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Publication: Holland, W. J. 1916. The Moth Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Moths of North America. The New Nature Library, vol. 5. xxiv + 479.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Androloma maccullochi (W. Kirby, 1837) -- invalid
  Apantesis parthenice (W. Kirby, 1837) -- invalid
  Apantesis virguncula (W. Kirby, 1837) -- invalid -- Little Virgin Moth
  Epizeuxis aemula (Hübner, 1814) -- invalid
  Erebus odora (Linnaeus, 1758) -- invalid -- black witch
  Philometra metonalis (Walker, 1859) -- invalid
  Polia lilacina (Harvey, 1874) -- invalid

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