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Publication: Velazco, Paśl M., Renato Gregorin, Robert S. Voss, and Nancy B. Simmons 2014 Extraordinary local diversity of Disk-winged Bats (Thyropteridae: Thyroptera) in Northeastern Peru, with the description of a new species and comments on roosting behavior American Museum Novitates, no. 3795 1-28

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Thyroptera Spix, 1823 -- valid -- disk-winged bats
  Thyroptera devivoi Gregorin, Goncalves, Lim and Engstrom, 2006 -- valid -- De Vivo's Disk-winged Bat
  Thyroptera discifera (Lichtenstein and Peters, 1855) -- valid -- Peter's Disk-winged Bat, Peters's Disk-winged Bat
  Thyroptera lavali Pine, 1993 -- valid -- LaVal's Disk-winged Bat
  Thyroptera tricolor Spix, 1823 -- valid -- Spix's Disk-winged Bat
  Thyroptera wynneae Velazco, Gregorin, Voss and Simmons, 2014 -- valid -- Patricia's Disk-winged Bat
  Thyropteridae Miller, 1907 -- valid -- disk-winged bats

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