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Publication: Ahmim, Mourad. 2017. Current status, distribution and conservation status of Algerian bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera). Journal of Threatened Taxa, vol. 9, no. 1. 9723-9733.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Eptesicus isabellinus (Temminck, 1840) -- valid -- Isabelle's Serotine, Isabelline Serotine Bat, Meridional Serotine
  Myotis blythii (Tomes, 1857) -- valid -- lesser mouse-eared bat, Lesser Mouse-eared Myotis, Lesser Myotis
  Myotis nattereri (Kuhl, 1817) -- valid -- Natterer's bat, Natterer's Myotis
  Myotis punicus Felten, Spitzenberger and Storch, 1977 -- valid -- Felten's Myotis, Maghrebian Myotis, Magrheb Myotis
  Plecotus gaisleri Benda, Kiefer, Hanak and Veith, 2004 -- valid -- Gaisler's Big-eared Bat, Gaisler's Long-eared Bat

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