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Publication: Caruso, J. H. / Carpenter, Kent E., and Volker H. Niem, eds. 1999. Lophiidae: Anglerfishes (monkfishes). FAO species identification guide for fishery purposes: The living marine resources of the Western Central Pacific, vol. 3: Batoid fishes, chimaeras and Bony fishes, part 1 (Elopidae to Linophrynidae). 2004-2012.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Lophiidae -- valid -- anglerfishes, baudroies, goosefishes, monkfishes, rapes pescadores
  Lophiodes gracilimanus (Alcock, 1899) -- valid -- Malabar monkfish
  Lophiodes infrabrunneus Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912 -- valid -- shortspine monkfish
  Lophiodes mutilus (Alcock, 1894) -- valid -- baudroie marache, smooth angler
  Lophiodes naresi (GŁnther, 1880) -- valid -- Challenger monkfish
  Lophiomus setigerus (Vahl, 1797) -- valid -- baudroie bouche noire, blackmouth angler, blackmouth goosefish, rape boca negra
  Sladenia remiger Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912 -- valid -- Celebes monkfish

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