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Hippocampus  Rafinesque, 1810
Taxonomic Serial No.: 166487

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Hippocampus ramulosus Leach in Leach and Nodder, 1814
  Common Name(s): seahorses [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2004   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderGasterosteiformes  – pipefishes, sticklebacks  
                               SuborderSyngnathoidei  – pipefishes, seahorses, hippocampes  
                                  FamilySyngnathidae  – pipefishes, seahorses, hippocampes, peces pipa y caballitos de mar  
                                        GenusHippocampus Rafinesque, 1810 – seahorses  
    Direct Children:  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus abdominalis Lesson, 1827 – large seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus alatus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus algiricus Kaup, 1856  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus angustus Günther, 1870  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus arnei (Roule, 1916)  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus barbouri Jordan and Richardson, 1908  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus bargibanti Whitley, 1970  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus bicuspis Kaup, 1856  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus biocellatus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus bleekeri Fowler, 1907  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus borboniensis Duméril, 1870  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus breviceps Peters, 1869  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus camelopardalis Bianconi, 1854 – giraffe seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus capensis Boulenger, 1900 – Knysna seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus chinensis Basilewsky, 1855  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus colemani Kuiter, 2003  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus comes Cantor, 1849  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus coronatus Temminck and Schlegel, 1850 – common japanese seahorse, horned seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus curvicuspis Fricke, 2004  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus dahli Ogilby, 1908  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus debelius Gomon and Kuiter, 2009  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus denise Lourie and Randall, 2003  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus erectus Perry, 1810 – lined seahorse, spotted seahorse, caballito erecto, caballito estriado 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus europaeus Ginsburg, 1933  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus fisheri Jordan and Evermann, 1903  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus fuscus Rüppell, 1838  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus grandiceps Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus guttulatus Cuvier, 1829  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus hendriki Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus hilonis Jordan & Evermann, 1903  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus hippocampus (Linnaeus, 1758) – seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus histrix Kaup, 1856 – thorny seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus ingens Girard, 1858 – Pacific giant seahorse, Pacific seahorse, caballito del Pacífico 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus japonicus Kaup, 1856 – coral seahorse, japan seahorse, coral seahorse, Japan seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus jayakari Boulenger, 1900  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus jugumus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus kampylotrachelos Bleeker, 1854  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus kelloggi Jordan and Snyder, 1901  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus kuda Bleeker, 1852 – spotted seahorse, yellow seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus lichtensteinii Kaup, 1856  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus manadensis Bleeker, 1856  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus minotaur Gomon, 1997  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus mohnikei Bleeker, 1853  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus moluccensis Bleeker, 1852  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus montebelloensis Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus multispinus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus natalensis von Bonde, 1923  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus paradoxus Foster & Gomon, 2010  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus patagonicus Piacentino and Luzzatto, 2004  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus planifrons Peters, 1877 – lowcrowned seahorse, lowcrowned seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus polytaenia Bleeker, 1854  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus pontohi Lourie & Kuiter, 2008  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus procerus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus pusillus Fricke, 2004  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus queenslandicus Horne, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus reidi Ginsburg, 1933 – longsnout seahorse, caballito narizon, caballito hocico largo 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus satomiae Lourie & Kuiter, 2008  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus semispinosus Kuiter, 2001  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus sindonis Jordan and Snyder, 1901  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus spinosissimus Weber, 1913 – spiny seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus subelongatus Castelnau, 1873  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus suezensis Duncker, 1940  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus taeniopterus Bleeker, 1852  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus trimaculatus Leach in Leach and Nodder, 1814 – longnose seahorse 
                                           SpeciesHippocampus tristis Castelnau, 1872  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus tuberculatus Castelnau, 1875  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus tyro Randall & Lourie, 2009  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus villosus Günther, 1880  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus waleananus Gomon and Kuiter, 2009  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus whitei Bleeker, 1855  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus zebra Whitley, 1964  
                                           SpeciesHippocampus zosterae Jordan and Gilbert, 1882 – dwarf seahorse, little seahorse, pygmy seahorse, caballito oliváceo, caballito enano 

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 Geographic Information
  Geographic Division:    



  Comment: CITES: Appendix II adopted at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (Doha, 2010)  



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