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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1991. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered Status for 26 Plants From the Waianae Mountains, Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Federal Register, vol. 56, no. 209. 55770-55786.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abutilon sandwicense (O. Deg.) Christoph. -- accepted -- greenflower Indian mallow
  Alsinidendron obovatum Sherff -- not accepted -- Waianae Range alsinidendron
  Alsinidendron trinerve H. Mann -- not accepted -- mountain alsinidendron
  Centaurium sebaeoides (Griseb.) Druce -- not accepted -- `awiwi, awiwi, lavaslope centaury
  Chamaesyce celastroides var. kaenana (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- not accepted -- `akoko, `ekoko
  Chamaesyce kuwaleana (O. Deg. & Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- not accepted -- `akoko, kokomalei
  Cyanea pinnatifida (Cham.) E. Wimm. -- accepted -- haha, sharktail cyanea
  Diellia falcata Brack. -- not accepted -- sickle island spleenwort
  Dubautia herbstobatae G.D. Carr -- accepted -- Keaau Valley dubautia, na`ena`e
  Gouania meyenii Steud. -- accepted -- smoothfruit chewstick
  Hedyotis degeneri Fosberg -- not accepted -- Waianae Range starviolet
  Hedyotis parvula (A. Gray) Fosberg -- not accepted -- rockface starviolet
  Hesperomannia arbuscula Hillebr. -- accepted -- Maui island-aster
  Lipochaeta lobata var. leptophylla O. Deg. & Sherff -- accepted -- nehe, shrubland nehe
  Lipochaeta tenuifolia A. Gray -- not accepted -- nehe, Waianae Range nehe
  Lobelia niihauensis H. St. John -- accepted -- Niihau lobelia
  Neraudia angulata R.S. Cowan -- accepted -- angularfruit ma'oloa
  Nototrichium humile Hillebr. -- accepted -- kaala rockwort, kulu'i
  Phyllostegia mollis Benth. -- accepted -- Waianae Range phyllostegia
  Sanicula mariversa Nagata & S.M. Gon -- accepted -- Waianae Range blacksnakeroot
  Schiedea kaalae Wawra -- accepted -- Oahu schiedea
  Silene perlmanii W.L. Wagner, D.R. Herbst & Sohmer -- accepted -- cliffface catchfly
  Tetramolopium filiforme Sherff -- accepted -- ridgetop tetramolopium
  Tetramolopium lepidotum ssp. lepidotum (Less.) Sherff -- accepted -- Waianae Range tetramolopium
  Urera kaalae Wawra -- accepted -- opuhe
  Viola chamissoniana ssp. chamissoniana Ging. -- accepted -- olopu, pamakani

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