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Luciola  Laporte, 1833
Taxonomic Serial No.: 722429

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Bourgeoisia E. Olivier, 1908
    Hotaria Yuasa, 1937
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2021   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderColeoptera Linnaeus, 1758 – beetles, coléoptères, besouro  
                                  SuborderPolyphaga Emery, 1886  
                                     InfraorderElateriformia Crowson, 1960  
                                        SuperfamilyElateroidea Leach, 1815  
                                           FamilyLampyridae Rafinesque, 1815 – fireflies, lightningbugs, glow worms, lightning bugs  
                                              SubfamilyLuciolinae Lacordaire, 1857  
                                                 TribeLuciolini Lacordaire, 1857  
                                                    GenusLuciola Laporte, 1833  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Luciola affinis Ritsema, 1875  
                                                       Species Luciola amplipennis Fairmaire, 1880  
                                                       Species Luciola angusticollis E. Olivier, 1886  
                                                       Species Luciola antennalis Bourgeois, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola antica Boisduval, 1835  
                                                       Species Luciola antipodum Bourgeois, 1884  
                                                       Species Luciola apicalis (Eschscholtz, 1822)  
                                                       Species Luciola aquilaclara Ballantyne in Ballantyne and Lambkin, 2013  
                                                       Species Luciola atriceps Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola atrimembris Pic, 1933  
                                                       Species Luciola atripes Pic, 1929  
                                                       Species Luciola atritarsis Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola atriventris Pic, 1925  
                                                       Species Luciola aurantiaca Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola auritula E. Olivier, 1910  
                                                       Species Luciola basipennis Pic, 1958  
                                                       Species Luciola bicoloriceps Pic, 1924  
                                                       Species Luciola bimaculata Klug, 1855  
                                                       Species Luciola bimaculicollis (Boheman, 1851)  
                                                       Species Luciola binhana Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola binotata Pic, 1951  
                                                       Species Luciola biscutellata Fairmaire, 1896  
                                                       Species Luciola bomansi Pic, 1956  
                                                       Species Luciola bourgeoisi E. Olivier, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola burgeoni Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola caffra (Boheman, 1851)  
                                                       Species Luciola candezei E. Olivier, 1902  
                                                       Species Luciola capensis (Fabricius, 1775)  
                                                       Species Luciola carinaticollis Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola cavifrons Fairmaire, 1900  
                                                       Species Luciola chapaensis Pic, 1923  
                                                       Species Luciola christyi Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola cincta (Fabricius, 1787)  
                                                       Species Luciola cincticollis Klug, 1855  
                                                       Species Luciola cingulata E. Olivier, 1885  
                                                       Species Luciola cisteloides Klug, 1855  
                                                       Species Luciola clara E. Olivier, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola collarti Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola complanata Gorham, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola completelimbata Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola concreta E. Olivier, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola congoana E. Olivier, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola consobrina Hicker, 1942  
                                                       Species Luciola costulata Fairmaire, 1886  
                                                       Species Luciola coxalis E. Olivier, 1883  
                                                       Species Luciola cruciata Motschulsky, 1854  
                                                       Species Luciola curticollis Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola curtithorax Pic, 1928  
                                                       Species Luciola davidis E. Olivier, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola delauneyi Bourgeois, 1890  
                                                       Species Luciola deleta Fairmaire, 1896  
                                                       Species Luciola deplanata Pic, 1929  
                                                       Species Luciola dilatata Pic, 1929  
                                                       Species Luciola dilecta E. Olivier, 1908  
                                                       Species Luciola discicollis Laporte, 1833  
                                                       Species Luciola discobrunnescens Pic, 1951  
                                                       Species Luciola discoidalis Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola dregei (Motschulsky, 1853)  
                                                       Species Luciola errans E. Olivier, 1902  
                                                       Species Luciola exigua (Gyllenhal in Schönherr, 1817)  
                                                       Species Luciola exoleta Motschulsky, 1854  
                                                       Species Luciola exstincta E. Olivier, 1886  
                                                       Species Luciola extricans (Walker, 1858)  
                                                       Species Luciola falsa E. Olivier in Wytsman, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola fasciiventris Fairmaire, 1898  
                                                       Species Luciola filiformis E. Olivier, 1913  
                                                       Species Luciola fissicollis Fairmaire, 1891  
                                                       Species Luciola flava Pic, 1929  
                                                       Species Luciola flavescens (Boisduval, 1835)  
                                                       Species Luciola flebilis E. Olivier, 1909  
                                                       Species Luciola fukiensis Pic, 1955  
                                                       Species Luciola fusca (Motschulsky, 1854)  
                                                       Species Luciola fuscula (Boheman, 1851)  
                                                       Species Luciola gaiffei Alluaud, 1899  
                                                       Species Luciola galactopyga Fairmaire, 1884  
                                                       Species Luciola gaudens E. Olivier, 1910  
                                                       Species Luciola gemina E. Olivier, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola geniculata E. Olivier, 1902  
                                                       Species Luciola ghesquierei Pic, 1934  
                                                       Species Luciola gigantea Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola gigas E. Olivier, 1888  
                                                       Species Luciola gowdeyi Pic, 1933  
                                                       Species Luciola grandjeani Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola guerini Laporte, 1833  
                                                       Species Luciola hirticeps E. Olivier, 1888  
                                                       Species Luciola horni Bourgeois, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola hypocrita E. Olivier, 1888  
                                                       Species Luciola ibukiyamana Nawa, 1921  
                                                       Species Luciola imbellis E. Olivier, 1908  
                                                       Species Luciola imerinae Bourgeois, 1899  
                                                       Species Luciola immarginata Bourgeois, 1890  
                                                       Species Luciola impedita E. Olivier, 1902  
                                                       Species Luciola incerta (Boisduval, 1835)  
                                                       Species Luciola infuscata (Erichson, 1834)  
                                                       Species Luciola inlateralis Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola innotatipennis Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola insignis E. Olivier, 1883  
                                                       Species Luciola intermedia Fairmaire, 1896  
                                                       Species Luciola intricata (Walker, 1858)  
                                                       Species Luciola italica (Linnaeus, 1767)  
                                                       Species Luciola japonica (Thunberg, 1784)  
                                                       Species Luciola jeanvoinei Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola jengai Nada in Ballantyne et al., 2019  
                                                       Species Luciola judaica E. Olivier, 1884  
                                                       Species Luciola kagiana Matsumura, 1928  
                                                       Species Luciola kervillei E. Olivier, 1909  
                                                       Species Luciola klapperichi Pic, 1955  
                                                       Species Luciola krugeri E. Olivier, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola kuroiwae Matsumura, 1918  
                                                       Species Luciola laeta Gerstaecker, 1871  
                                                       Species Luciola lambkinae Keller and Ballantyne, 2021  
                                                       Species Luciola latediscoidalis Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola latelimbata Pic, 1956  
                                                       Species Luciola laticollis Gorham, 1883  
                                                       Species Luciola leroyi Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola limbalis Fairmaire, 1889  
                                                       Species Luciola limbatipennis Pic, 1923  
                                                       Species Luciola longula E. Olivier, 1914  
                                                       Species Luciola lucernula Reiche in Galin, 1850  
                                                       Species Luciola lusitanica (Charpentier, 1825)  
                                                       Species Luciola maculiscuta Fairmaire, 1884  
                                                       Species Luciola madagascariensis (Guérin-Méneville, 1831)  
                                                       Species Luciola magambae McDermott, 1963  
                                                       Species Luciola maindroni Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola major Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola mareei Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola mediodivisa Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola mediojuncta Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola melancholica E. Olivier, 1913  
                                                       Species Luciola melanura Laporte, 1833  
                                                       Species Luciola mendax E. Olivier, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola mocquerysi E. Olivier, 1902  
                                                       Species Luciola mongolica Motschulsky, 1860  
                                                       Species Luciola multicostulata Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola mutata Pic, 1939  
                                                       Species Luciola niah Jusoh in Ballantyne et al., 2019  
                                                       Species Luciola nicolleri Bugnion, 1922  
                                                       Species Luciola nigripes Gorham, 1903  
                                                       Species Luciola nigritarsis Pic, 1927  
                                                       Species Luciola nitidicollis Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola nitidula (Fabricius, 1781)  
                                                       Species Luciola noctivaga E. Olivier in Wytsman, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola notaticollis Pic, 1914  
                                                       Species Luciola novaki Müller, 1946  
                                                       Species Luciola obscura Pic, 1928  
                                                       Species Luciola obscuripennis Klug, 1855  
                                                       Species Luciola ochracea Gorham, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola oculofissa Ballantyne in Ballantyne and Lambkin, 2013  
                                                       Species Luciola olivieri Bourgeois in Sjostedt, 1908  
                                                       Species Luciola overlaeti Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola owadai Satô and Kimura, 1994  
                                                       Species Luciola pallida Kolbe, 1883  
                                                       Species Luciola pallidipes Pic, 1928  
                                                       Species Luciola papariensis Doi, 1932  
                                                       Species Luciola parvula Kiesenwetter, 1874  
                                                       Species Luciola pattersoni Pic, 1935  
                                                       Species Luciola perpetiuscula Kolbe, 1887  
                                                       Species Luciola perspicua E. Olivier, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola picea Gorham, 1882  
                                                       Species Luciola pici McDermott, 1966  
                                                       Species Luciola picticollis Kiesenwetter, 1874  
                                                       Species Luciola pieli Pic, 1939  
                                                       Species Luciola pouilloni Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola praestans E. Olivier, 1896  
                                                       Species Luciola praetermissa E. Olivier, 1909  
                                                       Species Luciola pumila (Boheman, 1851)  
                                                       Species Luciola puncticollis Laporte, 1833  
                                                       Species Luciola quadrimaculata Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola recticollis E. Olivier, 1900  
                                                       Species Luciola robusticeps Pic, 1928  
                                                       Species Luciola roseicolllis Pic, 1933  
                                                       Species Luciola ruficollis (Guérin-Méneville, 1830)  
                                                       Species Luciola rugiceps E. Olivier, 1886  
                                                       Species Luciola satoi Jeng and Yang in Jeng et al., 2003  
                                                       Species Luciola scheitzae Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola semiventralis Fairmaire, 1899  
                                                       Species Luciola semivittata Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola septemmaculata E. Olivier, 1888  
                                                       Species Luciola singapura Jusoh and Ballantyne in Jusoh et al., 2021  
                                                       Species Luciola sordida E. Olivier, 1905  
                                                       Species Luciola spectralis Gorham, 1880  
                                                       Species Luciola spilodera Fairmaire, 1898  
                                                       Species Luciola stanleyi E. Olivier, 1913  
                                                       Species Luciola stigmaticollis Fairmaire, 1887  
                                                       Species Luciola subunicolor Pic, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola sudra Gorham, 1903  
                                                       Species Luciola syriaca (Costa, 1875)  
                                                       Species Luciola tabida Gorham, 1880  
                                                       Species Luciola taeniaticollis Fairmaire, 1886  
                                                       Species Luciola tenuicornis E. Olivier, 1885  
                                                       Species Luciola testaceipes Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola testaceiventris Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola tetrasticta Fairmaire, 1888  
                                                       Species Luciola tincticollis Gorham, 1895  
                                                       Species Luciola tiomana Ballantyne in Ballantyne et al., 2019  
                                                       Species Luciola trimaculata Pic, 1916  
                                                       Species Luciola trivandrensis Raj, 1947  
                                                       Species Luciola tsushimana Nakane, 1970  
                                                       Species Luciola tuberculata Yiu, 2017  
                                                       Species Luciola turneri Pic, 1934  
                                                       Species Luciola umbratica E. Olivier in Wytsman, 1907  
                                                       Species Luciola unmunsana Doi, 1931  
                                                       Species Luciola varia E. Olivier, 1908  
                                                       Species Luciola vittata Laporte, 1833  
                                                       Species Luciola vleeschouwersi Pic, 1952  
                                                       Species Luciola xanthochroa Fairmaire, 1904  
                                                       Species Luciola xanthura Gorham, 1880  

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  Notes: The author's name is mistakenly given as 'McDermot' on the cover and title page, but on page 1 of the work it correctly lists McDermott   
  Reference for: Luciola   

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  Comment: As defined by Ballantyne and Lambkin 2013  



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