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Publication: Whelan, Nathan V., Paul D. Johnson, Jeffrey T. Garner, and Ellen E. Strong. 2017. On the identity of Leptoxis taeniata - a misapplied name for the threatened Painted Rocksnail (Cerithioidea, Pleuroceridae). Zookeys, vol. 697. 21-36.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Anculosa coosaensis Lea, 1861 -- invalid
  Anculosa taeniata Conrad, 1834 -- invalid
  Anculosa taeniata lucida Goodrich, 1944 -- invalid
  Leptoxis coosaensis (Lea, 1861) -- valid
  Leptoxis taeniata (Conrad, 1834) -- invalid -- Painted Rocksnail
  Leptoxis taeniata taeniata (Conrad, 1834) -- invalid

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