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Taxon author: Spach

ITIS records citing taxon author "Spach"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Colomboscia bituberculata Taiti, Allspach & Ferrara, 1995 -- valid
  Periscyphis albomarginatus Taiti, Ferrara & Allspach, 1997 -- valid
  Periscyphis sudanensis Taiti, Ferrara & Allspach, 1997 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aegilops bicornis (Forssk.) Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- goatgrass
  Aegilops platyathera Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Aegilops tripsacoides Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Aesculus californica (Spach) Nutt. -- accepted -- California buckeye
  Aesculus X mutabilis (Spach) Scheele -- accepted -- chestnut
  Ageratina Spach -- accepted -- snakeroot
  Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach -- accepted -- lesser snakeroot
  Ageratina aromatica var. aromatica (L.) Spach -- not accepted -- lesser snakeroot
  Alnaster Spach -- not accepted
  Alocasia indica (Lour.) Spach -- not accepted
  Ambrina ambrosioides (L.) Spach -- not accepted
  Amelanchier intermedia Spach -- accepted
  Amelanchier X intermedia Spach (pro sp.) -- not accepted -- intermediate serviceberry
  Anemonella thalictroides (L.) Spach -- not accepted
  Anogra nuttalliana Spach -- not accepted
  Argyrolobium abyssinicum Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Argyrolobium arabicum (Decne.) Jaub. & Spach -- accepted
  Argyrolobium uniflorum (Decne.) Jaub. & Spach -- accepted
  Aronia floribunda (Lindl.) Spach -- not accepted
  Aronia glabrescens Spach -- not accepted
  Aronia pubens Spach -- not accepted
  Ascyrum hypericoides var. oblongifolium (Spach) Fernald -- not accepted
  Ascyrum linifolium Spach -- not accepted
  Ayapana Spach -- accepted
  Betula borealis Spach -- not accepted -- northern birch
  Betula pubescens ssp. borealis (Spach) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Boisduvalia Spach -- not accepted -- spike primrose
  Calothyrsus californica Spach -- not accepted
  Calycocarpum (Nutt.) Spach -- accepted
  Calylophus Spach -- not accepted -- sundrops
  Calylophus berlandieri Spach -- not accepted -- Berlandier's sundrops
  Calylophus berlandieri ssp. berlandieri Spach -- not accepted -- Berlandier's sundrops
  Calylophus drummondianus Spach -- not accepted
  Calylophus drummondianus ssp. berlandieri (Spach) Towner & P.H. Raven -- not accepted
  Calytophus Spach -- not accepted
  Calytophus berlandieri Spach -- not accepted
  Calytophus berlandieri var. berlandieri Spach -- not accepted
  Cardaria latifolia (L.) Spach -- not accepted
  Castanopsis (D. Don) Spach -- accepted -- chinkapin
  Ceanothus X delileanus Spach -- accepted -- French hybrid ceanothus
  Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach -- accepted -- Japanese flowering quince, Maule's quince
  Chamaecyparis Spach -- accepted -- cedar, false-cypress, faux-cypres, white cedar
  Chamaecyparis nootkatensis (D. Don) Spach -- not accepted -- Alaska cedar, Alaska yellow-cedar, Alaska-cedar, Nootka cypress, Sitka cypress, yellow cypress
  Choenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach -- not accepted -- lesser flowering quince
  Cistanthe Spach -- accepted -- pussy paws, pussypaws
  Clarkia bottae (Spach) F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis -- accepted -- Botta's clarkia
  Colobanthus (Trin.) Spach -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster pyracantha (L.) Spach -- not accepted
  Crataegus flabellata (Bosc ex Spach) K. Koch -- accepted -- fanleaf hawthorn
  Crataegus fontanesiana (Spach) Steud. -- not accepted
  Crataegus fontanesiana auct. non (Spach) Steud. -- not accepted
  Crocanthemum Spach -- accepted -- frostweed, rockrose, rushrose
  Crocanthemum carolinianum (Walter) Spach -- accepted -- Carolina frostweed, Carolina sunrose
  Croton laurifolius Spach ex Baill. -- not accepted
  Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach -- accepted -- hedgehog gourd
  Cytisus decumbens (Durande) Spach -- accepted
  Danthonia cachemyriana Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Elodea fraseri Spach -- not accepted
  Enneapogon brachystachyus (Jaub. & Spach) Stapf -- not accepted
  Eremopyrum (Ledeb.) Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- false wheatgrass
  Eremopyrum orientale (L.) Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- oriental false wheatgrass
  Eremopyrum squarrosum (Roth) Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted -- spreading false wheatgrass
  Erythranthe cardinalis (Douglas ex Benth.) Spach -- not accepted
  Euphorbia cuneata var. perrottetii (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia heteradena Jaub. & Spach -- accepted
  Euphorbia lateriflora Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Euphorbia perrottetii Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Gaura drummondii (Spach) Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted -- Drummond's beeblossom, scented gaura
  Gaura filipes Spach -- not accepted -- slenderstalk beeblossom
  Gaura longiflora Spach -- not accepted -- longflower beeblossom
  Gaura michauxii Spach -- not accepted
  Godetia bottae Spach -- not accepted
  Godetia quadrivulnera (Douglas) Spach -- not accepted
  Godetia viminea (Douglas) Spach -- not accepted
  Grossularia hirtella (Michx.) Spach -- not accepted
  Halimium (Dunal) Spach -- accepted
  Halimium lasianthum (Lam.) Spach -- accepted -- Lisbon false sun-rose
  Hypericum aegypticum ssp. webbii (Spach) N. Robson -- accepted
  Hypericum brachyphyllum (Spach) Steud. -- accepted -- coastal plain St. Johnswort
  Hypericum cerastioides (Spach) N. Robson -- accepted
  Hypericum cerastoides (Spach) N. Robson -- not accepted
  Hypericum spathulatum (Spach) Steud. -- not accepted
  Hypericum virginicum var. fraseri (Spach) Fernald -- not accepted
  Indigofera schimperi Jaub. & Spach -- accepted
  Kneiffia glauca (Michx.) Spach -- not accepted
  Kneiffia linearis (Michx.) Spach -- not accepted
  Kneiffia linifolia (Nutt.) Spach -- not accepted
  Kneiffia pumila (L.) Spach -- not accepted
  Lavauxia triloba (Nutt.) Spach -- not accepted
  Lechidium Spach -- not accepted
  Lechidium drummondii Spach -- not accepted
  Magnolia acuminata var. subcordata (Spach) Dandy -- not accepted
  Malvella Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- mallow
  Megapterium missouriense (Sims) Spach -- not accepted
  Mouriri domingensis (Tussac) Spach -- accepted -- murta
  Oenothera berlandieri (Spach) Steud. -- accepted -- Berlandier's sundrops
  Oenothera berlandieri ssp. berlandieri (Spach) Steud. -- accepted -- Berlandier's sundrops
  Oenothera filipes (Spach) W.L. Wagner & Hoch -- accepted -- slenderstalk beeblossom
  Oenothera heterophylla Spach -- accepted -- largeflower eveningprimrose, variableleaf evening primrose, variableleaf evening-primrose
  Oenothera heterophylla ssp. heterophylla Spach -- accepted -- variableleaf evening primrose, variableleaf evening-primrose, variableleaf eveningprimrose
  Oenothera kunthiana (Spach) Munz -- accepted -- Kunth's evening primrose, Kunth's evening-primrose, Kunth's eveningprimrose
  Oenothera mexicana Spach -- accepted -- Mexican evening primrose, Mexican evening-primrose, Mexican eveningprimrose
  Pappophorum brachystachyum Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Pentaschistis (Nees) Spach -- not accepted
  Persicaria orientalis (L.) Spach -- accepted -- kiss me over the garden gate
  Platycladus Spach -- accepted -- platycladus
  Polygonum polycnemoides Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- manyleg knotweed
  Polygonum polycnemoides var. oliveri Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted -- Oliver's knotweed
  Polygonum polycnemoides var. polycnemoides Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted -- Himalayan fleeceflower
  Polygonum polycnenoides Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Poteridium Spach -- accepted
  Poteridium annuum (Nutt.) Spach -- accepted -- prairie burnet
  Quercus persica Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Sanguisorba minor ssp. magnolii (Spach) Briq. -- accepted
  Sanguisorba minor ssp. muricata (Spach ex Bonnier & Layens) Briq. -- accepted -- small burnet
  Sitopsis (Jaub. & Spach) Love -- not accepted
  Sphaeralcea miniata Spach -- not accepted
  Sphaeralcea munroana (Douglas ex Lindl.) Spach ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Munro's globemallow
  Sphaeralcea munroana ssp. munroana (Douglas ex Lindl.) Spach ex A. Gray -- not accepted -- Munro's globemallow
  Stenosiphon Spach -- not accepted
  Stenosiphon virgatus Spach -- not accepted
  Tecomaria capensis (Thunb.) Spach -- not accepted
  Tenaxia cachemyriana (Jaub. & Spach) N. P. Barker & H. P. Linder -- accepted
  Tilia americana var. neglecta (Spach) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Tilia neglecta Spach -- not accepted
  Tilia truncata Spach -- not accepted
  Tithymalus heteradenus (Jaub. & Spach) Soják -- not accepted
  Triadenum fraseri (Spach) Gleason -- accepted -- Fraser's marsh St. Johnswort
  Triadenum virginicum ssp. fraseri (Spach) J.M. Gillett -- not accepted
  Triadenum virginicum var. fraseri (Spach) Cooperr. -- not accepted
  Tuberaria (Dunal) Spach -- accepted
  Zelkova Spach -- accepted

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