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Publication: van Roosmalen, Marc G. M., Tomas van Roosmalen, and Russell A. Mittermeier. 2002. A Taxonomic Review of the Titi Monkeys, Genus Callicebus Thomas, 1903, With the Description of Two New Species, Callicebus bernhardi and Callicebus stephennashi, from Brazilian Amazonia. Neotropical Primates, vol. 10, supplement June, 2002. 1-52.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Callicebus Thomas, 1903 -- valid -- titi monkeys
  Callicebus baptista Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- Baptista Lake Titi, Baptista Lake titi monkey, Lake Baptista Titi
  Callicebus barbarabrownae Hershkovitz, 1990 -- valid -- Barbara Brown's Titi, Blond Titi, blond titi monkey
  Callicebus bernhardi M. van Roosmalen, T. van Roosmalen and Mittermeier, 2002 -- invalid -- Prince Bernhard's Titi, Prince Bernhard's titi monkey
  Callicebus brunneus (Wagner, 1842) -- invalid -- Brown Titi, brown titi monkey
  Callicebus caligatus (Wagner, 1842) -- invalid -- booted titi monkey, Chestnut-bellied Titi, chestnut-bellied titi monkey
  Callicebus cinerascens (Spix, 1823) -- invalid -- Ashy Black Titi, ashy black titi monkey, Ashy Titi, ashy titi monkey
  Callicebus coimbrai Kobayashi and Langguth, 1999 -- valid -- Coimbra Filho's Titi, Coimbra-Filho's Titi
  Callicebus cupreus (Spix, 1823) -- invalid -- Coppery Titi, coppery titi monkey, red titi, red titi monkey
  Callicebus discolor (I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Deville, 1848) -- invalid -- Red-crowned Titi, White-tailed titi
  Callicebus donacophilus (d'Orbigny, 1836) -- invalid -- Bolivian titi, Bolivian titi monkey, White-eared Titi, white-eared titi monkey
  Callicebus dubius Hershkovitz, 1988 -- invalid -- Doubtful Titi, dubius titi, dubius titi monkey, Hershkovitz's Titi
  Callicebus hoffmannsi Thomas, 1908 -- invalid -- Hoffmanns' titi, Hoffmanns's Titi
  Callicebus lucifer Thomas, 1914 -- invalid -- Lucifer Titi, Yellow-handed Titi
  Callicebus lugens (Humboldt, 1811) -- invalid -- Black Titi, White-chested Titi
  Callicebus medemi Hershkovitz, 1963 -- invalid -- Colombian Black-handed Titi, Medem's Titi
  Callicebus melanochir (Wied-Neuwied, 1820) -- valid -- Coastal Black-handed Titi, Southern Bahian Titi
  Callicebus modestus Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- modest titi, modest titi monkey, Rio Beni Titi
  Callicebus moloch (Hoffmannsegg, 1807) -- invalid -- dusky titi, dusky titi monkey, Red-bellied Titi, red-bellied titi monkey
  Callicebus nigrifrons (Spix, 1823) -- valid -- Black-fronted Titi, southern masked titi, southern masked titi monkey
  Callicebus oenanthe Thomas, 1924 -- invalid -- Andean titi, Andean titi monkey, Rio Mayo Titi
  Callicebus olallae Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- Olalla Brother's Titi, Olalla Brother's titi monkey, Olalla's titi, Olalla's titi monkey, Ollala Brothers' Titi
  Callicebus ornatus (Gray, 1866) -- invalid -- Ornate Titi, ornate titi monkey
  Callicebus pallescens Thomas, 1907 -- invalid -- Pale Titi, White-coated Titi
  Callicebus personatus (É. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812) -- valid -- Atlantic Titi, Masked Titi, masked titi monkey
  Callicebus purinus Thomas, 1927 -- invalid -- Rio Purus Titi
  Callicebus regulus Thomas, 1927 -- invalid -- Juruá Collared Titi, Red-headed Titi, Rio Juruá Collared Titi
  Callicebus stephennashi M. van Roosmalen, T. van Roosmalen and Mittermeier, 2002 -- invalid -- Stephen Nash's Titi, Stephen Nash's titi monkey
  Callicebus torquatus (Hoffmannsegg, 1807) -- invalid -- Collared Titi, collared titi monkey, White-collared Titi, yellow-handed titi, yellow-handed titi monkey
  Pitheciidae Mivart, 1865 -- valid

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