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Publication: Kingdon, Jonathan, David Happold, Thomas Butynski, M. Hoffmann, M. Happold, and J. Kalin, eds. 2013. Mammals of Africa, vol. 2: Primates. 1-556.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Galago mertensi Frade, 1924 -- invalid
  Galagoides orinus (Lawrence and Washburn, 1936) -- invalid -- Mountain Dwarf Galago, Uluguru Bushbaby
  Paragalago cocos (Heller, 1912) -- valid -- Diani Dwarf Galago, Kenya Coast Dwarf Galago
  Paragalago orinus (Lawrence and Washburn, 1936) -- valid -- Mountain Dwarf Galago, Uluguru Bushbaby
  Sciurocheirus makandensis Ambrose, 2013 -- valid -- Makandé Squirrel Galago

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