophilus youngi Zimmerman, 1970  
                                                 Species Laccophilus yvietae Le Guillou, 1844  
                                                 Species Laccophilus zimmermani Arce-Pérez and Morón, 2017  
                                               GenusLaccophilus Leach, 1815 incertae sedis  
    Children with Uncertain Position:  
                                                 Species Laccophilus tranversus Mouchamps, 1959  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: A World Catalogue of the Family Dytiscidae (2021), database (version 1.I.2021)  
  Acquired: 2021   
  Notes: Nilsson A.N. & Hájek J. 2021: A World Catalogue of the Family Dytiscidae, or the Diving Beetles (Coleoptera, Adephaga). Version 1.I.2021, 315 pp. URL: Accessed 1 Jul 2021   
  Reference for: Laccophilus   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Laccophilus   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Nilsson, Anders N.  
  Publication Date: 2001   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: World Catalogue of Insects, volume 3: Dytiscidae (Coleoptera)   
  Page(s): 395   
  Publisher: Apollo Books   
  Publication Place: Stenstrup, Denmark   
  ISBN/ISSN: 87-88757-62-5   
  Reference for: Laccophilus   

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