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Source: Checklist of CITES species: History of CITES listings, document (version 2013)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Animalia
  Antechinomys laniger (Gould, 1856) -- valid -- Eastern Jerboa marsupial, Kultarr
  Atretium schistosum (Daudin, 1803) -- valid -- Olive Keelback Wart Snake, Split Keelback
  Planigale subtilissima (Lönnberg, 1913) -- invalid
  Planigale tenuirostris Troughton, 1928 -- valid -- Narrow-nosed Planigale, southern planigale
  Platyrrhinus lineatus (E. Geoffroy, 1810) -- valid -- White-lined Broad-nosed Bat
  Xenochrophis piscator (Schneider, 1799) -- valid -- Asiatic Water Snakes, Checkered Keelback

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