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Publication: Tighe, Kenneth A. / Collette, Bruce B. and Grace Klein-MacPhee eds. 2002. Aulopiform Fishes: Order Aulopiformes. Bigelow and Schroeder's Fishes of the Gulf of Maine, Third Edition. 194-197.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Arctozenus Gill, 1864 -- valid
  Arctozenus rissoi (Bonaparte, 1840) -- invalid -- white barracudina
  Chlorophthalmidae -- valid -- greeneyes, ojiverdes, yeux-verts
  Chlorophthalmus agassizi Bonaparte, 1840 -- valid -- ojiverde chato, ojiverde ņato, shortnose greeneye
  Notolepis rissoi (Bonaparte, 1840) -- invalid -- lussion blanc, white barracudina
  Paralepididae -- valid -- barracudinas, barracudinas, lussions

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