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Publication: Escobedo-Galván, Armando H., Fabio G. Cupul-Magaña, and Julián A. Velasco 2011 Misconceptions about the taxonomy and distribution of Caiman crocodilus chiapasius and C. crocodilus fuscus (Reptilia: Crocodylia: Alligatoridae) Zootaxa, issue 3015 66-68

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis Medem, 1955 -- valid -- Apaporis River Caiman
  Caiman crocodilus chiapasius (Bocourt, 1876) -- valid
  Caiman crocodilus crocodilus (Linnaeus, 1758) -- valid -- Common Caiman
  Caiman crocodilus fuscus (Cope, 1868) -- valid -- Brown Caiman
  Caiman yacare (Daudin, 1801) -- valid -- Yacare Caiman, jacare, Panama Caiman, Jacare Caiman, Paraguayan Caiman, Piranha Caiman, Red Caiman, Southern Spectacled Caiman

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