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Publication: Weaver, Haylee J., and Lesley R. Smales. 2013. Filisoma filiformis n. sp. (Echinorhynchida: Cavisomidae), a New Species of Acanthocephala from Kyphosus spp. (Perciformes: Kyphosidae) from the South Pacific, and a Key to the Genus Filisoma. Comparative Parasitology, vol. 80, no. 1.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Filisoma acanthocybii Wang, Wang and Wu, 1993 -- valid
  Filisoma bucerium Van Cleave, 1940 -- valid
  Filisoma fidum Van Cleave and Manter, 1947 -- valid
  Filisoma filiformis Weaver and Smales, 2013 -- valid
  Filisoma indicum Van Cleave, 1928 -- valid
  Filisoma inglisi Gupta and Naqvi, 1984 -- valid
  Filisoma longcementglandatus Amin and Nahhas, 1994 -- valid
  Filisoma microcanthi Harada, 1938 -- valid
  Filisoma oplegnathi Wang and Wang, 1988 -- valid
  Filisoma rizalinum Tubangui and Masilu˝gan, 1946 -- valid
  Filisoma scatophagusi Datta and Soota, 1962 -- valid

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