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Taxon author: Correll

ITIS records citing taxon author "Correll"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aesculus pavia var. flavescens (Sarg.) Correll -- accepted -- red buckeye
  Anemone edwardsiana var. petraea Correll -- accepted -- Edge Falls anemone, Edwards Plateau thimbleweed, plateau thimbleweed
  Anoda pygmaea Correll -- not accepted
  Arenaria livermorensis Correll -- accepted -- Livermore sandwort
  Bartonia texana Correll -- accepted -- Texas screwstem
  Calopogon pulchellus var. simpsonii (Small) Ames ex Correll -- not accepted
  Centaurium beyrichii var. glanduliferum Correll -- not accepted
  Centaurium glanduliferum (Correll) B.L. Turner -- not accepted -- sticky centaury
  Cerastium axillare Correll -- accepted -- Trans-Pecos chickweed
  Cerastium clawsonii Correll -- not accepted -- Mouse-ear chickweed
  Cymodocea filiformis (Ktz.) Correll -- not accepted -- manatee grass, manateegrass
  Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens (Willd.) Correll -- not accepted
  Dichanthelium caerulescens (Hack. ex Hitchc.) Correll -- not accepted
  Dryopteris cristata var. australis (Wherry) Blomquist & Correll -- not accepted
  Dryopteris macilenta (E.P. St. John) Correll -- not accepted
  Euphorbia abbreviata Correll -- not accepted
  Euphorbia exumensis (Millsp.) Correll -- not accepted
  Euphorbia hieroglyphica Correll -- not accepted
  Euphorbia proctorii (D.G. Burch) Correll -- accepted
  Euphorbia wilsonii (Millsp.) Correll -- not accepted
  Frankenia johnstonii Correll -- accepted -- Johnston's frankenia, Johnston's seaheath
  Fryxellia pygmaea (Correll) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- small fryxell wort, small fryxellwort
  Fryzellia pygmaea (Correll) D.M. Bates -- not accepted
  Galium frankliniense Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria blephariglottis var. integrilabia Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria dilatata var. albiflora (Cham.) Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria flava var. herbiola (R. Br.) Ames & Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria sparsiflora var. brevifolia (Greene) Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria sparsiflora var. laxiflora (Rydb.) Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria unalascensis var. elata (Jeps.) Correll -- not accepted
  Habenaria unalascensis var. maritima (Greene) Correll -- not accepted
  Hexalectris revoluta Correll -- accepted -- Chisos coral-root, Chisos Mountain crested coralroot, Raz de coral revoluta
  Hexalectris revoluta var. revoluta Correll -- accepted -- Chisos Mountain crested coralroot
  Hexalectris warnickii Ames & Correll -- not accepted
  Hexalectris warnockii Ames & Correll -- accepted -- Raz-de-Coral de Texas, Texas crested coralroot, Texas crested-coralroot
  Juniperus deppeana ssp. sperryi (Correll) A.E. Murray -- not accepted
  Juniperus deppeana var. sperryi Correll -- not accepted
  Limonium limbatum var. glabrescens Correll -- not accepted
  Lycium berberioides Correll -- not accepted
  Lycium puberulum var. berberioides (Correll) Chiang -- accepted -- downy desert-thorn, downy desertthorn, silver wolfberry
  Lycium texanum Correll -- accepted -- Texas desert-thorn, Texas desertthorn, Texas wolfberry
  Lycopodium alopecuroides var. pinnatum (Chapm.) Lloyd & Underw. ex C.A. Brown & Correll -- not accepted
  Matelea edwardsensis Correll -- accepted -- plateau milkvine
  Matelea radiata Correll -- accepted -- Falfurrias anglepod, Falfurrias milkvine
  Matelea texensis Correll -- accepted -- Texas milkvine, Trans-Pecos milkvine
  Maxillaria purpurea (Spreng.) Ames & Correll -- not accepted -- purple tiger orchid
  Monarda maritima (Cory) Correll -- accepted
  Monarda punctata ssp. punctata var. viridissima (Correll) Scora -- not accepted -- spotted beebalm
  Monarda viridissima Correll -- accepted -- green beebalm
  Nolina arenicola Correll -- accepted -- sand sacahuista, Trans-Pecos beargrass
  Ostrya chisosensis Correll -- accepted -- Big Bend hop hornbeam, Chisos hophornbeam
  Ostrya virginiana var. chisosensis (Correll) Henrickson ined. -- not accepted
  Paronychia congesta Correll -- accepted -- bushy whitlow-wort, Rio Grande nailwort
  Paronychia jamesii var. praelongifolia Correll -- not accepted
  Paronychia maccartii Correll -- accepted -- McCart's nailwort, McCart's whitlow-wort
  Paronychia nudata Correll -- not accepted
  Platanthera integrilabia (Correll) Luer -- accepted -- monkeyface, white fringeless orchid
  Platanthera unalascensis var. maritima (Greene) Correll -- not accepted
  Polygala maravillasensis Correll -- accepted -- Maravillas milkwort
  Populus sargentii var. texana (Sarg.) Correll -- not accepted
  Populus X hinckleyana Correll (pro sp.) -- accepted -- Hinckley's poplar
  Proboscidea crassibracteata Correll -- not accepted
  Proboscidea sabulosa Correll -- accepted -- dune unicorn plant, sanddune unicorn-plant
  Proboscidea spicata Correll -- accepted -- many-flowered unincorn plant, New Mexico unicorn-plant
  Senecio douglasii var. jamesii (Torr. & A. Gray) Ediger ex Correll & M.C. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Sesuvium erectum Correll -- not accepted
  Sesuvium trianthemoides Correll -- accepted -- roughseed sea-purslane, Texas seapurslane
  Setcreasea leiandra var. glandulosa Correll -- not accepted
  Solanum albornozii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum clarum Correll -- accepted
  Solanum doddsii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum fendleri var. texense Correll -- not accepted -- Texan horsenettle
  Solanum guerreroense Correll -- accepted
  Solanum hastiforme Correll -- accepted
  Solanum hintonii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum hougasii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum leptosepalum Correll -- not accepted -- tigna potato
  Solanum minutifoliolum Correll -- accepted
  Solanum pennellii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum skutchii Correll -- accepted
  Solanum tabanoense Correll -- accepted
  Solanum taeniotrichum Correll -- accepted
  Solanum trifidum Correll -- accepted
  Spiranthes cernua var. odorata (Nutt.) Correll -- not accepted
  Spiranthes gracilis var. brevilabris (Lindl.) Correll -- not accepted
  Spiranthes gracilis var. floridana (Wherry) Correll -- not accepted
  Spiranthes parksii Correll -- accepted -- Navasota ladies'-tresses, Navasota lady's tresses
  Spiranthes romanzoffiana var. porrifolia (Lindl.) Ames & Correll -- not accepted
  Spiranthes X steigeri Correll -- not accepted
  Symphoricarpos guadalupensis Correll -- accepted -- Mckittrick snowberry, McKittrick's snowberry
  Tradescantia leiandra var. glandulosa (Correll) Gandhi -- not accepted -- canyon spiderwort
  Urtica chamaedryoides var. runyonii Correll -- not accepted
  Vanilla dilloniana Correll -- accepted -- leafless vanilla
  Zeltnera glandulifera (Correll) G. Mans. -- accepted -- sticky centaury

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