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Microvelia  Westwood, 1834
Taxonomic Serial No.: 103900

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Hydroessa Burmeister, 1835
    Veliomorpha Carlini, 1895
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2018   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHemiptera Linnaeus, 1758 – true bugs, hemipterans  
                                  SuborderHeteroptera Latreille, 1810 – true bugs, barbeiro, maria fedida, percevejo, heteropterans  
                                     InfraorderGerromorpha  – semiaquatic bugs, shore-inhabiting bugs  
                                        SuperfamilyGerroidea Leach, 1815  
                                           FamilyVeliidae Amyot and Serville, 1843 – broad-shouldered water striders, ripple bugs, small water striders, riffle bugs, broad-shouldered bugs  
                                              SubfamilyMicroveliinae China and Usinger, 1949  
                                                 GenusMicrovelia Westwood, 1834  
    Direct Children:  
                                                    Species Microvelia acantha (Padilla-Gil, 2013)  
                                                    Species Microvelia addisi Poisson, 1949  
                                                    Species Microvelia ancona Drake and Chapman, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia andringitrae Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia ankavandrae Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia arca Drake, 1958  
                                                    Species Microvelia argentata Nieser and Alkins-Koo, 1991  
                                                    Species Microvelia argusta Drake and Maldonado-Capriles, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia aschnakiranae Makhan, 2014  
                                                    Species Microvelia ashlocki J. Polhemus, 1968  
                                                    Species Microvelia awasai Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia ayos Linnavuori, 1977  
                                                    Species Microvelia bossangoa Linnavuori, 1977  
                                                    Species Microvelia briseis Kirkaldy, 1900  
                                                    Species Microvelia bulckei Poisson, 1957  
                                                    Species Microvelia burmanica Paiva, 1918  
                                                    Species Microvelia carinata Linnavuori, 1977  
                                                    Species Microvelia cavernula J. Polhemus, 1972  
                                                    Species Microvelia cavicola J. Polhemus, 1999  
                                                    Species Microvelia chanita J. Polhemus and Hogue, 1972  
                                                    Species Microvelia chilena Drake and Hussey, 1955  
                                                    Species Microvelia cinchonana Drake and Hussey, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia circumcincta Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Microvelia costaiana Drake and Hussey, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia crassipes Lundblad, 1933  
                                                    Species Microvelia crinata Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia depressa J. Polhemus, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia distanti Lundblad, 1933  
                                                    Species Microvelia duidana Drake and Maldonado-Capriles, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia electra Andersen, 2001  
                                                    Species Microvelia fanera (Padilla-Gil, 2013)  
                                                    Species Microvelia flavipes Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Microvelia fosoana Linnavuori, 1977  
                                                    Species Microvelia gestroi Kirkaldy, 1901  
                                                    Species Microvelia grimaldii Andersen, 2001  
                                                    Species Microvelia hambletoni Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia hidalgoi McKinstry, 1937  
                                                    Species Microvelia hungerfordi McKinstry, 1937  
                                                    Species Microvelia inannana Drake and Hottes, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia inguapi Padilla-Gil and Moreira, 2013  
                                                    Species Microvelia inquilina J. Polhemus and Hogue, 1972  
                                                    Species Microvelia insignis (Distant, 1903)  
                                                    Species Microvelia intonsa Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia irrasa Drake and Harris, 1928  
                                                    Species Microvelia isabelae Bachmann, 1979  
                                                    Species Microvelia karunaratnei J. Polhemus, 1999  
                                                    Species Microvelia kijabiensis Poisson, 1941  
                                                    Species Microvelia kipopoella Linnavuori, 1973  
                                                    Species Microvelia laesslei Drake and Hussey, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia lakatomivolae Poisson, 1957  
                                                    Species Microvelia leavipleura J. Polhemus, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia leptotmema Nieser and Alkins-Koo, 1991  
                                                    Species Microvelia leucothea J. Polhemus and Manzano, 1992  
                                                    Species Microvelia limaiana Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia lokobei Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia longicornis Torre-Bueno, 1925  
                                                    Species Microvelia lujanana Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia lundbladi Y. C. Gupta and Khandelwal, 2002  
                                                    Species Microvelia maromandiae Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia mbanga Linnavuori, 1977  
                                                    Species Microvelia mitohoi Poisson, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia miyamoti Y. C. Gupta and Y. K. Gupta, 2008  
                                                    Species Microvelia munda Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia nessimiani Moreira and Rúdio in Rúdio and Moreira, 2011  
                                                    Species Microvelia novana Drake and Plaumann, 1955  
                                                    Species Microvelia oaxacana Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia oraria Drake, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia panamensis Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Microvelia parallela Blatchley, 1925  
                                                    Species Microvelia parana Drake and Carvalho, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia paura J. Polhemus, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia pererai J. Polhemus, 1979  
                                                    Species Microvelia peruviensis McKinstry, 1937  
                                                    Species Microvelia petraea Andersen, Yang and Zettel, 2002  
                                                    Species Microvelia pexa Drake and Hussey, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia piedrancha Padilla-Gil and Moreira, 2013  
                                                    Species Microvelia polhemi Andersen, 2000  
                                                    Species Microvelia portoricensis Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia potama Drake, 1958  
                                                    Species Microvelia pseudomarginata Nieser and Alkins-Koo, 1991  
                                                    Species Microvelia psilonota J. Polhemus, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia pudoris Drake and Harris, 1936  
                                                    Species Microvelia pueblana Drake and Hottes, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia quieta Drake and Carvalho, 1954  
                                                    Species Microvelia rasilis Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia recifana Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia reflexa J. Polhemus, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia rishwani Makhan, 2014  
                                                    Species Microvelia rouwenzoriana Poisson, 1941  
                                                    Species Microvelia rufescens Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Microvelia sarpta Drake and Harris, 1936  
                                                    Species Microvelia schmidti McKinstry, 1937  
                                                    Species Microvelia setipes Champion, 1898  
                                                    Species Microvelia stellata Kirkaldy, 1902  
                                                    Species Microvelia summersi Drake and Harris, 1928  
                                                    Species Microvelia tateiana Drake, 1951  
                                                    Species Microvelia timida Drake and Roze, 1958  
                                                    Species Microvelia trinitatis China, 1943  
                                                    Species Microvelia tsaratananae Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia tshingandana Linnavuori and Weber, 1974  
                                                    Species Microvelia urucara Moreira, Barbosa and Nessimian, 2011  
                                                    Species Microvelia urundii Poisson, 1955  
                                                    Species Microvelia venustissima Poisson, 1941  
                                                    Species Microvelia verana Drake and Hottes, 1952  
                                                    Species Microvelia villosula Torre-Bueno, 1927  
                                                    Species Microvelia zillana Drake and Hottes, 1952  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Anchorinella) Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Annulovelia) Poisson, 1952  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Cloacovelia) Zettel, 2012  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Dilutovelia) Zettel, 2012  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Kirkaldya) Torre-Bueno, 1910  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Microvelia) Westwood, 1834  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Pacificovelia) Andersen and Weir, 2003  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Philippinovelia) Zettel, 2012  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Picaultia) Distant, 1913  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Rastellovelia) Poisson, 1954  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Somnovelia) Zettel, 2012  
                                                    Subgenus Microvelia (Starmuhlneria) Poisson, 1964  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Microvelia   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Henry, Thomas J., and Richard C. Froeschner, eds.  
  Publication Date: 1988   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Catalog of the Heteroptera, or True Bugs, of Canada and the Continental United States   
  Page(s): xix + 958   
  Publisher: E. J. Brill   
  Publication Place: New York, New York, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-916846-44-X   
  Reference for: Microvelia   

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