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Corynebacterium  Lehmann and Neumann, 1896 emend. Bernard et al., 2010
Taxonomic Serial No.: 383

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Bacteria  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Bacterionema Gilmour et al., 1961
    Caseobacter Crombach, 1978
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomBacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002 – bactéries, bacteria, bacterias, bactérias  
    SubkingdomPosibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
       PhylumActinobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
          SubclassActinobacteridae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
             OrderActinomycetales Buchanan, 1917  
                SuborderCorynebacterineae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
                   FamilyCorynebacteriaceae Lehmann and Neumann, 1907  
                      GenusCorynebacterium Lehmann and Neumann, 1896 emend. Bernard et al., 2010  
    Direct Children:  
                         Species Corynebacterium accolens Neubauer et al., 1991  
                         Species Corynebacterium afermentans Riegel et al., 1993  
                         Species Corynebacterium ammoniagenes (Cooke and Keith, 1927) Collins, 1987  
                         Species Corynebacterium amycolatum Collins et al., 1988  
                         Species Corynebacterium appendicis Yassin et al., 2002  
                         Species Corynebacterium aquilae Fernández-Garayzábal et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium argentoratense Riegel et al., 1995  
                         Species Corynebacterium atypicum Hall et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium aurimucosum Yassin et al., 2002 emend. Daneshvar et al., 2004  
                         Species Corynebacterium auris Funke et al., 1995  
                         Species Corynebacterium auriscanis Collins et al., 2000  
                         Species Corynebacterium beticola Abdou, 1969  
                         Species Corynebacterium bovis Bergey et al., 1923  
                         Species Corynebacterium callunae (Lee and Good, 1963) Yamada and Komagata, 1972  
                         Species Corynebacterium camporealensis Fernández-Garayzábal et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium canis Funke et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium capitovis Collins et al., 2001  
                         Species Corynebacterium casei Brennan et al., 2001  
                         Species Corynebacterium caspium Collins et al., 2004  
                         Species Corynebacterium ciconiae Fernández-Garayzábal et al., 2004  
                         Species Corynebacterium confusum Funke et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium coyleae Funke et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium cystitidis Yanagawa and Honda, 1978  
                         Species Corynebacterium deserti Zhou et al., 2012  
                         Species Corynebacterium diphtheriae (Kruse, 1886) Lehmann and Neumann, 1896  
                         Species Corynebacterium doosanense Lee et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium durum Riegel et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium efficiens Fudou et al., 2002  
                         Species Corynebacterium falsenii Sjödén et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium felinum Collins et al., 2001  
                         Species Corynebacterium flavescens Barksdale et al., 1979  
                         Species Corynebacterium freiburgense Funke et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium freneyi Renaud et al., 2001  
                         Species Corynebacterium glaucum Yassin et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum Funke et al., 1995  
                         Species Corynebacterium glutamicum (Kinoshita et al., 1958) Abe et al., 1967  
                         Species Corynebacterium halotolerans Chen et al., 2004  
                         Species Corynebacterium hansenii Renaud et al., 2007  
                         Species Corynebacterium humireducens Wu et al., 2011  
                         Species Corynebacterium ilicis Mandel et al., 1961  
                         Species Corynebacterium imitans Funke et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium jeikeium Jackman et al., 1988  
                         Species Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii Collins et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium kutscheri (Migula, 1900) Bergey et al., 1925  
                         Species Corynebacterium lipophiloflavum Funke et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium lubricantis Kämpfer et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium macginleyi Riegel et al., 1995  
                         Species Corynebacterium marinum Du et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium maris Ben-Dov et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium massiliense Merhej et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium mastitidis Fernandez-Garayzabal et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium matruchotii (Mendel, 1919) Collins, 1983  
                         Species Corynebacterium minutissimum (ex Sarkany et al., 1962) Collins and Jones, 1983 emend. Yassin et al., 2002  
                         Species Corynebacterium mucifaciens Funke et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium mustelae Funke et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium mycetoides (ex Castellani, 1942) Collins, 1983  
                         Species Corynebacterium nuruki Shin et al., 2011  
                         Species Corynebacterium phocae Pascual et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium pilbarense Aravena-Roman et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium pilosum Yanagawa and Honda, 1978  
                         Species Corynebacterium propinquum Riegel et al., 1994  
                         Species Corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticum Lehmann and Neumann, 1896  
                         Species Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (Buchanan, 1911) Eberson, 1918  
                         Species Corynebacterium pyruviciproducens Tong et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium renale (Migula, 1900) Ernst, 1906  
                         Species Corynebacterium resistens Otsuka et al., 2005  
                         Species Corynebacterium riegelii Funke et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium simulans Wattiau et al., 2000  
                         Species Corynebacterium singulare Riegel et al., 1997  
                         Species Corynebacterium sphenisci Goyache et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium spheniscorum Goyache et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium sputi Yassin and Siering, 2008  
                         Species Corynebacterium stationis (ZoBell and Upham, 1944) Bernard et al., 2010  
                         Species Corynebacterium striatum (Chester, 1901) Eberson, 1918  
                         Species Corynebacterium suicordis Vela et al., 2003  
                         Species Corynebacterium sundsvallense Collins et al., 1999  
                         Species Corynebacterium terpenotabidum Takeuchi et al., 1999  
                         Species Corynebacterium testudinoris Collins et al., 2001  
                         Species Corynebacterium thomssenii Zimmermann et al., 1998  
                         Species Corynebacterium timonense Merhej et al., 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum Feurer et al., 2004  
                         Species Corynebacterium tuscaniense Riegel et al., 2006  
                         Species Corynebacterium ulcerans (ex Gilbert and Stewart, 1927) Riegel et al., 1995  
                         Species Corynebacterium ulceribovis Yassin, 2009  
                         Species Corynebacterium urealyticum Pitcher et al., 1992  
                         Species Corynebacterium ureicelerivorans Yassin, 2007  
                         Species Corynebacterium variabile (Müller, 1961) Collins, 1987  
                         Species Corynebacterium vitaeruminis (Bechdel et al., 1928) Lanéelle et al., 1980  
                         Species Corynebacterium xerosis (Lehmann and Neumann, 1896) Lehmann and Neumann, 1899  

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  Source: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date, website (version Jun 2012)  
  Acquired: 2012   
  Notes: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date published by the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures at   
  Reference for: Corynebacterium   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Corynebacterium   
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 Geographic Information
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  Comment: genus (AL)  
    International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM), 1980 30:285: Approved List  
    emended description: IJSEM 60:877*  



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