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Publication: Burns, John M. 1964. Evolution in Skipper Butterflies of the Genus Erynnis. University of California Publications in Entomology, vol. 37. iv+216.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Erynnis brizo lacustra (W. G. Wright, 1905) -- valid
  Erynnis pacuvius callidus (F. Grinnell, 1904) -- valid
  Erynnis pacuvius pacuvius (Lintner, 1878) -- valid
  Erynnis persius avinoffi (W. Holland, 1930) -- valid
  Erynnis telemachus Burns, 1960 -- valid -- Rocky Mountain Duskywing
  Erynnis tristis tatius (W. H. Edwards, 1883) -- valid

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