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Taxon author: Lönnberg, 1939

ITIS records citing taxon author "Lönnberg, 1939"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Callicebus baptista Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- Baptista Lake Titi, Baptista Lake titi monkey, Lake Baptista Titi
  Callicebus modestus Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- modest titi, modest titi monkey, Rio Beni Titi
  Callicebus olallae Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid -- Olalla Brother's Titi, Olalla Brother's titi monkey, Olalla's titi, Olalla's titi monkey, Ollala Brothers' Titi
  Cebus apella tocantinus Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid
  Cebus libidinosus juruanus Lönnberg, 1939 -- invalid
  Plecturocebus baptista (Lönnberg, 1939) -- valid -- Lake Baptista Titi
  Plecturocebus modestus (Lönnberg, 1939) -- valid -- Rio Beni Titi
  Plecturocebus olallae (Lönnberg, 1939) -- valid -- Olalla Brother's Titi

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