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Taxon author: Chater

ITIS records citing taxon author "Chater"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Astragalus incanus ssp. macrorhizus (Cav.) Chater -- accepted
  Carex glareosa ssp. pribylovensis (Macoun) G. Halliday & Chater -- accepted -- lesser saltmarsh sedge
  Paronychia echinulata Chater -- accepted -- Eurasian nailwort
  Paronychia echinulata var. echinulata Chater -- accepted -- nailwort, whitlow-wort
  Polygonum oxyspermum ssp. raii (Bab.) D.A. Webb & Chater -- accepted -- Ray's knotweed
  Senecio bicolor ssp. cineraria (DC.) Chater -- not accepted -- silver ragwort

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