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Publication: del Hoyo, Josep, Andrew Elliot, and David Christie, eds. 2009. Handbook of the Birds of the World. Vol. 14. Bush-shrikes to Old World Sparrows. 893.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Coccycolius iris Oustalet, 1879 -- invalid
  Dendrocitta vagabunda vernayi Kinnear & Whistler, 1930 -- invalid
  Hypositta perdita D. S. Peters, 1996 -- valid
  Lamprotornis iris (Oustalet, 1879) -- valid -- Emerald Starling
  Lamprotornis regius (Reichenow, 1879) -- valid
  Lamprotornis regius magnificus (Someren, 1924) -- invalid
  Lamprotornis regius regius (Reichenow, 1879) -- invalid
  Lamprotornis unicolor (Shelley, 1881) -- valid

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